Minegumo 峯雲
Seiyuu Miyamoto Yume (宮本侑芽) Availability Event Reward
Artist Fujikawa (藤川) Implementation 2018/12/27



No.383 峯雲

Asashio Class Destroyer

Minegumo Card.png
Icon HP.png HP 16 (18) Icon Gun.png Firepower 10 (30)
Icon Armor.png Armor 6 (19) Icon Torpedo.png Torpedo 24 (69)
Icon Evasion.png Evasion 41 (78) Icon AA.png AA 9 (40)
Icon Aircraft.png Aircraft 0 Icon ASW.png ASW 21 (49)
Icon Speed.png Speed Fast Icon LOS.png LOS 5 (18)
Icon Range.png Range Short Icon Luck.png Luck 6 (44)
Resource Consumption
FuelKai.png Fuel 15 AmmoKai.png Ammo 20
Build Time Slots
Unbuildable 2
Stock Equipment Space
Small Caliber Main Gun 12.7cm Twin Gun Mount12.7cm Twin Gun Mount 002 Card.png 0
Torpedo 61cm Quadruple Torpedo Mount61cm Quadruple Torpedo Mount 014 Card.png 0
- Locked - -
- Locked - -
Extra Statistics
Modernization Bonus
Torpedo+1 Armor+1
Scrap Value
Fuel 1 Ammo 1 Steel 5


Minegumo Kai

No.383 峯雲改

Asashio Class Destroyer

Minegumo Kai Card.png
Icon HP.png HP 31 (33) Icon Gun.png Firepower 12 (51)
Icon Armor.png Armor 14 (49) Icon Torpedo.png Torpedo 28 (79)
Icon Evasion.png Evasion 44 (88) Icon AA.png AA 16 (50)
Icon Aircraft.png Aircraft 0 Icon ASW.png ASW 24 (58)
Icon Speed.png Speed Fast Icon LOS.png LOS 8 (37)
Icon Range.png Range Short Icon Luck.png Luck 9 (54)
Resource Consumption
FuelKai.png Fuel 15 AmmoKai.png Ammo 20
Remodel Level Slots
Level 38 3
Stock Equipment Space
Small Radar Type 22 Surface RadarType 22 Surface Radar 028 Card.png 0
Supply Transport Container Drum Canister (Transport Use)Drum Canister (Transport Use) 075 Card.png 0
Supply Transport Container Drum Canister (Transport Use)Drum Canister (Transport Use) 075 Card.png 0
- Locked - -
Extra Statistics
Remodel Cost
Ammo 180 Steel 130
Modernization Bonus
Firepower+1 Torpedo+1 AA+1 Armor+1
Scrap Value
Fuel 1 Ammo 2 Steel 10
[Edit]Minegumo Equipment Bonuses
Equipment Extra Requirement Firepower Torpedo Attack Anti-Air Anti-Submarine View Range Armor Evasion Note
Small Caliber Main Gun12.7cm Twin Gun Mount Model C Kai 212.7cm Twin Gun Mount Model C Kai 2 266 Card.png +1
+ LOS Radar +1 +3 +1
High-angle Gun5inch Single Gun Mount Mk.30 Kai + GFCS Mk.375inch Single Gun Mount Mk.30 Kai + GFCS Mk.37 308 Card.png +1
Ssp c.pngSkilled LookoutsSkilled Lookouts 129 Card.png +1 +2 +2 +1 +2

Quotes[edit | edit source]

Event Japanese English Note
提督さん、おはようございます。朝潮型駆逐艦、峯雲、配置に付きます。 Admiral, good morning. Asashio-class destroyer, Minegumo, reporting for duty.
提督さん、おはようございます。朝潮型駆逐艦、峯雲、本日も配置に付きます。 Admiral, good morning. Asashio-class destroyer, Minegumo, reporting for duty today too.
朝潮型駆逐艦、その八番艦の峯雲です。なっちゃんたちとともに、第九駆逐隊を編成、第四水雷戦隊の一翼として、南方作戦から、ミッドウェイ、そして激戦のソロモン方面を参加しました。ソロモンの戦況は日に日に厳しいくなってきて。村雨さんと二人の鼠輸送作戦が私の記憶の最後です。敵の電探…脅威ですね。でも、今度は…! I'm the 8th ship of the Asashio-class destroyers, Minegumo. Along with Nacchan and the others, we formed the 9th Destroyer Division; we participated in the Southern Strategy, Midway and the hard fought battle of the Solomons as part of the 4th Torpedo Squadron. The progress of the war in the Solomons got worse every day. My last memory was going on a Tokyo Express together with Murasame. The enemy radar was... amazing. But this time...! Nacchan = Natsugumo
Secretary 1
はい、峯雲参ります。 Yes, I'm here.
はい、峯雲参ります。 Yes, I'm here same line different inflexion
Secretary 2
村雨さん……あぁ、提督…はい、峯雲いつでも抜錨できます。もちろん! Murasame... Ah, Admiral... Yes, I'm can set off at any time. I am!
提督さん、村雨さん、はい。峯雲、いつでも抜錨準備できています。ご一緒に。 Admiral, Murasame; yes. I'm ready to set off at any time. Let's go together.
Secretary 3
なっちゃんにも……ううん、大丈夫。きっと…きっと会える、ここなら…きっと! Nacchan is... No, I'm fine. I'm sure... I'm sure I can meet her again here... Surely!
なっちゃん、おつかれさま!…えぇ、提督さん?しばらく見てないけど…あぁ、そうだ、聞いて、聞いて…この間村雨さんがね…あぁ、ねぇ、聞いてって…ん、ねぇ! Good work, Nacchan! ...Eh, the Admiral? I haven't seen him in a while... Ah, that's right, listen to this... Just now, Murasame... Ah, hey, I said listen... H-hey!
Secretary Married
提督さん、お茶でもどうですか?村雨さんにわけていただいたお茶があるんです。とっておきの間宮羊羹も切りますね。少し息抜き、ご一緒に……どうぞ。 Admiral, would you like some tea? I have some tea that I got from Murasame. I'll also go cut some Mamiya youkan. Just take a short break with me... Here.
昨日の村雨さんもやさしかったなぁ。…あっ、はぁ、提督さん、ごめんなさい。私周り見ないで歩いてて…えぇ?話があるって?……こ、これは私に!?うそ…うそ!本当に!?……あの、私は…ううん、でも…嬉しい。ありがとうございます、提督さん。 Murasame was nice yesterday too... Ah, oh, Admiral, sorry. I wasn't looking where I was going... Eh? You have something to tell me? ...Th-this is for me!? No... no way! Really!? ...Umm, I... No, but... I'm happy. Thank you very much, Admiral.
Looking At Scores
提督、情報ですね?お待ち下さい。峯雲がおもちします。…こちらです。 Admiral, you want information? Please wait. I'll go get it for you. ...Here it is.
Joining A Fleet
第九駆逐隊、峯雲、出撃いたします。みんなさん…行きましょう! 9th Destroyer Division, Minegumo, sortieing. Everyone... let's go!s
第九駆逐隊旗艦、峯雲、出撃いたします。みんなさん…行きましょう! 9th Destroyer Division flagship, Minegumo, sortieing. Everyone... let's go!
Equipment 1
ありがとうございます…とっても嬉しい。 Thank you very much... I'm so happy.
Equipment 2
これなら、きっと…助かります。 This definitely... helps a lot.
Equipment 3
安心は…できません。 I just don't... feel safe.
 ⇧ shared with expedition selection, resource collection, instant repair and development
提督さん、いつもありがとうございます。はぁ、嬉しい。 Admiral, thank you for everything. Ah, I'm happy.
Docking Minor
申し訳ありません…少し、後ろに下がります。 I'm so very sorry... I'll be falling back for a while.
Docking Major
第九駆逐隊に穴を開けてしまって……申し訳ありません!できるだけ早く戻ります。ごめんなさい。 I'm so very sorry... for leaving the 9th Destroyer Division shorthanded! I'll do my best to get back as fast as I can. I'm sorry.
新しい艦が完成しました。 A new ship has been completed.
Returning From Sortie
艦隊戻りました。みなさん、お疲れ様でした。はぁー、よかった。 The fleet has returned. Everyone, good work. Pheeew, thank goodness.
Starting A Sortie
艦隊、峯雲が預からせていただきます。参りましょう。 Fleet, I've been put in charge. Let's go.
Battle Start
敵……敵ですか…あれって…対空戦……いえ、砲戦…砲戦、用意! Is that... Is that... the enemy... Ready for anti-air... No, surface actioin... Ready for surface action!
敵が、見えますか?そ、そう…う、うてぇ! We've spotted the enemy? I-I see... F-fire!
 ⇧ shared with day/night special attacks, support expedition team arrival
Night Battle
はぅ…どこ…?あぁ、見つけた! Oh... where are they...? Ah, I found them!
Night Attack
みなさん…気をつけて…いやな…いやな感じがします。 Everyone... be careful... I... I have a bad feeling about this.
えぇ、本当に!?やーったぁ!村雨さん、なっちゃん、見て見て!今回、私が…私が一番ですって!あぁ、でも…みなさんにお役に立てて、良かった。 Eh, really!? Hoooraaay! Murasame, Nacchan; look at this! This time it... it looks like I"m number one! Ah, but... I'm glad I was useful to everyone.
Minor Damage 1
はぁー!い、いやだ! Aaah! N-no!
Minor Damage 2
はぁー!……敵はどこ…反撃を…! Aaaah! ...Where is the enemy... We need to fight back...!
Major Damage
や、やだ、火災が…火を消して!反撃しないと! O-oh no, the fire is... Put it out! I need to fight back!
村雨さん、逃げて…ここは……この海はだめ…だめだから……ぁはぁ…逃げて… Murasame, run... You can't... you can't fall... on this sea...*sob*... Run...

Hourly Notifications (Kai)[edit | edit source]

Time Japanese English Note
提督さん、深夜0時。日付が変わりました。今夜は、この峯雲が秘書官を努めます。不束者ですが、どうぞよろしくおねがいいたします。 Admiral, it's midnight. The date has changed. I'll be your secretary tonight. I may not be very competent, but please take good care of me.
マルヒトマルマル。……提督さん、さすがにこの時間になると、三水戦も静かみたいですね。はぁー。 0100. ...Admiral, as expected it looks like even DesRon3 is quiet at this time. *sigh*
マルフタマルマル。提督さん、お茶入れますね。眠気覚ましに、すこーし濃くしておきますね。…はい、ここに置きます。熱いので、気をつけてくださいね? 0200. Admiral, I'll make some tea. I'll make it juuuust a little strong to help you stay awake. ...Here you go, I'll just leave it here. It's hot so be careful alright?
マルサンマルマル。もうこんな時間。提督さん、夜中の鎮守府は静かですが、時間が経つのも何だか、早いような気がします。あ、気のせい……ですね。 0300. It's already this time. Admiral, the Naval Base is peaceful at night but, it kinda feels like time is flying by. Ah, it's just me.
マルヨンマルマル。もうすぐ朝ですね。今朝の朝食は何にしようかしら…提督さん、何かご希望ありますか?あぁ、すみません。少し早すぎましたね。 0400. It's almost morning. I wonder what I should make for breakfast... Admiral, is there anything you'd like? Ah, sorry. I'm getting a bit ahead of myself.
マルゴーマルマル。……んー、もう朝。今のうちに朝食の下ごしらえしておきますね。ふふふん〜、ふふふん〜。……ごめんなさい。私、お料理好きみたいで。 0500. ...Nggggh, it's already morning. I'll go get breakfast ready now. *humming*... Sorry. I just like cooking.
マルロクマルマル。提督さん、みなさんを起こしますね。総員、起こし!みなさん、おはようございます!朝、朝です!みなさん、総員起床です。 0600. Admiral, I'll go assemble everyone up. All hands, assemble! Everyone, good morning! It's morning now! Everyone, time for all of you to get up.
マルナナマルマル。さあ、提督さん、召し上がれ。峯雲特製の朝食です。ほかほかの麦飯と、大根と菜っ葉のお味噌汁。菜っ葉の漬物に、今日は特別に、野菜の煮物をお付けしました!はい、お茶はこちらです。どうぞ。 0700. Now, Admiral, it's time to eat. It's my special breakfast. Piping hot barley rice with daikon and vegetable miso soup. I specially stewed some vegetables for today's pickled vegetable dish! I'll leave some tea for you here. Help yourself.
マルハチマルマル。提督さん、先に洗い物を片付けてしまいますので、少しだけお待ちいただけますとたすか……あっ…ありがとうございます。手伝っていただいて…たすかります。 0800. Admiral, please wait a moment while I clean the dishes... Ah... thank you very much. You lending a hand... really helps.
マルキュマルマル。手伝っていただいたので、朝の洗い物も早く終わりました。提督さん、ありがとうございます。さあ、海に参りましょう! 0900. We finished washing up fast thanks to your help. Admiral, thank you very much. Now, let's head out to sea!
ヒトマルマルマル。あっちゃん、やまちゃん、第九駆逐隊、集合です。…あ、なっちゃん…大丈夫。きっと…きっと、ここでまた会える。私、信じています。 1000. Acchan, Yamachan; the 9th Destroyer Division has assembled... Ah, Nacchan... It's fine. I'm sure... I'm sure, I'll meet her again here. I'm sure of it.
ヒトヒトマルマ…あぁ、那珂さん。お疲れ様です。何を…あぁ、ライブの練習ですか?お疲れ様です。良かったら、お昼にこれを……はい、がんばります。 110... Ah, Naka. Good work. What are you... Ah, practicing for your concert? Thanks for your hard work. If you don't mind, have this for your lunch... Yes, do your best.
ヒトフタマルマル。提督さん、正午です。お昼にいたしましょう。今日の昼食は菜っ葉のおむすびです。お味噌汁とお茶はこちらに。はい、どうぞ、召し上がってください。 1200. Admiral, it's midday. Let's have lunch. Today's lunch is vegetable rice balls. The miso soup and tea is here. Come on, please help yourself.
ヒトサンマルマル。提督さん、海の上で食べる菜っ葉のおむすびって、なんでこんなに美味しいでしょう?不思議ですよね、いつも思うんです。潮風のせいでしょうか? 1300. Admiral, why are the vegetable rice balls eaten out at sea more delicious? How strange, it's just the usual kind. Is it because of the sea breeze?
ヒトヨンマル……うわぁ、危ない!きゃぁ!はっ、黒潮さん、ごめんなさい!私…大丈夫ですか?…あぁ、おでこにたん瘤が…ご、ごめんなさい! 140... Whoa, watch out! Kyaa! Ooh... Kuroshio, I'm sorry! I... Are you alright? ...Ah, there's a bump on your forehead... I-I'm sorry! She damaged Kuroshio's bow when she reversed into her.
ヒトゴーマルマル。明石さんが近くにいてくれて、助かりました。はぁ…ついでに間宮さんから羊羹一棹買っちゃえました。提督さん、後で切りますね?楽しみ。 1500. Thank goodness Akashi was nearby. Whew... On another note, I went and bought one youkan from Mamiya. Admiral, I'll cut it later alright? I can't wait.
ヒトロク…あぁ、由良さん、お疲れ様です!…はい、そうですね。ソロモンでは対空監視にも気をつけてないと…はい、由良さんも気をつけてくださいね。お願いします。 16... Ah, Yura, good work! ...Yes, that's right. We need to be on anti-air alert in the Solomons... Yes, you please be careful too, Yura. Please.
ヒトナナマルマル。提督さん、もうすぐ日が落ちます。この時間、本当にきれいですね。私好きなんです、この時間。提督さんはどう……ですか? 1700. Admiral, it's almost time for the sun to set. This time of day is really beautiful. I like this time of day. What about you, Admiral?
ヒトハチマルマル。艦隊を港に戻しましょう。私夕食の支度を始めますね。提督さん、何か食べたいものはありますか?遠慮なくおしゃってください。 1800. Let's return the fleet to port. I'll go start preparing dinner. Admiral, is there anything you'd like to have? Please don't hesitate to let me know.
ヒトキュマルマル。夕食は、提督さんご希望のハヤシライスです。たまにハヤシライスって、とっても食べたくなりますよね。お肉と玉ねぎ、そしてトマトもたっぷり使えました。栄養も満点です。さあ、召し上がれ。 1900. Today's dinner is the Hayashi Rice you requested, Admiral. You really get the craving to eat Hayashi Rice once in a while. I put in lots of meat, onions and tomatos. It's very nutritious too. Now, help yourself. a dish popular in Japan as a Western-style dish (yō

shoku). It usually contains beef, onions, and button mushrooms, in a thick demi-glace sauce which often contains red wine and tomato sauce.

フタマルマルマル…えっと、少し港の方が…あれは…川内さん、白露さん、時雨さん、五月雨さんも……提督さん、第三水雷戦隊が出撃していきます。こんな時間に… 2000... Uhmmm, who's that at the harbour... That's... Sendai, Shiratsuyu, Shigure, and Samidare too... Admiral, the 3rd Torpedo Squadron is sortieing. At this time...
フタヒトマルマル。提督さん、三水戦のみなさん…少し心配ですね…私、村雨さんと出て見てきましょうか?えぇ、いい?あぁ、はい。 2100. Admiral, I'm worried... about everyone in DesRon3... Can I head out with Murasame to check on them? Eh, everything is fine? Ah, yes.
フタフタマルマル。提督さん、三水戦、全艦無事に帰投した模様です。よかった。やはり、これからの暗い海は電探が大切ですね。私も、装備をするようにします。 2200. Admiral, it seems that DesRon3 has returned safely. Thank goodness. Looks like radar will be important to have on the dark seas from now on. I'll equip some too.
フタサンマルマル。提督さん、本日も艦隊運用、大変お疲れ様でした。明日もあります、少しお休みになっていただけたら…あっ、はい。毛布お待ちしますね。 2300. Admiral, thank you for your hard work deploying the fleet today. It'd be good if you got some rest before tomorrow comes... Ah, yes. I'll get you a blanket.

Character[edit | edit source]

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Personality[edit | edit source]

Notes[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Laid down 22nd March 1937 and launched Nov 4th the same year. She was commission in April '38.
  • She started the war with fleet escort duties for the Netherlands East Indies campaign. She was also present at the Battle of Java Sea, briefly dueling HMS Encounter. Following that she took part in the not so festive invasion of Christmas Island, and helped escort back Naka who was damaged by a sub during the landings.
  • She was present as an escort for both Midway and the Battle of Eastern Solomons. Then used for Tokyo Express runs, before being damaged in an air attack during a mission.
  • Returning to duty she resumed transport runs, and in partnership with Murasame is believed to have sunk USS Grampus. However this was to be her final trip, as the same day they stumbled onto three CL and three DDs of US TF68, both ships being lost in the ensuring Battle of Blackett Strait on the 6th March '43.

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Vittorio Veneto Littorio/ItaliaLittorio
 · RomaRoma
North Carolina WashingtonWashington
South Dakota South DakotaSouth Dakota
Iowa IowaIowa
Richelieu RichelieuRichelieu
Gangut Gangut/Oktyabrskaya RevolyutsiyaGangut
Oktyabrskaya Revolyutsiya
Battleship Fusou FusouFusou · YamashiroYamashiro
Ise IseIse · HyuugaHyuuga
Nagato NagatoNagato · MutsuMutsu
Yamato YamatoYamato · MusashiMusashi
Colorado ColoradoColorado
Queen Elizabeth WarspiteWarspite
Nelson NelsonNelson
Aviation Battleship Fusou FusouFusou Kai · YamashiroYamashiro Kai
Ise IseIse Kai · HyuugaHyuuga Kai
Carrier Light Carrier Houshou HoushouHoushou
Ryuujou RyuujouRyuujou
Ryuuhou RyuuhouRyuuhou
Shouhou ShouhouShouhou · ZuihouZuihou
Hiyou HiyouHiyou · JunyouJunyou
Chitose ChitoseChitose Carrier · ChiyodaChiyoda Carrier
Kasuga Maru Kasuga MaruKasuga Maru
Taiyou TaiyouTaiyou · ShinyouShinyou
Mogami SuzuyaSuzuya Carrier Kai Ni · KumanoKumano Carrier Kai Ni
Casablanca Gambier BayGambier Bay
Standard Carrier Akagi AkagiAkagi
Kaga KagaKaga
Souryuu SouryuuSouryuu
Hiryuu HiryuuHiryuu
Shoukaku ShoukakuShoukaku · ZuikakuZuikaku
Unryuu UnryuuUnryuu · AmagiAmagi · KatsuragiKatsuragi
Graf Zeppelin Graf ZeppelinGraf Zeppelin
Aquila AquilaAquila
Lexington SaratogaSaratoga
Essex IntrepidIntrepid
Yorktown HornetHornet
Ark Royal Ark RoyalArk Royal
Armored Carrier Shoukaku ShoukakuShoukaku Kai Ni A · ZuikakuZuikaku Kai Ni A
Taihou TaihouTaihou
Lexington SaratogaSaratoga Mk.II Mod.2
Submarine Junsen 3 I-8I-8
Junsen Type B I-19I-19 · I-26I-26
Junsen Type C I-47I-47
Kaidai VI I-168I-168
Junsen Type B Kai Ni I-58I-58
Junsen Type A Kai Ni I-13I-13 · I-14I-14
Sentoku I-400I-400 · I-401I-401
Type IXC U-boat U-511U-511
Ro-series Ro-500Ro-500
Guglielmo Marconi Luigi Torelli/UIT-25/I-504Luigi Torelli
Type 3 S.T.V. MaruyuMaruyu
Seaplane Tender Kamoi KamoiKamoi Kai
Chitose ChitoseChitose · ChiyodaChiyoda
Mizuho MizuhoMizuho
Nisshin NisshinNisshin
Akitsushima AkitsushimaAkitsushima
Commandant Teste Commandant TesteCommandant Teste
Auxiliary Ship Submarine Tender Jingei JingeiJingei
Taigei TaigeiTaigei
Fleet Oiler Kamoi KamoiKamoi
Kamoi Kai Bo
Revised Kazahaya HayasuiHayasui
Amphibious Assault Ship IJA R1 Shinshuu MaruShinshuu Maru
Hei Akitsu MaruAkitsu Maru
Repair Ship Akashi AkashiAkashi
Fleet of Fog Playable Iona · Takao · Haruna
Enemy Nagara Class · Takao · Maya · Kirishima · Haruna · Kongou
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