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Midway Princess

No.583 中間棲姫

Abyssal Class Land Base

Icon HP.png HP 550 Icon Gun.png Firepower 100
Icon Armor.png Armor 135 Icon Torpedo.png Torpedo 0
Icon Evasion.png Evasion 15 Icon AA.png AA 140
Icon Aircraft.png Aircraft 180 Icon ASW.png ASW 0
Icon Speed.png Speed N/A Icon LOS.png LOS 100
Icon Range.png Range Long Icon Luck.png Luck 50
Build Time Slot
Unbuildable 5
Stock Equipment Icon Aircraft.pngSpace
8inch Triple Cannon 0
Abyssal Hellcat Fighter 64
Abyssal Hell Diver 58
Abyssal Avenger Torpedo bomber 58

Midway Princess

No.584 中間棲姫

Abyssal Class Land Base

Icon HP.png HP 600 Icon Gun.png Firepower 180
Icon Armor.png Armor 180 Icon Torpedo.png Torpedo 0
Icon Evasion.png Evasion 30 Icon AA.png AA 180
Icon Aircraft.png Aircraft 180 Icon ASW.png ASW 0
Icon Speed.png Speed N/A Icon LOS.png LOS 130
Icon Range.png Range Long Icon Luck.png Luck 60
Build Time Slot
Unbuildable 5
Stock Equipment Icon Aircraft.pngSpace
8inch Triple Cannon 0
Abyssal Hellcat Fighter 84
Abyssal Hell Diver 96
Abyssal Air Radar 0


Event Japanese English Note


Explode...... and sink......!

So you've come...again...incautiously......fufu...fu...

Introduction as Preboss in E-3

Introduction as Boss in E-4





And this...is overconfidence...

You shall sink...again and again...

Normal day battle

Night Battle

Day Battle with Final Form

Under attack
トラエテ…イルワ… I've...got you... as in, she's locked on to you
ソンナ…ワタシガ…オチルと…言うの…? Impossible...you are telling me...that I...am going to fall...?


  • Summer 2014 Event E-4 Boss and E-3 preboss node flagship.
  • Midway Island.
  • She's immune to torpedoes, so neither torpedo bombers nor torpedo attacks will land on her. During night battle the ships will only attack her using their firepower stat.
  • She's an installation type, so she's weak against Type 3 Shell.
  • The three runways around her are based on the three runways on Midway Island (Seen here)
  • Her 2nd form is based on the Midway-based aircraft attacks following the battle, which sunk Mikuma after her collision with Mogami.
    • Her planes are literal translations of the names of US Navy aircraft: the Abyssal Hell Diver is the SB2C Helldiver, the Abyssal Hellcat Fighter is the F6F Hellcat and the Abyssal Avenger Torpedo bomber is the TBF Avenger. Notably, the former 2 are named after aircraft not in service with the US Navy during the Battle of Midway. While the Helldiver's first flight was in December of 1940, it was not put in service until the end of 1942. Meanwhile, the Hellcat hadn't even flown its first flight until late June of 1942 (weeks after the battle) and was not in service until the next year. Furthermore, the Hellcat was designed based on performance data gathered from the Zero recovered at the Aleutian Islands.
    • Her equipment change to a radar rather than bombers in her final form may refer to the breaking of the Japanese codes by the Americans.
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