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  • I did a bit of research because I'm used to seeing に as the subject of the passive sentence too (therefore I was inclined to agree with you), but my dictionary plays a slightly different tune than what I imagined:

    子供に甘い be indulgent to (one's) children

    子供に甘える to spoil (one's) children

    甘え dependence

    甘えっこ spoilt child

    犬などが人にじゃれつく (synonym) dogs are playful towards people

    子供が親に甘える children nestle up to their parents

    お言葉に甘えさせていただきます (I) will defer/depend to your words

    It seems like the subject が/は babies/depends on/spoils the object に.

    It's been a while since I dug around in the dictionary. It was a good exercise, thank you for providing me with the opportunity.

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    • I've recently graduated (my major were English and Japanese) and that's why I didn't dare to correct you. I wasn't sure. (I'm currently working on the furniture page as an exercise).

      Anyway, I wasn't 100% positive that I got the correct meaning down, so I did my research and asked a Japanese friend in Facebook. She replied a few days later I posted here and, well, basically she wrote a summary of what you wrote here, but more confusing (Don't blame her though I know how confusing Japanese can be).

      I thought about deleting my comment but I was curious about your answer. Thank you for taking the time to reply so in depth by the way and thank you for the encouragement!

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    • congrats on your graduation.

      no problem. im glad it was helpful. im on this page pretty often so if you have anyquestions im happy to help (provided im not busy with life/work etc) 

      there is nothing wrong with challenging something. thats how we learn, its better to ask questions than to blindly accept everything we are told. besides if nothign else it will be easier to rememeber if you learn something this way than just reading it in a book.

      anyway. Have a nice day

      Incidentally i also majored in japanese. so i know how confusing things can be trying to learn another language at college then you generally dont have nayone else other than your teacher to talk/discuss with

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