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  • You get 99 Saury?

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  • Thanks for your input. I do not have the ships or equipment you have but will try some of the set ups you showed. As for the Torp planes. that set up worked to debuf her. I play Kantai on my cel. was unable to get it to work on my computer. The 12.7 have more damage options then just the 10cm ones. your thoughts? Thanks.

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    • SnwStlker wrote:
      Ah ok. Blue has better chance for hit, red chance to hit but better damage from what I have read

      If blue/red planes have the same value for torpedo Icon Torpedo or dive bombing Icon Dive stats, the damage will only differ due to the R value rolled. R value is fixed 1.0 for dive(red) and random 0.8 or 1.5 for torpedo(blue). Read more about opening airstrike : Aerial_Combat#Stage_3 

      Hit rate/chance of hitting should not differ unless the planes have accuracy Icon Hit stats. Read more about hit rate : Accuracy_and_Evasion#Hit_Rate

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    • I suck at math so the Symbles mean little to me. I just go for blue with a 1.5 over a 1.0 with red. Thanks.

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