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  • Hello I was wondering if you could check my fleet and see if its at least good enough for easy or medium.

    I'm currently leveling furutaka, haruna and hiei to their kai ni levels as well as doing w.e i can for leveling within time constraints i have for my other girls. Since this is my first event im not sad if easy is all i can do ill be happy with that. If you or any of the others whom have chimed in to help on your wall can offer suggestions etc i would
    SS SSV storm0545
    DDs storm0545
    CVL CV
    CL CLT
    CAV CA
    Equipment 1st picture
    Equipment 2nd picture
    Equipment 3rd picture
    Equipment 4th picture
    Equipment 5th picture
    be extremely grateful for the help/advice.
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    • Nevermind that i will review the fleet anyway.

      [!] Expect lots of fail


      Lots of fail in my opinion. You clearly have been attempting LSC and denying alot of low level kanmusu on the side. The choice of most DD and CA are also terrible which really hinder you alot cuz there is no kanmusu specialised in luck and other high stats. You're going to struggle alot if you're attempting Medium/Hard event. In my opinion, a waste of opportunity for Medium clear unless you stopped trying to construct Bismarck earlier. Otherwise, i think you're better off with Easy/Medium clear.(lower the difficulty if its too hard)  


      DD - I have no idea why would you like to level up the 6th destroyer division alot. The only acceptable DD are Akatsuki and Fubuki. Hibiki should be remodeled to Verniy by now, yet you just continued to level her to level 73. Also, keep pushing Fubuki and Akatsuki to Kai Ni as soon as possible. I also strongly recommend you to add in Shimakaze and train up Yukikaze /w Shigure if you can. That way, you will have some high luck and AACI DD to rely on.

      CL - Sendai and Naka Kai Ni is acceptable. Eventually you will need to level up Jintsuu and Abukuma alot.

      CLT - Fine, just level Kiso to Kai Ni for the extra 61cm Quintuple Torpedo.

      CA -  Alright, you have 3 good CA (counting out Kinugasa). You will be leveling up Kinugasa and Furutaka to Kai Ni. Its ok for medium but not good enough. You will need to level up another Myoukou class or you may choose to train up Aoba instead. Aoba has a decent luck but Myoukou is better.

      You don't even have any Myoukou class trained to Kai Ni which is bad cuz you're denying the extra 20.3cm (No.2) gun to be equipped + good solid stats by them.(Especially Myoukou for best stats and high luck) Therefore, really wasted. 

      CAV - Very weak here. Level up Suzuya to at least level 50. Eventually Tone and Chikuma will have to be remodeled to CAV.

      FBB - The FBB are the best as compared to everyone else, not to mention that you have constructed Bismarck which is not a good move in my opinion. The FBB will be supporting the enire fleet throughout the event. You will need to get Kirishima to Kai Ni and eventually Bismarck will be remodeled to Zwei after 2nd BP. 

      BB - Mutsu would be best to be leveled to level 60~70. You can't deny good BB like her.

      BBV - Ise is not a good BBV, should have leveled Yamashiro and Fusou instead. But whatever, you will make use of her. 

      CV - I strongly recommend you to level up Hiryuu to Kai Ni and Kaga as much as you can. Both are great CV and good stats.

      CVL - Jun'you and Chitose have been leveled to Kai Ni which is a good point. Focus on leveling Chiyoda and Hiyou next and you should be fine. Don't even bother to level Houshou and Shouhou cuz their stats are terrible. Ryuujou can be leveled as well but its a far cry from level 3.

      SS - Use whatever low level SS for 3-2A powerleveling.


      Ok, at least you have something to offer.

      Fighter - A couple more of Reppuu and Shiden Kai II would be nice

      Dive Bomber - Craft more Suisei Model 12A.

      Torpedo Bomber - Craft more Ryuusei (Kai)

      Shells - at least 2 more Type 3 shells.

      [Akashi section]

      Again, some fail in improving the wrong equipments.

      You should be improving these equipments instead:

      All 20.3cm (No.3) (6*) if have any

      4~6 20.3cm (No.2) (4*)

      2 x 35.6cm (Max) [Do not upgrade to Prototype 35.6cm]

      4~6 x 41cm (4*) [Only improve when you have more than enough 41cm to spare, otherwise stick to a couple of 41cm (1*)]

      All 61cm Quint Torpedo (6*)

      All Type 91 AP (6*)

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    • Thank you for the review! Most of the leveling for my destroyers has come from expedition 37/38 farming with minor use for branching when i was trying to clear 4-2 etc as for not leveling the other important destroyers its a mix of 4-3 throwing salt with that damn bb node and accidentally screwing myself outta 1-5 when i really wanted I19 for my 2-3 sub fleet. Bismarck was a by product of musashi/yamato crafting while also having z1 as flag and when i got bismarck kirishima wasn't part of the fleet yet so i was looking for another bb as mutsu wasn't around yet. in the CA leveling department that was a fail on me i liked the art and saw that furutaka and kako came with decent stuff and were lower level k2 so ive been throwing them in with the pvp fleet/3-2a bb leveling team. With the myoukous in mind ill start working on getting them up to par.

      On the akashi front yea she that was a case of recently aquiring her and terrible equipment improvement choices that ive been working to fix since this weekend. As i said before I'm perfectly fine with only clearing easy maybe medium if im lucky i only started this game 2nd week into the summer 2015 event and with my attention usually being grabbed by games like fallout 4(coming out next week) and other big games im surprised ive even gotten to where im at currently with my fleet.

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • hi streamspoats, since you are like a mentor to a fleet prepareness. i personally need help to inspect my personal fleet, especially from you.






    another DD list


    another CA list

    personally i want hear from you is my direction is good enough?

    and about equipment, i dont have a type 32 and i'm not planning to craft it during event 

    i would very happy if recieve a good mentoring from you, thanks 

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    • Again, I stress Harsh is for summer, the bar is reduced a lot for fall as we expect a much easier event.

      Generally speaking lvl 80+ is fine for hard mode. Ideally you should be able to assemble 2 Combined fleet (1 Surface + 1 Carrier) all 80+. What I pointed out are just stuff you want to work on.

      Like i said, none of those are critical and must be solved ASAP. They are all luxury and just something you want to improve on when you got time. To give you an idea on what to do next. Hope that make sense. 

      I mean your fleet is ready, but there are always stuff to work on.

      Equipment, you can start slow, big guns like 41cm (46cm) are hard to rush to +4 or higher. like having 4X 41+1 is great already. Eventually you will get them higher. However equipment are easier to upgrade like 91 AP shell, Quint Oxy tropedo / 20.3 (no3) (although they eat a bit of screw, but no equipment) should be aim to +4 ~~ +6.

      Resources is not a huge problem too, Sitting at soft cap is perfectly fine even for hard mode. However you do want to save as much buckets as possible. And factor in how much expedition you can run during the event. (less meaning you need to stockpile more). Baxuite is the least used resources for the event, 20-30k is fine. I woudlnt worry too much about it.

      Daily crafting of heavy gun/radar is better reseved for off-season. During stockpile mode, you dont really want to do it because it just take away too much resources. (it is not efficient while you are above soft cap) Hence i suggest just craft Anti-SS gear.

      I would say set your target after having knowledge of how hard the event is and what kind of reward is offered.

      I thought i will be lucky to clear all easy in Spring (back like 6 months ago lol, geez time flies). But I soon realized (few days into event) it was really easy, so I pushed for all hard and got it quite easily.

      You should defintely push some eariler maps in hard at the very least.

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    • @jenesis

      yeah i understand what you mean, in short your review is for "future proofing" my fleet, and i deeply understand that

      about equipment upgrade, i already +6 all type 91, quint torps, 20cm no 3, 35,6 cm, and a few 20 cm no 2 +4(note: i upgrade this equipment long before i posted this request, since i remember your suggestion in past thread)

      but not heavy guns (already done 3x 41cm +4 and 2x 38 cm kai +1 also long before this request) which is slow for me since i'm currently in stockpile mode so i cant find the spare heavy guns. and again my heavy gun upgrade route is for future plan after the upcoming event.

      the reason i'm not 100% targeting all hard because of my limited time playing, and my main goal in the upcoming event is a A class medal + event exclusive ship/equipment.

      but that depends on info from frontliner what kind difficulty of upcoming event will be, i'll definetly try beat all hard if all condition met (note: i cannot go into emergency stockpiling mode if i ran out resource in the middle of event)

      thanks for your time jenesis! and goodluck for the upcoming event


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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Hey there,

    If you have some free time, check this out.

    Look at what Musashi do to that dyson and Yamato do to the AA hime. Sure, they're both lvl 12x, but still, how's that even possible??!! Cause my lvl 70 Musashi couldn't do even half of that. Furthermore, Bismarck can finish the AA hime in the day battle. That amaze me even more. Can those be achieved with fully improved guns and AP shells? Cause if so, I think I gonna have to make a plan for both short term and long term crafting and improvement ASAP.

    By the way, I think there's something wierd in that battle's engagement form, since the screen says the mix of both parallel and Green T, which is odd. It's unlikely to be a cheat, is it?

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    • Some more theorycraft.

      So the effect of improvements on attack power is determined by attack cap behavior which is effectively determined by pre-cap modifiers: engagement, formation, anti-ground and health modifiers, let's assume normal health (i.e. it's important) and no anti-ground, then FP - Damage (vs 260 armor) curve is something like this (for different formations, critical hits, but no other post-cap modifiers):

      Fp vs damage

      add +10 FP for STF first fleet, +10 FP for all improved equipment, etc. So sometimes it matters, sometimes not.

      And then you have post-cap modifiers: spotting, critical, AP modifiers (they can sometimes double the damage) and ammo penalty.

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    • woah, thx for the info. some Real life issue's coming up so my reply might be a bit slow.

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  • I just aim to troll over abit there although knowing well there is no definite answer, please don't take it too seriously, sorry if it get you on WOT

    Btw, try not to be to stressed out on arguing on subjective matters that would ruin your day

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    • i over-reacted in that thread after reading your last sentence. It got me worried for the whole day, only to find it a joke. I guess i'm too serious about things zzz...thanks for the message, i guess i will leave any ignorant comment alone from now on. I forgive you though.  

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    • Well thanks, actually that last sentence was mean to troll more direct towards Argho although my reply there generally was to troll both you and Argho

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  • Hey there, I've seen you've just given my friend some more advice, so I check your fleet and I gotta say your fleet is way more hardcore than mine, despite I started 2 months earlier.

    But now, I have some question.

    1. How did you put that menu and sub-menus in your profile? I wanna write my profile as well and I've been looking for that for days.

    2 in the following DD, is there anyone worth pushing? Now that I have a reason not to, it makes me lazy now. (Fubuki, Ushio : I have Teru-chan now. Mutsuki and Kisaragi: I have Amatsukaze Kai engine now. Z1,Z3, Hibiki, Murakumo, Hatsuharu  : Nah, not that appealing. Hatsushimo : can dat luck really compensate her so-so firepower?)

    3. My Chitose, Chiyoda and Jun'you are lvl 80+, and Hiyou is 90 +, is Ryuujou worth pushing as well?

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    • It's pointless to feed maruyu's to Shigure and Yukikaze because there's either a hard cap on torp cut ins at 50 luck, or diminishing returns past 50 luck. It's better to feed Maruyu's to ships close to the luck cap like Ayanami or Prinz. If you can spare a slot for skilled lookout, you can feed maruyu's to ships that carry it to 30 luck. Abukuma is also a good candidate for luck feeding since a torp cut in set up will also make her opening torpedo attack stronger.

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    • Thanks for correcting me, So therefore we should feed Maruyus to priority ships with 20~<50 luck stats i think. 

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Hello and thanks for your and mr IP guidance on my fleet.Thanks to both of you I have a clear view and schedule for my ship lvling.

    BTW I see that you like doing challenge.I also have some challenge that I like to do in the near future if I can.

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Hey, nice to meet'cha

    that's some interesting challenge you have there :3 I too, trying to be non-premium user and see how far I can going with that, though now I'm already on tight side, especially ships slot ._. (96/100). And docking became a pain too with only 2 docks especially after many 4-3 runs

    though the rules I set for myself a bit different from you, but that's doesn't matter. Glad there's someone I can share the pain with :p Let's do our best and see how it going :3

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    • Basically you gotta restart everything from scratch.

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    • That seems pretty extreme. owo" the day I scrap every ship is the day that I'll quit KC.

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • I do upload Kancolle clips on Youtube, but it's mainly for just my self-satisfaction and for a bit of sharing with my small circle of friends so I don't promote much. But since you help me a lot, not only with preparations, but you also pushed me when my confidence withered and my strength waned, I think you should see this. Thanks again. Looking forward to your advice in the up coming battles. :D

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    • I'm glad to hear from you, the video link you given me is satisfying too. Having a healthy 2nd fleet to enter night battle + taking down other 4 abyssal ships is a really huge advantage. That's not all, your Atago even rekt the Air Defence Princess is truly something rare to see. 

      To be honest, i didn't bother to open my eyes when i enter E-7 final stage. The only thing i heard is torpedo cut-in and the whining of Air Defence Princess. It's most likely be Yukikaze's torpedo cut-in but it looks somewhat similar to your fleet.  

      Well, Autumn Event is coming next(extimated around early November) and it's going to be a stroll walk. Not to mention that there is another foreign ships and another Prototype Flight Deck Catapault + Shoukaku kai ni coming around this month. It's something we're looking forward to. Enjoy the Autumn!

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • In the end, RNG did not deem me worthy and I couldn't rescue Kazagumo and Unryuu from the abyssal fleet. I guess that makes my E8 an A-rank victory. :P Much like my E7 last dance, in which my chuuha'd Yukikaze decided enough was enough and she would save us all from that hellhole.

    Looking on the bright side, this leaves me with a much, much stronger fleet (E6 EXP is nothing to be sneezed at) than when I started and more goals for the next event. Wait for me, Kazagumo (and Unryuu), I will find you next time. And I did actually get a 'gumo from E6... Asagumo! I guess that's pretty lucky, judging by the drop rate on kancolle-db. Time for YOLO LSC! After the maintenance. :D

    Who would you give your next Blueprint to?

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    • My Yukikaze also saved me from the madness caused in E-7. In fact, i entered boss node 12 times. Not only that, i'm also part of the 30% who cleared E-7 before kancolle twitter report on the 1st  September. As i'm typing, i felt sad to see many failed to clear E-7 along the way. However, lets not talk about this sad moments for this chat. 

      Thanks to the major events, i've also leveled up quite alot with my fleet girls thanks to E-3 - Medium, E-6 - Medium & E-7 Easy. The result can be showned in my profile page as compared to my fleet last 2 months. (shown on right)

      including 3 extra CA(V)

      For blueprint, Jenesis33 said the next blueprint should be given to Abukuma cuz of E-7. I already remodel Tone and Fusou to kai ni, so it might be a good idea to remodel her next. Meanwhile, i'm training my fleet a little bit before i attempt LSC, not to mentioned the ones i really need to disband after i kai them for their equipments. 

      Sounds pretty sad, but i have no other choice. My fleet size already reached 95 mostly and can't hold for the future events. On the other hand however, i will keep my favourite ones like Naganami and Tokisukaze for fun.

      Meantime, i'm trying to get weapons upgrade to prepare for a new formidable fleet. I'm aiming to become powerful non-cash ttk as well.(sort of)

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    • Yeah... Sad to see that RNG trolled some TTKs to the very last moment. And there was that guy who screeched and howled and cried the entire time in his stream. (Though that was probably more disturbing than saddening.)

      Abukuma is a great investment, I can tell you that! Although I only managed to K2 her like a week before the event ended, she did really great. Her opening torpedo strike is invaluable, often taking out enemy ships or at the very least chuuha them and lessen the risk of my girls getting hurt by the closing torpedo salvo. And of course the fact that she still remains a CL after K2. In fact, she was so helpful I think I might even give her my next batch of Maruyus. She can perform cut-ins pretty well when in flagship position even though her luck is only 20. The devs sure did succeed in keeping all CLTs out of all the difficult maps in this event!

      My next blueprint would likely go to Choukai (simply because I like her) or Tone (great stats). Maybe Tone first. I'll give my fleet (and myself) a break for a few days, let resources recover a bit, find another submarine and then start training again. I hope to K2 all of my CAs and Souryuu & Hiryuu by the next event. Also need to get the lv70 K2 DDs like Akatsuki there, they're already close but not close enough so they didn't make it in time for the event.

      My fleet size is also 95 right now...Found so many rare and adorable DDs this time! I might cave and buy maybe 20 ship slots, but I'm putting that off for as long as possible. :P Ship slots are the only thing I would ever consider paying for. I should manage just fine for a while more once I get the equipment from duplicate Mutsus. (I had no Mutsu before the event. I found 4 or 5 in the event. Wow.)

      Sounds like you are well on the way to your goal! Now that you have Akashi in your fleet, she'll aid you with equipment upgrade and act as extra ship repair docks. Very very helpful if you have only 2 repair docks like me.

      I can't upgrade weapons yet... No Akashi. Airfield Hime wouldn't give her to me. Oh well at least I got Umikaze and Kiyoshimo from her. I think I will search for Akashi all the way till my HQ hits level 100. Hopefully I will have found her by then... I have actually been looking for her in 2-5 ever since my HQ was around 65 or so. :/ Maybe she'll come while I'm doing September's EO? A man can dream.

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    • Wingtipswaltz wrote:
      Yeah... Sad to see that RNG trolled some TTKs to the very last moment. And there was that guy who screeched and howled and cried the entire time in his stream. (Though that was probably more disturbing than saddening.)

      Yup, heard of him. Not going to say much about him. Twitch session makes me sad. 

      For Akashi, you can obtain her in world 2-5 EO. 

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    • I know, though the drop rate is really low. Been looking there since HQ 65-ish. I read that 2-5 becomes much more difficult once you hit HQ 100, so I'd better find Akashi soon.

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • You helped me out in the fleet preparation forum before the event started. I'm here to thank you and tell you that I managed to clear all 7 maps! There's only one tiny regret and that is I panicked, decided to choose Teruzuki over the prototype catapult and cleared E6 on easy. And then the devs announced that the event would be extented. Oh well. Sorry, Zuikaku. Almost finished with E8 now, just need to find Kazagumo and Unryuu. I really like Kazagumo and hope to find her before my resources run dry. Man, Combined Fleet maps... Wish me luck!

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    • I'm glad to hear that from you. To tell the truth, i was never an experienced player. I just joined in the middle of Spring 2015 Event(didn't enter event cuz reasons), sucks to be me cuz i waited 2 weeks for lottery entry. I rode through quite alot and learn alot within these 4 months.

      I first suggested fleet prepared-ness board in June and wikia moderator is kind enough to try it out. It was an important move i think, or else u and i or worst, many will get stuck around E-3~E-6. I'm not sure about the countless number of people i had advice from the first 2 week of July, i felt a little ashamed for my lack of experience cuz it was not effective enough for them to clear all the way to E-6 medium. 

      But look at the bright side, at least i know a few who have cleared E-7 just like you. I even felt blessed after spending hours everyday, all effort was paid off when i cleared E-7 with lots of rare ships such as Roma while i'm clearing the event. So yeah end of story, hope to help more new ttks for the upcoming event with better experience from this salty event. (you may join in if u want, the more ppl the better)

      Hopefully you will find Kazagumo and Unryuu sooner before the event. Good Luck & Good Hunting! o7

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    • Oh wow! You and I joined the game at the same time! I didn't enter the spring event either. Had no idea what I was doing back then, plus I was also playing Touken Ranbu. 

      It was a great idea to have a fleet preparation board, otherwise the whole forum would be cluttered with ttks' posts asking which ship to train, what equipment to craft...etc. Chinese/Taiwanese forums have fleet preparation boards too. (Some of the older ttks there seem a bit intimidating so I've never posted there.)

      This event was a great experience, sure the difficulty (cough*E7*cough) is daunting and RNG could be pretty fustrating, but it was extremely satisfying to clear all the maps and find many rare ships along the way. Back in July I wasn't even sure I could clear it all, since I have heard that summer events are the most challenging. (All those legends about AL/MI) I was fully prepared to not be able to clear the event and just farm for rare ships on the first few maps. Look where I am now. Pretty amazing. 

      It's very kind of you to help new ttks, and I hope to be of help too! KanColle can be pretty challenging and newbies could always use some advice. See you around! o7

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    • A FANDOM user
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