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  • I did a little bit of testing with OASW set-ups on Gambier Bay.

    1. you need a total ASW stat of 65 and more. This requirement will be easier to meet with higher levels, since she is one of the few CVLs with a non-0 ASW stat.

    2. you need at least one plane with 7 ASW or more

    3. the Liaison Plane and the Autogyro both enable OASW attacks even if they are the only planes with 7 or more ASW. No additional planes are needed for OASW attacks, if the basic requirement of 65 ASW is met. 

    I can't test yet, if she can attack with a loadout of either only Autogyros or only Liaison Aircraft. Other CVLs need an additional plane for the actual attack, but she was able to OASW with a combination of only Autogyro and Liaison Aircraft.

    Please be aware, that a combination of Autogyro and Liaison (without a regular bomber) ONLY enables OASW attacks. This will NOT enable her to attack subs during the shelling phase.


    A loadout of at least one regular bomber (ideally with a high ASW stat) and Autogyro/Liaison Aircraft for the high ASW stat, enabling anti-sub attacks in the shelling phase and OASW at lower levels and increasing the damage for pure subhunting.

    A loadout of several bombers with high ASW, one of them at least with ASW 7 and more, for a combined anti-sub/anti-surface approach.

    A loadout of one divebomber, one torpedobomber and one fighter for a regular CV-Cut-In for pure anti-surface maps. With a high enough level and at least one plane with 7 and more ASW this loadout is still capable of OASW attacks.

    Note: all tests were carried out with Gambier Bay Kai. But i do not think the mechanics will differ between her Base and Kai form.

    Have fun


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  • As stated in the two posts, this all of this is my opinion and based on my own experience, but i tried to keep it as factual as possible.

    You can find the posts here: Exill7s Message Board.

    On the pre-event forum post is a nice overview, which equipment is helpful for events: Recommended_Equipment_Preparation

    Have fun and success.


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  • I've seen you're struggling to get to node Z6. I was stuck there for a while (hard mode) for more than 20 runs and not even passing U node wall at all. Then I tried this comp and out of 5 tries, 4 made it to Z6 (1 Taiha at sub node). U node became a joke after I used this comp.


    Chrome 2017-11-28 00-32-17
    Chrome 2017-11-28 00-32-20

    3FBB 1CVB 2CAV + 2DD 2CLT 1CL(Abukuma or Yura) 1CA (Maya)

    Some things to keep in mind:

    - Make sure to use a full sparkled support shelling expedition: Sparkling really boosts its trigger rate and accuracy.

    - 2CLT + Abukuma/Yura + Maya are a must: those 3 Opening torps make a huge difference at U Node, while AACI Maya is really useful to avoid getting trolled at the following enemy AA raid nodes.

    - Cruising Formation at U node: This made a difference for me at U node in terms of accuracy and evasion, so I recommend using Cruising Formation (second formation) there.

    - Aim for Air Superiority at U node: your BBs need Artillery spotting there.

    - Praise the Spoon: Spoon Formation is a must at both Nighbattle nodes.

    - Using torp CI on your DDs might be a bad idea: My Shimakaze is Luck modded, plus Torp CI wont hit Imps most of the time.

    - Put AA guns on any reinforcement expansion you have: It will boost Accuracy vs Imps.


    - Full Bombers at U node.

    - For Z6 I used 2 Bombers 1 Figther and one Figther Bomber: I was aiming at getting some enemy planes shot down to make some of the 4 enemy CVL useless (159/187 bombers shot down with the help of Maya) but I guess full bombers might be better (they can get wiped out tho). Do not aim for Air Superiority at Z6.

    Good luck.

    Chrome 2017-11-28 00-16-58
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    • Thank you. your Kanmusu lvl and equipment are beyond mine to have. so will piece somethings together. Welcome to Kantai festivals. 

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    • THANK YOU so much for this guide! This worked for me on fifth run also (which was actually the only one which got to the Z6).

      Two changes I did was:

      1. Replaced Shimakaze torpedos to guns as I haven't luck modded her.

      2. For LBAS I actually noticed that sending 4 bombers to U-node didn't do any damage in my two first runs so I just sent them to Z6 for the rest of the runs. This worked for me as they sank 4 ships and damaged others.

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