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  • As you want a kancolle card...

    | name=Kololz
    | japanesename=Kololz
    | id=3A03
    | image=
    | color=SkyBlue
    | type=Gamer
    | class=Average
    | firepower=33 (74)
    | torpedo=30 (99)
    | AA=36 (78)
    | ASW=0 (0)
    | LOS=12 (20)
    | luck=70 (70)
    | hp=100
    | armor=3 (8)
    | evasion=44 (79)
    | aircraft=0
    | speed=Slightly slow
    | range=-
    | slot=4
    | time=10 months
    | slot1=Keyboard
    | slot2=Mouse
    | slot3=Computer
    | slot4=Monitor
    | space1=-
    | space2=-}}

    I will not make a wall of text in the chat...

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  • Good day fellow Admiral! Welcome to KanColle Wiki!

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