aka Punpun Punyama

  • I live in ITALY
  • I was born on October 10
  • My occupation is Employee receptionist and security officer
  • I am watching you 👀
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  • Hello. I've read your posts around the comment sections and note that you also appreciate best Touhou girl. Next triple is in ten years, so today is kinda special.

    Stay ⑨.

    C-Day 2019
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  • Looking for the invite link to the KC Discord please

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  • Just wanted to say Hi ~

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  • Can I receieve an invite to the KC discord server please?

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  • Hey Pun, is the GBF discord still active? If so, could you link me to it? Thanks in advance :) 

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  • It's been a long since we talked. I didn't hear anything about how the event went for you in the end.

    Have you already replaced KC with GBF completely? The comment section felt a bit lonely without you...

    Please, don't stop playing Kancolle, do it for your beloved Kongou.


    I hope everything goes well m8!!

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    • Hi man, yeah it's been some time since we talked... My event ended ok but not great as i wanted, cleared H / H / H / N / N / N / N, i even forgot to post the event stuff after victory like i usually do MiniFailfish

      Honestly, right now it's more like i'm giving higher priority to GBF, but i have no intention of stopping playing Kancolle btw, i have to admit that for you guys it might seems that i stopped since i'm no active on this wikia anymore like i was before...

      Also things in real life are not going great for me atm MiniFeelsBadManFrog

      Btw, don't worry i'll never stop playing kancolle, i'll try to be active again in this wikia when events will begin, maybe not as active like the past for now but still here to have some chat with you guys

      Atm i'm using a lot my Discord to comunicate with peoples mostly for GBF but also for Kancolle, maybe i should just invite you all there but i don't know if you guys will like that, i honestly like the Discord a lot...  So, tell me if you want to join us there too CirPrise

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    • I'd love to join you all at the discord to talk about Kancolle but... My spoken english is horrible, way much worse than my written english (which is not precisely anything incredible tbh)

      It's great to hear you won't stop playing KC. But I feel sorry for your real life stuff, be strong my friend!!!

      We'lle be in touch, I'll tell you my discord user if I think I could endure the shame of not being able to speak english properly xDDDD

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    • Not to speak on Punpun's behalf, but we don't use the voice chat function at all during discord (well...unless you're also playing GBF...idk what they do there). Looking foward to see you in the channel~

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    • @サヴァラ

      As Asla-kun said, don't worry cause even if is possible to have vocals channels on the discord, we don't use them and simply comunicate with the standard channels which are like a normal chat but with emotes and others cool stuffs, so i'll leave you the invite, so whenever you want, you can join us CirWink

      Here the invite link:

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Hello again,

    My discord's username is the same as this one, and the number is #5390.

    I'll probably pop in and out to see what's going on, so I might be a bit of a lurker lol.

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  • Do you have a discord account?

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  • i see at off topic forum you play "Grand Blue Fantasy".. i already play it, manage to clear the intro but i kind fell down about the game mechanic.. but over all i like the art theme.. don't know about the story.. so is the story good enough to hook player? or just casual story (by casual: save the world, journey to beat the demon king, save someone/nation) some things like that..(´-`).。oO( ... )

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    • A FANDOM user
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