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  • I live in The UK
  • My occupation is Gamer
  • I am Classified
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  • After three years its time to Move on and explore new things,it was...a interesting experiance i will admit but i think its time for my 777th Kantai fleet to just sleep peacefully now. but at least i ended on a high note.

    Yamato Card
    I FINALLY got her at long last so i was able to spend the last few hours with my beloved and sweet Yamato :) it was a lovley small window of joy if truth be told 

    Where will i go next? Who knows...wherever the winds take me i guess i heard the Far Far Range (Slime Rancher) is nice this time of year to visit and that G&K Industries (Girl`s Frontline) are Hiring so i might check them out.

    Anyway i better go so Take care everyone and remeber to Pray to RNGesus,Keep your Salt Mines High and Fck Tanaka 



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