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  • you're at LD on the final map with 10 days to spare bro don't give up


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    • Ah sorry I misunderstood what you typed back there. KCV is nice, I would use it too but it needs some sort of windows update and I just ignored and forgot about it because I never update and don't intend to. KCV has a much more aesthetically pleasing layout in my opinion. In that case you really need to get an Akizuki this event. Bernie has pretty good damage multiplier but as long as you have super kitakami everything's gonna be alright.

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    • Yeah, the layout looks better to me too. I really wish that it has some of the features that KC3 has though, like the ability to save replays or for me to get more statistical data (so that I can laugh along with my fellow TTKs).

      I've been trying to get Akizuki, but RNG is well. I'm already half accepted that she didn't exist before this event. =3=

      Same for Amagi.

      I got my KTKM and Ooi to past 50 yesterday. Kiso may not reach 65 by the end of this event, but well. One day, I'll try (once again) to give the E-5 boss a rude awakening. +_+

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