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  • Thanks for the edit and the kind words about the article in general (guess which).

    I had been looking over your previous edits this week -- at least, I think that was you -- and was wondering if I should mimic your organisational style for the Character section or not; it's what Wikiwiki does, after all. I made a subsection for the second remodel's appearance info and changed up a little of my wording after the fact, but the much-needed "modernisation" there was much appreciated, haha. I don't know if I totally deserve to say this knowing that most of my edits are in one place, but keep up the good work! :P

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    • Thanks; it is a lot easier to make productive edits when the page actually has content to begin with.

      Oddly enough, I didn't divide Hibiki's appearance section into her former and Kai Ni forms; I'll do that now.

      I'm a little dissatisfied with how the seiyuu and artist just hang there at the top of the section without bullets, but it looks better this way from what I've seen and I can't devise an alternative yet.

      One more thing about Hatsu's page; the quest reqs could use hyperlinks, which I might do tonight if I don't pass out.

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    • Rest assured, when I (eventually) expand the rest of Hatsuharu-class' articles, I'll match your format automatically, haha.

      And yeah, it's kind of strange to think about where to put the seiyuu/artist...I almost feel like they should be closer to the girl's card (again, akin to Wikiwiki), but with the current organisational style it doesn't seem like there's any place to fit them that would make it look nicer. Best of luck.

      If you wanna do that, thanks for saving me the effort! If you ended up passing out I'll just do it when I myself wake up tomorrow. :P

      Edit: Nice, you took care of it. Cheers!

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    • After fiddling with a page for a while, I came up with something that might look neater:



      • Artist: Ayaki (彩樹)
      • Tenryuu has short purple hair and yellow eyes. She wears a serafuku with a necktie and thighhighs and an eyepatch over her left eye.
      • She carries a sword in its scabbard on her right side.


      • Seiyuu: Yuka Iguchi
      • Very bellicose, with the catchphrase of "怖いか?" (Heh, you scared?). She is, however, often depicted in a way that subverts this, especially when teased by Tatsuta. She is also depicted as a babysitter to the Akatsuki class.
      • Her mannerisms paired with her eyepatch often lead to her depiction as a chuunibyou character, with humorous results.
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  • Hi, welcome to KanColle Wiki! Thanks for your edit to the Yuudachi page.

    Please leave me a message if I can help with anything!

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