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  • Hey, I saw your edit on 1-3 regading percentage. Can you provide the source (like, a link, and not just "according to JP wiki")?

    If you can provide the source it will be great otherwise I need to remove it.

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    • By lower level I mean around and less than 50, which is more than a perfectly fine level to clear 1-4. Also, I think anything related to 1-4 can't be labeled as 'horrible' because of how easy the map is (at least, regarding the fighting).

      Anyway, it's fine. Personally I still believe that rumors which are obviously wrong will be easily confirmed as wrong, while rumors which might be true will stick. But well, if this wiki doesn't want any rumors, then it's fine and I will have to accept that.

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    • What we are trying to prevent are rumors, which might be true, but will stick due to the believe that it is true.. That's the type of rumor that should be ridden the most.

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