aka Takeshi

  • I live in the planet earth
  • I was born on February 11
  • My occupation is Hikkikomori
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  • Yo, another year has passed and once again Merry Christmas to you and all your beloved ones, wish you all the best in health, love and career.

    Christmas wishes from Cirno
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  • Would you like to join my discord server? We are all nice people there and we talk and have fun together about Kancolle and others stuffs, so i'll like to have you there too since you are a good comrade, tell me if you want to so i'll send to you an invite MinicirHi

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    • Sorry, but I'll have to pass, I'm a little busy no only with the fishing but also some IRL stuff too, so talking in a discord is a bit out of my reach now...

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    • I see, well if you will change idea, you know where to find me, and good luck with your fishing and IRL stuff m8 CirWink

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  • Dunno if you still remember me, but I was that one TTK who "jokingly" said he was gonna burn his wallet a few days ago in the Summer Event 2017 page... And you mentioned about how our usernames seem very similar to one another so I went on ahead and took the liberty of changing mine. (And hey, no hard feelings here btw cuz I've been planning about changing mine a long time ago but I was too much of a lazy kuso ttk to do so. :/ )

    Also considering the fact how you're already well known for the name "Kuro" around these parts, I might as well not look like some random username-copycat even though I thought of that old name in some other wiki while not being aware of your existence lol. :P

    Anyways, that's all. Hope that RNGesus and Lady Luck will be in your odds during the event!


    - WakeWintergale (once was "KuroHikari17")

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    • Hmm, where to start...

      First, I don't mind havaing a similar username with someone else, depending on how similar or different our usernames are I might even find it hilarious, like when you meet someone with the same name IRL. But whatever, you're free to have any username you want (As long as it's not offensive or gross)

      Also, I don't think people will see you as a copycat unless you copy the exact username and profile pic of someone already well known, so don't sweat it up if you find someone else with a similar username (especially if it's composed of several words)

      Good luck to you too with the event BTW

      - 黒狼

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Hi there, saw a pretty comment on Reddit you made about not having a certain shipgirl that I personally get in my very first Event (Summer 15 with less than 25k ressources and 200 buckets) at the last moment before my old PC died, then I get her again during the Next Event (While searching for Akizuki, she came again instead) and I kept her (Because two is better than one), and then Winter 16 Event happened and Sakawa didn't wanted to come too quickly, then THIS happened shortly after =)

    Because I'm in a trolly mood this night...


    No needs to thank me, I love you too ;p

    ( ° v ° )_V Peace, I'm gonna hug my Lv80+ girl & headpat the Lv1

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  • Hey man,

    Since i didn't saw you that much in the comments section this event, i was wonder how things are going to you...

    Did you completed it already?

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    • Sanity: -512%

      Fuel: less than 5K

      Buckets: under 30

      E-3 Boss bar: 0 hp BUT STILL FUCKING THERE!

      Hitomi count: 0

      Ammount of dissapointment made by my fleet: 

      Rank without reward.

      100% insane

      Does this look like the face of mercy?

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    • NotLikeThisOMG

      Dam man, the time is almost over too... Is there something i can do? What difficult are you playing? Have you tried yet ask for suggestions in the comment section? I really wish you complete it so don't give up until the end, if you want some help i'm here buddy and not only me, let's try to get out of this together CirPrise

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Merry Christmas Kurokami, wish all the best in health, love and career at you and all your loved ones.

    You are a precious comrade for me and i always have fun to chat with you in the comments section, your comments make me smile a lot, salute O7

    Christmas wishes from Cirno
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  • Images (16)

    That basically explains it


    Don't worry Help is here!

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  • Good day fellow Admiral! Welcome to KanColle Wiki!

    Thank you for your edit to the Yamato page. We're glad to see a new contributor to our wikia.

    If you are a new player, you may want to read up on the tutorials to get you started:

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    If you have any other concerns, you may comment on the respective page involved, or post a new thread on the wiki forum, or join us on chat! For issues involving special wikia privilege, you may contact any of the staff for help.

    Thank you and have a good sortie run!

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