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  • Before this I had typed a much longer and much more detailed message than this but the server went down or something. And it was simply gone.. I wrote it because I think your fleet is pretty much the same as me before the final dance.

    So in summary, here is what I used for the final dance which is pretty much similar...

    Main fleet

    Flagship:  I used Ryuujou with 2 torpedo bomber and often dealed a lot of damage to those hime (150+ damage to them).

    The BBs&FBB:


    Guess it's fine too, but for me I didn't used Yamato-class for both pre and final runs and used Maya for pure AACI.

    For the FBB:

    I used Roma with her Kai'd and modernised Italy guns and I used Yamashiro kai ni equipped with 2x41cm gun and Zuiin, allowing your CVL to equip more Torpedo bomber.


    51cm proto and Mk.7.

    Another CVL

    Jun'you equipped 2 torpedo bomber.

    Escort fleet      


    For the final runs, I used torpedo CI ( more likely to trigger if you place her at flagship position), because DA weren't not enough.


    I had used bismarck before with DA and night scout + flashlight on her but she kept doing less damage to the boss;decided to use a CA with torpedo and night equipments instead for the final runs. Worked out in the end.


    try replacing skilled lookout with star shell (Had used the same setup as u before final dance).


    fill her with 3 torpedo and let your CA or FBB equip with flashlight.


    same as you.


    give her torpedo CI might help. Getting a green-T at boss node really help me in the final run, for me,she dealed a fucking 420 damage to CA hime for the last dance and also let me get a S-rank.

    Notes: SPARKLING WON'T HELP YOUR MAIN&ESCORT, given that you has reached 30 runs for the final dance alone. Just sparkle your boss support.

    Hope this help...
    Levan 2387


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    • Understood. I'm being careful using much fighters for no reason at all. Just going to use more bombers instead. Lack of cut in and no searchlight may be some of my problems too. Still a little bit concerned of using Maya instead of Yamato, but if it still keep going bad, I'm gonna switch them.

      • I need your luck, guess my last 10 attempts were something like 8 Head-On and 2 Parallel.
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