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  • Just gonna leave you an info here. Without Air Superiority, Night Scout can't trigger in Night Battle, (with some exception) rendering it useless in 1 CL 5 DD composition. I recommend either a normal scout plane, Radar or Flashlight.

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  • Source

    Twitter logo blue @KanColle_STAFF Patch Notes I


    The limited period map 'Retaliate! Second SN Operation' operation starts! The KanColle Summer Event 2015 operation has been prepared and started. The length of the operation is scheduled to be 20 days. This operation is a 'Large Scale Operation.' We will be following up with announcements on the details of the operation. #kancolle

    01▼期間限定海域【反撃!第二次SN作戦】作戦開始! 「艦これ」夏イベント2015:期間限定海域【反撃!第二次SN作戦】を実装、同作戦を開始致します!作戦期間は今夏約20日間の予定です。同作戦は【大規模作戦】です。この後、作戦概要をお知らせしてまいります。 #艦これ


    Regarding 'Retaliate! Second SN Operation': This operation is comprised for 4 operational areas:
    Area 1: 'Initiation Preparation, Second SN Operation!' Area 2: 'To the Solomon Sea, Combined Fleet!' Area 3: 'Clash! Second South Pacific Sea Battle' Area 4: 'Rush into the Straits! Destroy the Enemy Airfield!'

    02▼【反撃!第二次SN作戦】前段作戦(主作戦)について 本作戦は、四つの作戦展開海域より構成されます。 第1海域【発動準備、第二次SN作戦!】 第2海域【連合艦隊、ソロモン海へ!】 第3海域【激突!第二次南太平洋海戦】 第4海域【海峡突入!敵飛行場を撃滅せよ!】 #艦これ


    Chance meeting with new fleetgirls in the first half of the operation (main operation): Admirals who conquer the 2nd operation 'To the Solomon Sea, Combined Fleet!' will have the new fleetgirl of summer, Shiratsuyu-class destroyer 'Kawakaze' added to their fleets. In addition, admirals who conquer the final area (the 4th area) will be joined by the refueller ship 'Hayasui'. Look forward to it! #kancolle

    03▼前段作戦(主作戦)海域突破による新艦娘との邂逅 第2海域【連合艦隊、ソロモン海へ!】攻略の提督の艦隊には、今夏の新艦娘…白露型駆逐艦「江風」が加わります。また、主作戦の最終海域(第4海域)を攻略された提督の元には、航空機搭載給油艦「速吸」が合流します。お楽しみに! #艦これ


    Regarding 'combined fleets: The second area 'To the Solomon Sea, Combined Fleet!' and third area 'Clash! Second South Pacific Sea Battle' are to be sortied with 'Combined Fleets' The First Fleet will be the main force, and the second accompanying fleet can be organised by dragging the icon for the Second Fleet over the First Fleet. #kancolle

    04▼「連合艦隊」編成について 第2海域【連合艦隊、ソロモン海へ!】及び第3海域【激突!第二次南太平洋海戦】は「連合艦隊」での出撃となります。第一艦隊に主力艦隊を、第二艦隊に随伴護衛艦隊をし、第二艦隊のアイコンを第一艦隊に重ねることで、「連合艦隊」の編制が可能です。 #艦これ


    Regarding special items and equipment obtainable in the Summer event 1/3: Completion of the third area 'Clash! Second South Pacific Sea Battle' will result in the addition of the carrier based aircraft equipment 'Type 97 Torpedo Bomber (Murata Squadron)' to your military forces. The same Squadron can be upgraded to a different type of aircraft through the completion of a mission. #kancolle

    05▼夏イベで入手できる特別な装備&アイテムについて 1/3 第3海域【激突!第二次南太平洋海戦】を攻略することで、新たな艦載機装備「九七式艦攻(村田隊)」を戦力に加えることが可能です。同艦載機隊は、任務を達成することよって機種改変することも可能です。 #艦これ


    Regarding special items and equipment obtainable in the Summer event 2/3: In the Summer Event, it is possible to obtain new items through conquering maps. Obtainable items include the 'Reinforcement Extension', 'Combat Rations' and 'Sea Resupply' consumables and items.

    06▼夏イベで入手できる特別な装備&アイテムについて 2/3 夏イベでは、作戦海域攻略によって、新たなアイテムを入手することも可能です。「補強増設」「戦闘糧食」「洋上補給」などの新たな消費アイテム/装備の入手が可能です。


    Regarding special items and equipment obtainable in the Summer event 3/3: While the new ships it is possible to encounter through the conquering of operation maps do not change regardless of the difficulty of the operations, the items and equipment obtained will be different depending on the difficulty of the operations. * The 'Type 97 Torpedo Bomber (Murata Squadron)' mentioned earlier will be obtainable at all difficulties. #kancolle

    07▼夏イベで入手できる特別な装備&アイテムについて 3/3 作戦海域攻略により邂逅できる新艦娘は作戦難易度によって変わりませんが、入手できる装備/アイテムは、選択された作戦難易度によって変化します。 ※先にご案内した「九七式艦攻(村田隊)」は、全難易度で入手可能です。 #艦これ


    Regarding the 'Reinforcement Extension' system: The new item 'Reinforcement Extension' allows any shipgirl of your choice above a proficiency of Level 30 to be remodelled to include an additional equipment slot capable of equipping Damage Control (Emergency Repair Crew/Goddess) or Combat Rations. While this item will be available at the Item Store, it is also possible to obtain several of these items in the Summer Event. #kancolle

    08▼「補強増設」について 新アイテム「補給増設」は、練度(レベル)30以上の任意の艦娘を1隻、ダメコン(応急修理要員/女神)や戦闘糧食などを兵装とは別に装備できる補強装備スロットを増設改修することが可能です。アイテム屋さんでも扱っていますが、夏イベで複数入手可能です。 #艦これ


    Regarding the 'Combat Rations': The 'Combat Rations' are a new type of item equippable in equipment slots. In the event of multiple combats in a battle sortie, the item will activate at a certain rate before the battle is joined. The shipgirl which activates the item will have her morale greatly increased, while the two shipgirls in adjacent slots will also have a fraction of the morale increase. * Upon activation, the item will be consumed. #kancolle

    09▼「戦闘糧食」について 「戦闘糧食」は、装備スロットに用意できる新アイテムです。戦闘航海時において連戦する場合、合戦前に一定の確率で発動します。発動艦娘と大きく、上下の隣の艦娘にも少しお裾分け…戦闘開始前に士気が少し高揚します。※発動するとアイテムは消費されます。 #艦これ


    Regarding the new system 'Carrier-based Aircraft Skill': Carrier-based Fighter, Bomber, Torpedo Bomber and various Reconnaissance Aircraft will increase in 'Carrier-based aircraft skill' when they participate in battle or successfully perform a reconnaisance mission. As each aircraft squadron's skill level increases, in the equipment slot, a belt-like divider in the icon will change to match the skill level of the squadron. #kancolle TL note: The system described will resemble the black-belt, brown-belt etc system used in martial arts, though the colours used here are not yet known.

    10▼新システム「艦載機熟練度」について 艦戦・艦爆・艦攻・各種偵察機などは、交戦や偵察などによって「艦載機熟練度」を上げていくことが可能となります。各艦載機隊の練度があがっていくと、装備スロットに艦載機の胴体の帯のような識別線が、その練度に応じてつくようになります。 #艦これ

    Twitter logo blue @KanColle_STAFF Patch Notes II


    The effects of the 'Carrier-based Aircraft Skill': Squadrons with high 'Carrier-based Aircraft Skill' will trigger reconnaissance (Contact) at a higher rate than normal squadrons. You can expect better battle results when using highly skilled squadrons in critical battles. #kancolle

    11▼「艦載機熟練度」の効果 「艦載機熟練度」の高い艦載機隊は、戦闘や偵察において、通常の部隊より高い戦闘力や偵察(触接率)を発揮するようになります。練度の高い部隊をここぞという戦局で集中運用することで、より大きな戦果を期待することが可能になります。 #艦これ


    Increasing and decreasing 'Carrier-based Aircraft Skill': While 'Carrier-based Aircraft Skill' will increase together with the number of times the squadrons are sortied for battle, taking too many losses will conversely result in the reduction of 'Carrier-based Aircraft Skill'. If the entire sortied squadron is annihilated in combat, the skill level of the squadron will be reset to its default value. * It is not possible for the battle potential of the squadrons to be reduced below their current values. #kancolle

    12▼「艦載機熟練度」の向上と低下 「艦載機熟練度」は戦闘出撃を重ねるたびに上がっていきますが、大きな損耗をうけると逆に低下します。出撃部隊が全滅すると、練度は元の状態に戻ります。 ※現在の戦闘力より下がることはありません。 #艦これ


    Regarding Extended Operations 1/2: After the completion of the main 4 maps in the main operation, the first half of the 'Second SN Operation' (main opration) will be completed, which will allow participation in the Extended Operations. * As the Extended Operation 'Area 5' takes place in a different area, please pay attention to the distribution of your military forces. #kancolle TL Note: This implies that ships used in the Main Operation may be locked and disallowed from participation in the Extended Operations - or that Map 5 specifically may lock ships and prevent participation in the other Extended Operation maps.

    13▼拡張作戦について 1/2 本作戦の四つの作戦展開海域を全て突破し、「第二次SN作戦」前段作戦(主作戦)を全て攻略することで、拡張作戦に参加することも可能です。 ※拡張作戦「第5海域」は別方面作戦となるため、艦隊戦力の配分には十分ご留意ください。 #艦これ


    Regarding Extended Operations 2/2: Admirals who complete Extended Operation 'Area 5' will be able to take part in further Extended Operations 'Operation FS'. The second level of Extended Operations 'Operation FS' will begin tomorrow, 11 August at 1800h JST. At that time, it will become possible to advance into the 'Area 6' and 'Area 7' operational areas. #kancolle

    14▼拡張作戦について 2/2: 拡張作戦「第5海域」を見事攻略された提督は、さらなる拡張作戦【FS作戦】に参加することも可能です。拡張作戦第二段階【FS作戦】は、明日【8/11 18:00】より作戦開始です。同時刻以降、第6/第7作戦海域への進出が可能となります。 #艦これ

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  • I left it there in the Expedition page FAQS on purpose. I didn't expect that no one will catch that for the past 2.5 months ever since I wrote the FAQS section. Here's a cookie.

    • Hands Hayashi cookie*
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  • The equipment/akashi/luckmodding setups are more or less done; fixing problems as they're found should more or less settle the part of the equation as to 'what equips should ships use'.

    The efficiency formations list should settle the part of the equation as to 'what ships should one use in repeatable quests'.

    The calculator that's reaching its late stages of development now will answer the question as to 'what ships are ideal for crossing preboss nodes without taiha', for maps (esp. event, since Autumn is approaching fast) where preboss taiha is a large problem.

    The only remaining angle yet to be covered is 'what ships should I take to sink X abyssal targets' - the defensive calc gives an idea what will survive their attacks, but does not provide information on what can sink them before they strike. This one is significantly simpler than defensive calculations, and thus can use a LUA table form. Attack power is the main, and compensating attack power with postcap attack bonuses should allow one to back-derive the absolute minimum attack power necessary to sink anything, as well as the minimum attack power to sink that ship at a 100% rate. Players can then aim for this attack power range with the lowest taiha risk from the defensive calc and the lowest sortie/repair costs, to derive what would be the 'ideal' fleet formations to clear any given Abyssal fleet with maximum efficiency.

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  • You are now a temp mod.

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  • You edited incorrect firepower/armor/aa/armor stats into Module:Arashi under Kai. Please note that base stats are not the stats at remodel level. I have reverted your edit, as I assume the added evasion, los, and asw are remodel level stats as well. Please check your previous contributions to make sure you don't have this error.

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  • This doesn't merit a full blog post as it is a single quest, so a wall post will do. This is on Quest B44. This merits a calculation only because this is the hardest quest in the entire game.

    Assuming the ASW multiplier for ASW gear is 1 (not proven), A lvl 63 Inazuma Kai with 2x Type 4 Passive Sonar 4★ + Type 3 Depth Charge Projector ★ (What I'm using at the moment) will deal:

    • 94.3 raw ASW damage
    • Line Ahead:
      • 56 damage Parallel
      • 45 damage Head-on
      • Chuuha numbers are too low to be viable, Taiha and Red T numbers are too low to be viable. In those cases, the quest is lost unless critical hit occurs, repeat.
    • Double Line:
      • 75 damage Parallel, good health
      • 60 damage Head-on, good health
      • 52 damage Parallel, chuuha
      • 42 damage Head-on, chuuha
      • Taiha and Red T numbers are too low to be viable. In those cases, the quest is lost unless critical hits occurs, repeat.
    • The submarine faced has 30 Armor 37 HP
      • Minimum damage required to sink: 40. (Hits 19 + 19 damage with two subsequent activations of 21 Armor). This is 45 if 3 battle nodes are fought.
      • Maximum damage required to sink: 58. (Hits 19 + 19 damage with two subsequent activations of 39 Armor). This is 63 if 3 battle nodes are fought.
      • Average recommended damage required: 49. This is 54 if 3 battle nodes are fought. These values are close to both healthy Line Ahead Parallel and chuuha Double Line Parallel, while the minimum values are also exceeded in both cases with Head-on.

    Under these circumstances, an Admiral should choose Line Ahead if Inazuma is NOT chuuha, Double Line if Inazuma is chuuha, and abandon sortie if Inazuma is taiha (kuso risk). Since there's only a 1/3 chance of the submarine even appearing to begin with, the power of the surface fleet should not be compromised any further than these values. It is possible to use Double Line if healthy and Diamond if chuuha for a significantly greater chance of killing the submarine, but in exchange this sacrifices surface fleet firepower, making it less likely to S-rank the node.

    Fleet Setup:

    99 Hiei Kai Ni Banner 35.6cm Twin Gun Mount 007 Card 35.6cm Twin Gun Mount 007 Card Type 91 Armor Piercing Shell 036 Card Type 32 Surface Radar 031 Card
    99 Kirishima Kai Ni Banner 38cm Twin Gun Mount 076 Card 38cm Twin Gun Mount 076 Card Type 1 Armor Piercing Shell 116 Card Type 32 Surface Radar 031 Card
    87 Nagara Kai Banner OTO 152mm Triple Rapid Fire Gun Mount 134 Card OTO 152mm Triple Rapid Fire Gun Mount 134 Card 61cm Quintuple (Oxygen) Torpedo Mount 058 Card N/A
    86 Akatsuki Kai Ni Banner 10cm Twin High-angle Gun Mount + Anti-Aircraft Fire Director 122 Card 10cm Twin High-angle Gun Mount + Anti-Aircraft Fire Director 122 Card Type 13 Air Radar Kai 106 Card N/A
    63 Ikazuchi Kai Banner 10cm Twin High-angle Gun Mount + Anti-Aircraft Fire Director 122 Card 10cm Twin High-angle Gun Mount + Anti-Aircraft Fire Director 122 Card Type 13 Air Radar Kai 106 Card N/A
    63 Inazuma Kai Banner Type 4 Passive Sonar 149 Card Type 4 Passive Sonar 149 Card Type 3 Depth Charge Projector 045 Card N/A

    Node Support shelling of the usual builds is used, and pretty much compulsory - especially for surviving the 2 Ru-Flag 1 Nu-Elite formation in node F. Since at maximum only 20% of attempts will make it to the boss, boss support is a Very Bad Idea.


    Attempt Reached preboss? Cleared preboss? Compass directed to boss?
    3 ✗ (1x Taiha H)
    6 ✗ (1x Taiha H)
    7 ✗ (1x Taiha D) ? ?
    8 ? (Catbomb post-H)
    9 ✗ (1x Taiha F) ? ?
    10 ✗ (1x Taiha D) ? ?
    11 ✗ (1x Taiha F) ? ?
    • Survival rate to preboss - 8/12 ~ 75%
    • Survival rate of preboss - 6/8 ~ 75%
    • Branching rate to boss - 2/7 ~ 28.6%
    • Overall probability of reaching boss - 14.3%
    • Boss S-rank rate - 1/1 = 100%
    Hayashi H B44 Yasen Clear
    Hayashi H B44 Questlist Clear
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    • MFB 125
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    • B44 ezmodo kek

      B44 is fucking ezmodo ggez kek

      I definitely didn't wait until event time in phase 2 to do it just because of Vanguard formation and map reset Jervaited

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  • I've transferred everything I know which isn't on the wiki into the wiki, today's Development page edit was the final piece of the puzzle.

    All that remains is to transfer that master table's information into all the equipment sub-pages.

    But aside from that I've now reached the point I literally have nothing left to add until the next event.

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  • Hi, there. I have read your guide on which equipment to improve first and find it very useful, thanks for your advice. Btw I also have read your information on your user page, that's quite impressive. I would like to ask how many hours in a week do you spend on playing cause I have started before you but it's getting nowhere. Can't clear summer event, No first class medal and still have a hard time to clear 3-5 for this month... I do envy you that you can accomplish a lot in such a short time, I wish I could do that too. Do you have any advice how can you do that?

    Thanks for helping me out anyway.

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    • At this point, I've already uploaded whatever I know which wasn't already on a wiki page either to a wiki page or one of the many blogs, so method wise that's more or less all there is.

      The only remaining factor is sheer grinding. At this point 80 hours per week might be close to how much I'm playing. If anything I'd wish I could play less, but real life is not cooperating in giving me any of the jobs I'm applying for. Nonsensical amounts of free time is pretty much the tradeoff for having no reliable income source.

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