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  • Hey, understand your frustration. But please keep the rant in a single thread if you're going to post multiple times in a few hours. This is to avoid spamming multiple new threads as it might trigger the spam filter. You were hit once, it might hit again if you spam too much.

    People can help you if you post your farming composition and such. This event is definitely not newbie friendly so take it easy.

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    • Do you have unlocked expeditions number 38 and 37? This is probably the best place to acquire resources.

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    • Yah, but they don't give Bauxite or bukets and that is what I'm hurting on.

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  • Best of Epic Music 2012 1-Hour Full Cinematic Epic Hits Epic Music VN

    Best of Epic Music 2012 1-Hour Full Cinematic Epic Hits Epic Music VN

    Instead of falling into depression, better use this anger as fuel for further battle.
    You think that as I felt after the 2017 Summer Event. The month of the fight went to waste.
    And I will never have a chance to rematch.
    You have.
    I used the memory of this failure as a motivation for further struggle. (I can not deny that I felt a little bit in this period.)
    Iowa if it appeared once, another will appear. The later you have the more time to prepare, and the sweeter the moment will be when it appears.
    You will have a goal to continue playing.
    We play on their own terms, and we have to adapt or leave.
    Many people dream about how important it is in this game that they can not manage their own units.
    For me, this type of game fits because it gives me time to do something different in the meantime. It's perfect.

    If you have any problem, you can always ask me. Together we will invent something.

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  • Two Steps From Hell - El Dorado (SkyWorld)

    Two Steps From Hell - El Dorado (SkyWorld)

    Never give up.
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    • Exill7 wrote:
      1. I am not an expert, I help as much as I am able to, for more information you can always ask more advanced players on the chat.
      2. The most accurate statistic is luck, especially in destroyers (luckily = not to hit). I would focus on training Jervis and Tashkent, Yukikaze. With CL I would train Sendai (with no Abukuma) her night attack is very good. I would finish Tatsute with Kai Ni. Train both CLTs. Train 2 CA (Best-selling versions of Kai NI). Train 2 CAV (Kumano and Suzuya). Finish the training of ALL BBs (Especially Musashi, Yamato, Warspite) and ALL FBBs (Specifically RIchelieu, Bismarck, Haruna).
      The most important thing in your CV is the amount of space you have and yours again. Train Hiryuu, Zuikaku, Interpid (above all), Graf (for the socks, at the end).
      With CVL, train Zuihou to Kai NI, Chiyoda and Chitose (abundance).
      AR train the other to Kai, take the equipment and dump.

      I would like to improve the flashlight first (cheap and very helpful, each improvement reduces the probability of hitting our unit, increases the hit of the enemy) and Night Recon (increases the probability of occurrence / increased damage more often). Then I would concentrate on gaining better fighters, Reppu are good but there are too few of them (in other words, they're far from perfect).The best you will get from the tasks. Then it would be good to improve them too.

      All this should give you the opportunity to easily pass events on easy and farm units in peace.

      Well here is a replay with the set-up that got me S most consistantly.

      Replay -1 Winter 2018
      If you want more I can grab them.
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    • From what I see, someone else said everything I could about the fleet.
      The only
      Exill 5944
      thing I can do now is send you my replay from my resourceful fleet. Maybe it will be useful to you. Have a nice day.
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