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  • I had a little look at which Carriers have a Zero M52 as equipment on Kai.

    - all CVs get one at their respective Kai (level 30)

    - all CVL get one at their respective Kai (level 25)

    - special mention goes to Chitose and Chiyoda, those two gain one on each of their remodels at level 35 and 50, at which point they also receive a rocket launcher, giving you a total of two Zero M52s and two rocket launchers within 50 level. Of course this is only helpful, if you intend to farm some rocket launchers as material to improve one into its Kai Ni version. If you do not need those, the regular CVLs are the quicker path.


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  • Equipment List 2018-05-07
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    • Ideas for Improvement 

      In general:

      Order as seen in equipment export of March 11th, 2018

      Very important / highly flexible / often used (***)
      Important / flexible / in common usage (**)
      Nice to have (*)

      Medium Caliber Main Guns:

      20.3cm (No.2) Twin (***)
      Very nice CA(V) guns. With enough K2 CAs they are reasonably easy to improve.
      9 FP (+3FP at +9 stars) give your CAs a good punch. These can be improved into 20.3cm(No.3), although i would not recommend that, since 20.3cm(No.2) at +9 stars are better than 20.3cm(No.3) at +0 stars, and upgrading these (No.3) is not easy. The expenditure of screws is not worth the result in my opinion. Recommendation: improve one, later two, pairs to +9 stars.

      20.3cm(no.3) Twin (**)
      Not listed yet, but commonly seen as the best CA(V) gun. Higher firepower than the 20.3cm(No.2), but not easily available. Since more (No.3)s are needed to improve these beyond +6 stars, they are not easily improved past this point; although +4 stars is my recommendation for these guns, as long as no overabundance of these guns exists.

      20.3cm Twin
      Standard gun; these can be improved into 20.3cm(No.2), although i would not recommend that, since 20.3cm(No.2) guns are stock equipment of most K2 CAs, and therefore reasonably easy to get.

      15.2cm Twin (**?)
      I personally like these guns, since they get a fit bonus on CLs, especially on Agano class CLs. Their improvement is rather cheap, since they can be crafted or gotten from Agano class CLs from drops/LSC. They are upgradeable into the Kai version, which has sligthly better FP and Acc, but this is no immidiate priority, since this - and the subsequent improvement - is not that efficient.
      (Note: the fit guns system for CLs is said to be broken as of Feb. 15th 2018. No word on repair/fix yet.)

      Small Caliber Main Guns (High-angle):

      10cm Twin High-angle + AAFD (***)
      Arguably the best destroyer gun in the game, since it combines good firepower with devastating AA stats. These guns are useful on all destroyers, not just for AACI, but also for regular surface work. Improving these (and a Type 13 Air RADAR Kai, to a lesser extend) to max stars would be my highest priority, since events tend to pit a lot of planes against light fleets. Ideally, you have about two pairs of these improved to +9/max. This should cover most fleet compositions.

      10cm Twin High-angle Kai + Additional Machine Guns
      A secondary HA gun with AAFD, for lots of AACI shenanigans. Currently not improvable, but this will surely change over time.

      10cm Twin High-angle
      Standard HA gun for DDs, nice to have some as back-up for destroyer heavy fleets, like the Transport Combined Fleet. Good to have a stockpile for improvement of other guns, since a lot of rarer guns use these as improvement material.

      10cm Twin High-angle (Carriage)
      A secondary gun, good for AA work, but now superseded by the 10cm Twin High-angle Kai + Additional Machine Guns. 

      8cm High-angle (**)
      A surprisingly good secondary gun, if used in the Reinforcement slots of Agano-class, Suzuya K2, Kumano K2 and especially Yura. It usually decreases the pure damage dealing potential, since the ships will trade their potential day-time Double Attack for a weaker Secondary Gun Cut-In. In return they gain more flexibility with their equipment setup, while still being able to retain their night-time Double Attack.
      Improving one of these to +4 stars and later +9 stars can help while fielding these ships, although the improvement is, sadly, not that cheap. Recommendation: one to +4 stars, and see how often you need/use it.

      Large Caliber Main Guns

      Prototype 51cm Twin Gun
      Not improvable (yet). That just changed, but improving these would be more for enhanced accuracy than firepower, since most ships able to use this gun will hit the damage soft-cap anyway.

      46cm Triple Gun (*)
      Expensive to improve and limited usabiltiy. Perhaps improve one to +1 star or +4 stars as a complementary gun to the 51cm Twin. If you roll out Nagato K2 and Yamato-class BBs on every map, there might be more use to it.

      Prototype 41cm Triple Gun (**)
      My personal go-to gun for BBs with 41cm fit-bonus. Improvement is not cheap, but those guns almost always find their way onto my fleet. Recommendation: improve one set to +5/+6 stars for a +7 FP bonus. Later to +9 stars.

      38cm Quadruple Gun
      A good gun, especially in it's Kai version. Downside: not much known about gun fit. Not improvable yet.

      41cm Twin Gun
      Standard for slow BBs, decent but overshadowed by newer/rarer guns. Good improvement material.

      Prototype 35.6cm Triple Gun (***)
      My go-to gun for FBBs. almost constantly in use, and with events hating slow ships, indispensable for those. Recommendation: improve one set to +5/+6 stars for a +7 FP bonus, and reasonably fast to +9 stars. Highest priority.

      38cm Twin
      Decent gun. the Kai version, with it's Acc bonus, is nice for support expeditions.

      35.6cm Twin Dazzle
      Technically nothing special, improvment priority depends on how daijoubu you want your Haruna to be.

      35.6cm Twin
      Standard gun, upgradeable into Prototype 35.6cm Triple. My recommendation would be, to upgrade your existing +10 to Proto-Triple for two complete sets.

      Secondary Guns

      I personally do not use secondary guns, except for the outstanding OTOs for CLTs. Upgrading these is of medium priority. Nice to have some for potential use against PT-imps.

      Small Caliber Main guns

      12.7cm Twin B K2
      The good old Poi-gun, nowadays superseded but still in demand as improvement material.

      12.7cm Twin C K2 (**?)
      A very nice gun, but not as good as the 10cm HA + AAFD. These can be aquired via a quest (at +3 stars). They are reasonably cheap to improve, if you have several Poiguns left, which are a somewhat common destroyer K2 equipment. These can be improved to the 12.7cm Twin D K2, which gains various bonuses on Yuugumo-Class, Shimakaze and Kagerou-Class destroyers. If you see yourself fielding those classes often, then improvement and upgrade is recommended.


      61cm Quintuple Oxygen (**)
      Best torpedoes for surface ships and still very good for submarines. Improving these can help with Torpedo-Cut-Ins (damage and accuracy-wise). Not very often needed though.

      Carrier-based Fighters

      I personally would prioritize improvement of carrier-based fighters, since you can open up slots for bombers without loosing air power, or simply gain better air superiority states.

      In general, before you convert a plane via a quest, check if the improvement stays with the plane. It often does, which makes improving high end planes easier and cheaper. In the way that you improve them, before they are good.
      Example: Improve a regualar Zero M21 to max stars (very cheap), then use quests to convert it to a Zero M21 (skilled) and this into a Zero M52 (skilled). This gives you a very good plane at max stars for very little screw-costs.

      Improving these increases their AA stat by 2.0 (at max stars) [progression linear].

      Zero 52A Iwamoto (***)
      One of the best planes, sadly improving it now will be fairly expensive. Due to the ridiculous air power requirements in events and the ability to possibly open up carrier slots for bombers, it is still recommended.

      Zero 52C Iwai (** - ?)
      This is a tough one. As a fighter it is very good, so improvement is recommended. There is also a quest that turns this fighter into a fighter-bomber, which can be used for Night Cut-Ins on CVs. Depending on how many night bombers/fighters we will be getting in the future, i would hold back the improvement, due to potential conversion. The improvement in it's fighter-bomber version is cheaper - regarding the required planes - and in my opinion of lower priority than in it's fighter version.

      Zero M21 (skilled) (**)
      One of those indispensible planes, due to good stats and very good range for a fighter. Often needed for LBAS. Improving these should start with improving regular M21s and converting them into the skilled version only after they reach max stars.

      Improving this and upgrading it into a F4F-4 and subsequently improving and upgrading this into a F6F-3 and possibly going further to the F6F-5 might be necessary to gain all the night planes form the Sara quest line. But due to extraordinay screw costs (about 250 screws; see DUs video) not recommended (for now).

      Carrier-based Dive-bombers

      These are a bit finicky to use, often only used to top up AS requirements or to give fighter mules a little offense. Improving these increases the AA stat by 2.5 (at max stars) [progression linear]. 

      Machine Guns and Ammunition

      Those get more important, the more ships with AACI setups you have. But in general improving HA guns is of a higher priority, a since the base stat of HAs and their improvement works for ship AA and fleet AA, while machine guns only count towards ship AA.

      25mm Triple (Concentrated Deployment) (*)
      Improving one of these to max stars can help with destroyer AACI (i.e. Satsuki K2 and Fumizuki K2) and on Maya K2. Nice to have, especially if you want to increase the adjusted AA stat of DDs like the Akizuki class via a Reinforcement Expansion, which slightly increases AACI trigger rates.

      12cm Rocket Launcher (**)
      These can be upgraded into Rocket Launcher K2, which triggers a decent AACI on Musashi K2 and Ise-class kai (in conjunction with an air RADAR). They (K2-version) also have the ability to nullify opening air strikes against the ship they are equiped on, as long as it is a CV(L/B), AV, CAV and BBV.

      AP shell (***)
      Quick and cheap to upgrade, helps greatly with BB shelling. AP shells drop from several crafting recipes for guns and bulges. My go-to improvement for days were nothing else is improvable (or i ran out of screws... again). Although this is probably now superseded by Naganami's kitchen antics (improving Combat Rations).

      Enemy Detection

      Type 98 Recon Seaplane (Night Recon) (***)
      Often used, no reason to not improve LoS stat for maps like 2-5 and events.

      Zuiun 634 (*)
      Can be improved and then upgraded into it's skilled variant via a quest. Very costly, but yields a very good bomber.

      Type 2 Seaplane Fighter (**)
      You might want to consider upgrading some of these into the Kyofuu Kai (via upgrade) or Type 2 (skilled) (via quest). Costly, and increases AA power only slightly in smaller slots, it can still be very useful.


      Type 22 Surface RADAR Kai 4 (*)
      A good RADAR for destroyers, improving it is helpful for reaching LoS requirements without loosing combat potential. Available via quest for Myoukou K2 and Choukai K2 equipment.

      Type 13 Air RADAR Kai (***)
      A perfect RADAR for Akizuki-class destroyers. Improving it will increase the adjusted AA value.

      Armor and Engines

      Extremely costly improvment for little gain. Do not touch this unless you hit the hardcap of screws in the inventory.

      Sonar + Depth Charge Projectors

      Type 93 Passive (***)
      Improving this and subsequently upgrading it to the Type 4 Passive Sonar can help with reaching those pesky OASW values. Improvment is cheap. 

      Type 3 DCP (*)
      Improving one or two of these can help with dealing damage to high armor subs. Not a high priority though.

      Landing Craft (*)

      Improving landing craft has the double benefit, that it increases their damage against installation type enemies and improves the ressource gain during expeditions. The last point is only important if you have Daihatsu carriers (ideally DDs or Kinu) on expeditions. The gain on expeditions is slight though (0.5% per max star Daihatsu, for a maximum of +2% with four max star Daihatsu). Not a high priority.


      My overall recommendation would be to start with the Akiguns (10cm HA + AAFD) and a fighter of your choice. Then continue with fighters and a mix of main guns.
      I personally highly value the fighter improvement, to hopefully open slots for bombers or simply gain better AS states.

      As for the exact effects (if known) i recommend Akashi-Me . Using this site also shows the various secondary improvements to equipment, which are mentioned in the wiki, but on Akashi-Me they are easier to keep track of and - for your convenience - already calculated.

      Again, i'll most likely have overlooked some stuff, and there will be different opinions about priorities, but this would be my take on what to improve fist.

      May your screws last long.

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  • Ship List 2018-05-07
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    • In general:

      Order as seen in fleet export of March 4th, 2018

      I personally think that you could ditch most of your duplicates, if you don't level them for equipment.
      Most ships with Kai Ni (K2) are worth leveling, either because of stats and usability or simply for equipment.

      The ability to carry Daihatsus usually includes Toku Daihatsus, Daihatsu with tanks and the Special Type 2 Amphibious Landing Craft (tank, Ka-Mi), but there are exceptions regarding the tank. Better check the idividual ship before leveling.

      I marked those, that i think are important or useful with (***)
      I marked useful, but not the highest priority ships with (**)
      Useful back-ups and niche type ships I marked with (*)

      Please keep in mind, that i tried to stick with stats and abilites, combined with some epxerience in events. But in the end Kanmusu are a more than a bundle of stats, so your personal opinion will influence my idea of priorities.


      Could generally use some level
      Use either as HP/ASW/Luck Mod
      or level 2-4 for use as OASW in events, was surprisingly handy this time

      Shigure (***)
      Could use level for K2, since she becomes incredible versatile at higher levels,
      due to high ASW/AA stats, which makes her a good OASW and secondary AACI DD.
      Her high luck at K2 gives you another option for TorpCutIn. 

      Yuudachi (***)
      Could use level, to increase survivability and accuracy.

      Her K2 has very good LoS stats and good night attack, which makes her great for map 2-5, and general use.

      Ooshio (***)
      Her K2 has very good night battle stats. She can also carry Daihatsus, which makes her a good damage dealer and a Daihatsu mule for expeditions.

      Hatsushimo (**)
      Her K2 has very good luck stats, making her great at TorpCutIn, also good stats in general. Probably not your highest priority, since you have a high level Yukikaze and hopefully a Shigure Kai Ni in the near future.

      Hatsuharu (*)
      Her K2 has good allround capabilities, but not a high priority. good back-up to rely upon in Combined Transport Fleets (although she can't carry Daihatsus).

      Fumizuki (**)
      Similar to Satsuki with integrated AACI, Daihatsu capabilities and very good ASW stats, which makes her a very good ship for earlier event maps (OASW), Combined Transport Fleets and Expeditions (Daihatsu).

      Asashio (***)
      The best ASW destroyer by far, once she hits her K2D (lvl 88?), she combines outstanding ASW with high survivability (unlike DEs).

      Kisaragi/Mutsuki (?)
      Similar to Satsuki and Fumizuki, but no AACI and less ASW, not a high priority, but any Mutsuki class capable of carrying Daihatsus is good for expeditions. It basically boils down to 'have i enough Daihatsu carriers for my expeditions?'.

      Arashio (**)
      Very good at day combat and, due to the combination of high firepower and Daihatsus, Anti-Installation attacks, can carry Daihatsus, K2 needs BP though.

      Kasumi (***)
      Her K2 combines a lot of good destroyer traits, good combat power, high luck and good allround stats coupled with the ability to carry Daihatsus make her an extremly versatile destroyer. Add to that the ability to equip Fleet Command Facilites (FCF) and she is a very good event destroyer. Her second K2 is not worth it in my eyes, if you can field enough Akizuki class destroyers and perhaps have a small RADAR upgraded.

      Fubuki (*)
      Turns into an AA destroyer upon her K2, a good back-up if you don't have a lot of Akizuki class destroyers.

      Murasame (* or **)
      Her K2 can equip FCF, which would make her great for Strike Fleets. Due to lack of experience i can't say much more.

      Have good allround stats at K2, and their K2 gives decent equipment (i like their AA guns on extension slots of DDs/CLs), all around capable, but not outstanding.

      Libeccio (**)
      Very good ASW stats, somewhat fragile, but a good addition to the OASW fleet.

      Asashimo (*)
      Similar to Libeccio, good ASW, making her OASW capable at relativly low level.

      Akizuki (***)
      Or in general Akizuki class destroyers. Together with Maya she has one of the best AACIs in the game. I would make leveling her top priority.

      Amatsukaze (*)
      High armor, hp and evasion make her a very durable destroyer, even if her offensive stats are average. Comes also with good equipment on Kai.

      Naganami (** or ***)
      Very good K2, combined with the 12.7cm K2D guns a durable and devastating destroyer, priority depends mostly on availability of other high damage dealers.

      Ayanami (** or ***)
      Very good combat destroyer, also has high luck upon K2. Similar to Yuudachi, but with the ability to efficiently use TorpCutIn. (haven't seen her in your regular line-up).

      Tatsuta (*)
      Basically a larger OASW destroyer, useful for early maps in events and getting rid of troll subs.

      Jintsuu (***)
      At K2 a CL with high survivability and night battle power second only to the CLTs and Choukai (CA). Has also decent ASW, which makes her very versatile at high level.

      Yuubari (- or *)
      A 4 slot CL that can help with ASW duties, but rather fragile. 

      Yura (***)
      At K2 a extremely versatile CL. Kouhyouteki, Daihatsus, Seaplanefighters (and to a lesser extent Seaplanebombers), AACI and the ability to use 8cmHA on her Reinforcement Slot make her great in events. I would make leveling her top priority, even before Jintsuu.

      Abukuma (***)
      Basically a CLT under false colours. Similar to Yura, she can equip Kouhyouteki and Daihatsus. Used to be the easiest cheat in the game, but then Yura came along and stole some of her thunder. Abukuma has higher offensive stats, making her better at dealing damage, still giving her an edge. If you decide against leveling Yura, she should be your top priority.

      A good allround CL. Good stats in all regards, but (statwise) nothing outstanding. Yahagi gains slightly better stats than her sisters and Sakawa has luck high enough to use TorpCutIn at Kai.

      Tama (**)
      At K2 a good allrounder, with the ability to equip Medium-Anti-Torpedo-Bulges, Auto-Gyro, SCAMP (giving her long range and higher FP), Seaplanefighters (and to a lesser extent Seaplanebombers) and Daihatsu. Comes with good equipment at K2, if you decide to run her (or Kiso) with an Reinforcement Expansion.

      Kinu (**)
      At K2 a CL with a built-in Daihatsu. Invaluable for expeditions and transport operations in events. Able to equip Daihatsus and has a simple AACI setup, which becomes a very powerful tool, especially if you run her with a Reinforcement Expansion. The AACI, the built-in Daihatsu and the ability to carry more make her ideally suited for transport operations in events.

      In general they could use more level for better survivability and accuracy. A priority would be Kitakami, since she has enough luck for efficient TorpCutIn. Not often needed, but when it is needed, there are few ships that can dish out as much damage in a single attack.

      Can equip Medium Anti Torpedo Bulges and the Arctic Camouflage and Winter Equipment of Tama's Kai Ni, which receives the same improved stats as if equiped on Tama. This gives her aditional survivability

      In general, you could do with a lot more high level CAs. They are usually present in almost all forms of fleets and compositions, not even acounting for historical ships.

      A very good CA for use as AACI ship in Combined Fleets. With a Reinforcement Expansion, equiping the CDMG there, she can equip a Recon seaplane, giving her a RADAR/Secondaries CutIn at day, improving her daytime combat characteristics.

      Kinugasa (*)
      At K2 similar to Furutaka and Kako, cheap to run but still capable. Her K2 is at low level (55).

      Choukai (***)
      One of, if not the strongest night battle CA in the game. Truly starts to shine with her K2, which not only updates her CG, but also increases her stats tremendously. BP for K2 though. Gains good equipment on K2. Top priority.

      Haguro (**)
      Similar to Choukai, no special gimicks, but night battle power on almost the same level as her.

      Myoukou (**)
      Also very good night battle power, but not quite as good as Choukai or Haguro. Instead she gains high luck on her K2, that enables her to use TorpCutIn efficiently.

      Ashigara (*)
      A very good CA, but not quite on the same level of devastation as Myoukou or Haguro. Very good back-up for Combined Fleets.

      Nachi (*)
      Almost identical to Ashigara, just very slightly less night battle power.

      More! If you plan on participating in events with shiplocking, CAVs are an invaluable tool to gain Air Superiority over enemy fleets (and therefore giving your ships the ability of daytime double attacks and denying the enemy fleet theirs), or at least attempt to lessen the damage of air attacks. Especially, since all events so far (that i remember) had sections, where you could not bring a CV(L/B), making the ability to bring Seaplanefighters and Seaplanebombers incredibly powerful.

      Suzuya/Kumano (***)
      At K2 so far, in my eyes, the best CAVs implemented yet. Combines very good planeslots/capacity with good CA stats. Level ASAP!

      Mogami (* or **)
      Not as good as Suzuya and Kumano, but has a single large plane slot, which ensures, or at least helps with, plane survival.

      Mikuma (*)
      Similar to Mogami, but lacks the large plane slot. A good back-up, if your other five CAVs are ship-locked or otherwise busy.

      Tone/Chikuma (**)
      At K2 similar to Suzuya and Kumano. They have traded small amounts of attack power for slightly better survivability. Plane capacity and slot distribution less ideal compared to Suzuya/Kumano. K2 at level 70, costs a BP, but gives a good Seaplanebomber and a 20.3cm(No.3).

      You could use some more here, since you can't put 6 Imuyas in a single fleet. They are generally not that often required, but sometimes an event pops up, where you need a fleet full of subs. The higher armored ones/high evasion one are also usable as a tank against light fleets. A high level is recommended for this use. Subs basically turn into necessity, once you hit world 6, since one map is tailored around Taigei and submarines.
      A lot of Admirals also use them for Orel Cruising (farming fuel on map 2-3 with 4~6 non-kai subs), which is also a good was to level them fuel-effiently. 
      One way to find them is farming on map 1-5.
      Several of the subs turn into a SSV, capable of equiping Reconplanes, Seaplanefighters and Seaplanebombers. On the downside, repairs will take more than twice as long (due to the modifier to repair time changing from 0.5 to 1.0 and increased hp). Still recommended for use in combat.
      [I'm sorry, all those Imuyas blinded me, i didn't immidiately see your SSVs. I apologize for my rant. Left it in for lol purposes.]

      I-168 Imuya
      Listed as a baseline, since you seem familiar with this one.

      I-8 Hacchan (*)
      Has better combat characteristics than Imuya. Remodels into SSV.

      I-58 Goya (**)
      Similar to I-8, but high luck for TorpCutIn at night. Remodles into SSV.

      I-401 Shioi (**)
      Very tanky, while still retaining good combat stats. SSV from lvl 1.

      Maruyu (?)
      Combat characteristics, that have trouble with 1-1A, but an 'easy' way to increase luck via modernization. Recommend leveling them to Kai and using them in batches of five, for a guaranteed luck increase of +8, if my memory serves correctly.

      I-19 (Iku)
      Best combat characteristics out of the generally available subs.

      Except for perhaps Yamato, not much to do here. They will level fast enough during sorties and events.

      Basically the same.

      A very frugal FBB, while still retainig decent combat stats at Dva/K2. Care with her slow speed though, even if she is listed as a FBB.

      Richelieu (*)
      Similar to the Kongous, with a slight edge in hp and armor. Her Kai equip are very good guns though.

      All at examplary status.

      Unryuu/Amagi/Katsuragi (**)
      Frugal CV still capable of tackling an event. Well suited for support during the leveling of other ships (i.e. map 3-2 or 4-3). Kai usually comes with good planes, in trade for a BP.

      Ark Royal (?)
      Good CV, a source of Swordfish torpedobombers, which enable her to attact at night and can be used in conjunction with Night Operations Aviation Personel (NOAP) on other carriers. Priority depends on how interested you are in CV night combat.

      Saratoga/Intrepid (***)
      Saratoga is a good CV in general and a very good CVB in her Mk2. Mod.2 version. Since we got a Prototype Steam Catapult this event, i assume that we will see a K2 for Intrepid in the reasonably near future (my personal guess, no evidence afaik). They also impact the crafting/availability of Nightplanes/NOAP.

      Graf Zeppelin (*)
      Has decent fighters that increase FP of the carrier, priority depends on your available planes.

      Not much more to do.

      Mostly at good to usable level. 

      Hiyou (*)
      At Kai a good CVL, a nice back-up to have for earlier event maps, since her slow speed restricts her use in later maps (which usually have routing geared against slow ships).

      Similar to Hiyou, but fast and more fragile. 

      Gambier Bay (**?)
      Currently i am not sure about her use as an escort carrier with mechanics similar to Taiyou (OASW at less than 100 ASW and usable in a Combined Transport Fleet). If this should be correct, then she will be a nice addition for Transport Operations. This could free up Zuihou, to revert back to her regular K2, which i think is more useful in general combat operations.

      Mizuho (**)
      Several maps (in events and outside) have preferable routing for fleets containing a Seaplane Tender. Mizuho is not one of the best AVs, but her ability to equip Kouhyouteki makes her viable. She is also a nice complement for the Hayasui-Fleet used on map 3-5 (my personal favorite to clear it).

      Commandant Teste (***)
      If you can get her as a drop in an event, she is the AV to level. Four slots make her very versatile and with four Prototype Seirans or Seiran(631) her opening airstrike can rival that of a CVL. Her shelling is rather underwhelming in this configuration though.

      Akitsushima (***)
      If you can get her as a drop in an event, she should be leveled at least to Kai, where she gains a Large Flying Boat as equipment, that extend the range of your LBAS by 2-3. A look at E7 should show why this is important.

      Taigei (- or *)
      Taigei has an integral part in clearing parts of world 6 (6-1). She should have a decent level, to reduce saltiness during clearing. After clearing (and only after) she can be remodelled into a CVL. A second Taigei kept as AS and leveled decently could be useful, no guarantees though. Priority depends on the clearing of map 6-1.

      Hayasui (*)
      So far i have never used her as an Fleet Oiler, but at Kai she gains the ability to equip torpedo planes. This in combination with SCAMP (i.e. 2x Ryusei Kai + SCAMP) turn her into a surprisingly effective pseudo-CVL with a hefty punch. As stated above, she is my favorite way of clearing map 3-5, which in turn is a very good way to level her, once she reaches Kai.

      At Kai Bo (K2) she gains the ability to equip Large Flying Boats, while still being able to use Underway replenishment. Her ASW stats and consumption are better than Akitsushimas, making her more usable this way, but in turn she is somewhat more fragile. A very niche application, but sometimes useful. No priority though.

      Akitsu Maru (***)
      If you lack Daihatsu carriers for expeditions, she can help, although that should be checked beforehand, since she uses more fuel than a destroyer. At Kai she gains the ability to equip carrier-born fighters, which turns her into an invaluable help during events, since there are usually section where the routing is against CV(L/B) but a high Airpower still desirable. Her she absolutely shines. That, and she can still equip Daihatsus, possibly helping with Transport Operations. In Addition she gets very good ASW equipment on Kai, which is very useful on CVLs and especially Taiyou. Another top priority.

      Nothing left but a ring. Thank you for taking your time to level Akashi. A great boon for everyone facing you in PvP.

      So, that would be my first assessment of your fleet and possible leveling. I'm sure i missed someone or something, since i wrote most of this from memory, but with a bit of luck some others will comment and help here. I hope i remembered everone, but I was mostly working with your list and a few girls i could remember of the top of my head.

      Good Luck and have fun.

      Also: sorry for the wall of text, but i hope you understand now, why i didn't want to do this in chat.

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    Thank you and have a good sortie run!

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