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  • Some of the abyssal stats had issues... missing +5 modifiers, missing +13 modifier in ASW, etc...

    I've corrected all of the stats and added stats for every single abyssal now. Abyssal Luck stats are also used to compute the Cut-in rates for the yasen phase of normal attacks, though since yasen nodes have additional modifiers that can reduce this rate, the calculation field will be enabled only if Yasen Phase is selected as a formation.

    Also, added yasen potentials for single attack, and all of the various cut-ins/double attacks that the ships use, depending on their equipment setup. Since it's impossible to map the probability of two independent occurrences with the needed accuracy, I can't derive a way to calculate taiha chance for two attacks in a row; the best I can do is calculate the maximum 'safe' chance in the case that neither attack hits for >=50% ship HP. But for now, the calc factors only single attacks, so for a torp CI for instance it'll only account for one of them. One of the effects, at least, is that since over 100% HP always deals 50-80% HP, when both hit it'll deal 75-96% HP - so even in the best scenario, getting hit by a beyond-100% cut-in will always lead to taiha UNLESS the ship has a HP number not divisible by 2, and even so, it's a very slim chance of (1/Rounddown(maxhp/2))^2.

    A corner case also occurs with AP shells, but unfortunately without a value for the AP modifier we don't know exactly how much more damage those will deal, so this is an issue I'm aware of but cannot possibly fix.

    Tomorrow's update will fix the kanmusu stats if any have issues, add newer ones like Zuikaku Kai Ni and fix a problem with the If condition and the 'X's (at the moment, they're set to < and >, so in corner cases where the HP is exactly a quarter-fraction of the maximum HP 'X's won't appear even though they should). Then the calc should be in a state where it can be linked to the Combat page.

    The new location of the calculator is here. Since there may be multiple updates, rather than having to change the link @#$% times I've decided to simply create a special folder for it and link the folder instead; in future any edits can be done directly to the file without breaking the folder-link, so there won't be a need to re-link after this.

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    • Oh. Were there really enemies which had missing +5 fp? Good job noticing it. (Also, is that +13dmg bonus applied when they have 1 type of ASW equipment or both of them? I did hundreds of orel runs and haven't seen any dmg out of my predictions. Of course I know it can be wrong, its just that i am not sure at the moment )

      I have checked many different things and so far it works quite well.

      The things like DD Hime's ASW power are still unknown, i don't think that we really need it, except for the sake of completeness.

      Isn't it possible to display the damage as 0 when the enemy clearly can't attack our subs? Well, we actually know that they absolutely can't :V so i don't think we need this one either.

      The only thing i wish is to find out the crit hit rate of the enemies so we can get a final survival percentage on a hit. Also it would be nice if someone made a test about our girls' evasion chance. I can't read japanese so i can't check if they have conducted such tests. Who knows.

      Thanks for your hard work ^^

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    • The 13 damage bonus is a flat bonus that applies to anything using a depth charge-like attack, while anything using a aircraft-based ASW attack has a flat 8 damage bonus. This is why lvl 1 DDs with no equipment can still ohko non-elite subs. The idea is that when you Orel, most of the DDs are in Line Ahead formation, so the 0.6 modifier tends to reduce damage below a level that can do any damage, so it's nonstop scratch - except ships attacking Maruyu, or when the ships are in Double Line, where the damage increases dramatically, such that it's possible for subs to taiha on a parallel crit even if it's a Ha-class attacking a sub like Imuya. Without the base bonus, it would be impossible for Ha to damage any sub except Maruyu in Double Line. It's similar basically to the +5 base FP/Torp bonuses that are used for shelling calculations, except the amount is much larger because the base ASW stat is square rooted, while base FP/Torp apply at full efficiency before damage cap.

      What the equipment affects is whether the 1.15x bonus applies to the entire ASW stat.

      Addional validations have been added so now users will get a big fat red error message if the ship class doesn't match its name (which will happen when changing ships), when the attack type doesn't match (again when changing ships), etc. Yasen mode now bans the use of day attacks, ships are not allowed to use any non-ASW attack type on subs and not allowed to use ASW on non-subs, etc.

      I have neither confirmed crit nor evasion information. All I know is that crit is dependent on neither accuracy nor Luck, and is in the low range, with 10% being the max possible value... and evasion's effects are capped at softcapped at some point past which additional EVA has a square rooted effect, where sparkling is a post-cap bonus.

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  • Hi, welcome to KanColle Wiki! Thanks for your edit to the Remodel page.

    Please leave me a message if I can help with anything!

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