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  • 5-30-19E3E2nd
    My current set up. I am lacking better ships. I am using the green barrel to have a full ammo for last boss. seemed to do more damage. yet 200 HP still remains. I would prefer not to go to casual as I think the fighter is worth getting. as such I would like to move on and try farming Sara. Thank you for your time.
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    • Okay, that's good. The main reason why I suggested Discord is becuase there are people who are at least as knowledgable as I am about the game who can help you. That way you can get your questions answered shortly after you ask them instead of waiting for me to be available.

      For future refrence, a lot of common ship-drops have various AA guns (7.7mm and 25mm) as part of their standard equipment. This is why you should strip all gear from dupes you don't want off before scrapping them or using them for modfood.

      Ideally, you should have at minimum:
      - 2x Special Type 2 Amphibious Tank
      - 2x Daihatsu Landing Craft (Type 89 Medium Tank & Landing Force)

      There is a quest that will get you one T2 Ambphibious Tank. If you have not already completed it, the link there will show you that particular quest-chain. The other tank can be made via Akashi (Daihatsu -> Daihatsu (T89 tank & landing force) -> T2 Ambphibious Tank). 

      Of course having 3 or 4 of each isn't necessarily a bad thing either, especially because there is always the possibility of having installation-heavy events in the future. 

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    • Thanks for the advice. will work on four of each for the next year.

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