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This is a list contains all officially merchandised products under "KanColle's" name.



Fubuki, Ganbarimasu!
Scanlations Available

Kancolle nbcommunications

Naval Base Communications

Kancolle-itsuka shizukana umi de-vol1

Someday in the Calm Seas
Scanlations Available

Kancolle-torpedo squadron chronicle-vol1

Torpedo Squadron Chronicle


Scanlations Available

Shimakaze Tsumujikaze no Shoujo vol. 1

The Whirlwind Girl Shimakaze
Scanlations Available

Tomarigi no Chinjufu

The Perched Naval Base Scanlations Available

Purei Manga-kan Hiyori

Kancolle Play Manga: Kankan Biyori

Yuru-kan ~ Onna Teitoku Play Nikki

Yuru's Warship ~ Female Admiral's Play Diary

Anthology ComicsEdit

Yokosuka Chinjufu vol.1

Yokosuka Naval Base
Scanlations Available

Kankore - Anthology

Kure Naval Base

Maizuru Chinjyufu vol.1

Maizuru Naval Base
Scanlations Available

Sasebo Chinjyufu vol.1

Sasebo Naval Base

Chinjufu Seikatsu no Susume Vol.1

Advice for Naval Base Life

KanColle Journal

KanColle Journal

Light NovelsEdit

Lightnovel kagerou

Kagerou, Setting Sail!

KanColle Ikkōsen, De masu!

CarDiv1, Heading Off!

Kakuyoku no Kizuna

Bonds of the Wings of Cranes

To Aru Chinjufu no Ichinichi

Day at a Certain Naval Base

Zui no Umi Ootori no Sora-vol1-cover

Zui no Umi, Ootori no Sora


  • National Fleet Kindergarten vol.1
  • KanMusu Diary ~A Day in the Life of the Kuma Class~ (vol.4)
  • Over Quantum Mechanics Rainbow vol.8
  • Fairy * Squadron vol. 1-2
  • Masurao Collection vol.1
  • Kaga's Failed Development vol.4


Supplementary MediaEdit

Kancolle whitebook

KanColle White Paper

Japanese Navy 'KanColle' Official Strategy Record

Japanese Navy Strategy Record

KanColle KanMusu Catalog

KanColle Kanmusume Catalog


Fleet Collection Pictorial Modeling Guide

KanColle Pictorial Modeling Guide

KanColle RPGEdit

Kan Colle RPG Chakunin no Sho

Introductory Book

KanColle RPG Kenzo no Sho Vol.1

Construction Book

KanColle RPG Shutsugeki no Sho

Sortie Book

Ripurei Negai wa Umi o Koete RPG

Replay: Wish Across the Sea

Now Printing

Solo Replay: Even Though the Sky is so Blue

Trading Card Game and Collectible Plastic CardsEdit

  • I Expected So, Raise the Anchor! KC/S25-124R
  • Torpedo Cruisers, Deploy! KC/S25-126R
  • Aircraft Carrier Wo-Class, Welcome! KC/S25-P05
  • Akagi, Welcome! KC/S25-P06

KanColle ArcadeEdit

Title logo contents

Kancolle Arcade Logo

KanColle KaiEdit

Kancolle kai logo (screencap)

KanColle Kai logo

Drama CDsEdit

Kantai Collection Drama CD 1 Hiei's Curry English

Kantai Collection Drama CD 1 Hiei's Curry English

Kantai Collection Drama CD 2 - Akatsuki's Dream (Dreams of dawn) English

Kantai Collection Drama CD 2 - Akatsuki's Dream (Dreams of dawn) English

Vocal CollectionsEdit

KanColle Vocal Collection vol.1

KanColle Vocal Collection vol.1

KanColle Vocal Collection vol.2

KanColle Vocal Collection vol.2

KanColle Vocal Collection vol-0

Original Sound TracksEdit

KanColle Original Sound Track AKATSUKI



  • Yamato Kai Heavy Ver.
  • Mutsu Figma
  • Wo-Class Aircraft Carrier
  • Musashi Kai Heavy Ver.
  • Hiei
  • Ryuujou
  • Nagato
  • Tenryuu & Tatsuta
  • I-19 Aoshima
  • Ikazuchi Cu-poche


  • vol.1 tapestry
  • vol.1-3 tapestry
  • tapestry
  • poster illustration
  • illustration
  • tapestry
  • tapestry
  • tapestry
  • illustration
  • illustration
  • lenticular card
  • poster
  • poster


  • multi-cross illustration
  • storage box illustration
  • storage box illustration
  • mousepad illustration
  • storage box illustration
  • mug
  • buttons
  • T-shirt
  • T-shirt


Blu-ray & DVD Music
  • Color of the SeaGo to Anime/Music#Color of the Sea
  • FubukiGo to Anime/Music#Fubuki
  • Character Songs -Kanmusu Songs- vol.1Go to Anime/Music#Character Songs -Kanmusu Songs- Volume 1
  • OST -Warship Hibiki- vol.1Go to Anime/Music#OST -Warship Hibiki- Volume 1


Kancolle-side kongou-vol1

side:Kongou, vol.1

Black Order sample 1

Black Order sample 1

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