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Marriage Ceremony

The Marriage System (ケッコンカッコカリ kekkon kakkokari) was introduced to KanColle on 14th February 2014 (Valentine's Day Update), and allows you to marry your favorite ship.


One Marriage Ring and Documents is given to every player that completes the first 4 marriage quests shown below. Any subsequent marriages will require additional rings which can be purchased at the item shop for 700 DMM Points (equates to ¥700).

Changes to Married Ship[]

Marrying a ship raises her level cap to 175, and gives that ship a number of benefits in stats and other trivial things. Note that unlike when you remodel, marriage will not reset any modernization benefits.

Notable Benefits[]

  1. Evasion Evasion, Anti-Submarine Anti-Submarine, View Range Line-of-Sight, Accuracy Accuracy, and Critical Rate will continue to grow with each level up (Accuracy Accuracy and Critical Rate are derived from level and is not shown).
  2. Luck Luck is increased by 3-6 upon marrying (when not constrained by the maximal value).
  3. Fuel Fuel and Ammunition Ammo consumption are reduced by 15%.
  4. The overweight penalty is reduced by 40% (A married Kongou with a 46cm receives a penalty of -6 instead of -10, for example).
  5. Level is increased to 100 upon marrying.
  6. Health HP is increased by few points ( is an upper bound that can be found in tooltips on ship pages):
Bonus HP values
Ship Type Model Amount
BB All 5
BB/BBV (remodeled) All except the ones listed below 8
Bismarck 5
Nelson 5 (max 98)
Vittorio Veneto-class 6
Iowa-class 9
Yamato-class 9
BB/BBV (2nd remodel) All except the ones listed below 8
Bismarck Zwei/Drei 3
CV All 7
CV (remodelled) All except the ones listed below 8
Souryuu & Hiryuu
CA All 7
Mogami-class 6
CA/CAV (remodelled) All except the ones listed below 7
CA/CAV (2nd remodel) All 7
CVL All 5
CVL (remodelled) All except the ones listed below 6
Chitose-class (2nd remodel)
Mogami-class (CVL)
AV All except the ones listed below 6
Akitsushima, Akitsushima Kai
LHA All 5
LHA (remodelled) All 6
CL All except the ones listed below 4
CL/CLT (remodelled) All except the ones listed below 6
Yuubari 5
CL/CLT (2nd remodel) All except the ones listed below 6
Jintsuu (2nd remodel) 7
DD All 4
DD (remodelled) All except the ones listed below 5
DD (2nd remodel) All except the ones listed below 5
Mutsuki-class 4
SS / SSV All 4
SS / SSV (remodelled) All except the ones listed below 4
Maruyu 2
AO Hayasui 2
Kamoi 5
AS All 5
AR All 5
AR (remodelled) All 6
CT All 5
CT (remodelled) All 6

Other changes[]

Wedding ring appears on bottom right.

Wedding ring appears on bottom right.

  • When set as secretary ship (flagship of the 1st fleet), there will be a light shower of sakura petals over the ship.
  • New line will be used when set as secretary ship.
  • A wedding ring icon will appear on the bottom right of the card, and on the bottom right of the banner of that ship.
  • Name changes from white to (sakura) pink when viewed in the fleet organization menu. (The pink is quite light, so you have to look carefully to notice it.)
  • After marriage, it is possible to re-watch the marriage ceremony or listen to the marriage line again in your ship album / library on the page of the ship girl you have married. You may only do this for the ship's remodel type at the time you married her.

Non-changes and notes[]

These parameters are not affected by marriage:

Marriage Procedure[]

Level number glows upon hitting Lv99.

  1. You must complete the first 4 quests related to the marriage procedure to be able to marry a ship. You may do some of them even before you have a level 99 ship. These quests are listed in the table below.

    Confirmation dialog. Click the left button to confirm.

  2. Completing the 4th quest (Defeat a boss in 2-3 with a level 90-99 flagship) will give you a set of marriage ring and documents which you will need for the marriage.

    Couple Futon furniture (bottom left).

  3. Upon reaching level 99, in the Remodel / Modernization page, the ship's level will have a soft white glow around it. Clicking on it will bring you to a confirmation dialogue. Mousing over it will pop up a bubble that tells you to sign the marriage document.
  4. Click the left button that says 「書類一式にサインする」 to sign the document.
  5. Enjoy the ceremony.
  6. Complete the remaining 2 quests to get the Couple Futon.
ID Requirements Fuel.pngAmmunition.pngSteel.pngBauxite.png Rewards Note
WF01 式の準備!(その壱)
Preparation for the Ceremony (Part I)
Scrap equipment twice 88 / 88 / 0 / 0 Development material.png×1 Requires: A16
Unlocks: WC01
WC01 式の準備!(その弐)
Preparation for the Ceremony (Part II)
Win two battles in Exercises 0 / 0 / 88 / 88 Development material.png×1 Requires: WF01
Unlocks: WA01
WA01 式の準備!(その参)
Preparation for the Ceremony (Part III)
Have a level 90 to 99 ship as your flagship 88 / 88 / 88 / 88 Furniture box large.jpg×1 Requires: WC01
Unlocks: WB01
WB01 式の準備!(最終)
Preparation for the Ceremony (Final)
Defeat the boss in 2-3 with a Level 90-99 flagship (with S rank) 0 / 0 / 0 / 0 Marriage Papers.png
Marriage Ring and Documents×1
Requires: WA01
Unlocks: WA02
WA02 新たなる旅立ち!
A New Voyage
Have a Level 100 ship as your flagship along with five others in your main fleet 200 / 200 / 200 / 200 EmergencyRepair.pngRepair Team Requires: WB01
Unlocks: WB02
WB02 二人でする初めての任務!
A Couple's First Quest
Defeat the boss in 4-3 with a level 100+ flagship (with S rank) 300 / 300 / 300 / 300 Thin Futon Requires: WA02
Unlocks: A40


The system name is transliterated as kekkon kakkokari, in which the first part of the name, kekkon, means marriage, but it is written in an unusual way (Katakana as opposed to the kanji that would ordinarily be used to write the word: 結婚). The second part of the system's name, kakkokari, is also written in katakana. 'Kakko' (括弧) means parenthesis or bracket ({), and would usually be accompanied by 'kakko toji' which means "closing parenthesis/bracket." The 'kari' portion of the name is one way to read the Japanese kanji , which means 'subject to change', 'temporary', 'unreal', 'fake', or 'imaginary'.

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