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| space4=-}}
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| name=Kirishima Kai
| name=Kirishima Kai
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| slot2=[[15.5cm Triple Gun Mount (Secondary)]]
| slot2=[[15.5cm Triple Gun Mount (Secondary)]]
| slot3=[[12.7cm Twin High-angle Mount]]
| slot3=[[12.7cm Twin High-angle Mount]]
| slot4=-Unequipped-
| slot4=-Unequipped-}}
| space1=3
| space2=3
| space3=3
| space4=3}}
===Second Upgrade===
===Second Upgrade===
| name=Kirishima Kai Ni
| name=Kirishima Kai Ni
Line 94: Line 90:
| slot2=[[Searchlight]]
| slot2=[[Searchlight]]
| slot3=[[Type 21 Air RADAR]]
| slot3=[[Type 21 Air RADAR]]
| slot4=-Unequipped-
| slot4=-Unequipped-}}
| space1=3
| space2=3
| space3=3
| space4=3}}

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No.024 霧島

Kongou Class Battleship

Icon HP HP 63 Icon Gun Firepower 63 (89)
Icon Armor Armor 52 (69) Icon Torpedo Torpedo 0
Icon Evasion Evasion 30 (59) Icon AA AA 24 (69)
Icon Aircraft Aircraft 9 Icon ASW ASW 0
Icon Speed Speed High Icon LOS LOS 13 (39)
Icon Range Range Long Icon Luck Luck 10 (49)
Build Time Slot
4:00:00 3
Stock Equipment Icon AircraftSpace
35.6cm Twin Gun Mount 3
15.2cm Naval Gun 3
7.7mm Machine Gun 3
-Locked- -


Kirishima Kai

No.024 霧島改

Kongou Class Battleship

Icon HP HP 75 Icon Gun Firepower 72 (94)
Icon Armor Armor 67 (89) Icon Torpedo Torpedo 0
Icon Evasion Evasion 35 (69) Icon AA AA 28 (79)
Icon Aircraft Aircraft 12 Icon ASW ASW 0
Icon Speed Speed High Icon LOS LOS 15 (49)
Icon Range Range Long Icon Luck Luck 12 (69)
Build Time Slot
Lv25 Remodel 4
Stock Equipment Icon AircraftSpace
41cm Twin Gun Mount -
15.5cm Triple Gun Mount (Secondary) -
12.7cm Twin High-angle Mount -
-Unequipped- -

Second Upgrade

Kirishima Kai Ni

No.152 霧島改ニ

Kongou Class Battleship

Icon HP HP 82 Icon Gun Firepower 78 (104)
Icon Armor Armor 70 (92) Icon Torpedo Torpedo 0
Icon Evasion Evasion 34 (72) Icon AA AA 30 (82)
Icon Aircraft Aircraft 12 Icon ASW ASW 0
Icon Speed Speed High Icon LOS LOS 15 (49)
Icon Range Range Long Icon Luck Luck 14 (79)
Build Time Slot
Lv75 Remodel 4
Stock Equipment Icon AircraftSpace
41cm Twin Gun Mount -
Searchlight -
Type 21 Air RADAR -
-Unequipped- -


Event Japanese English Note
マイク音量大丈夫…?チェック、1,2……。よし。はじめまして、私、霧島です。 Is the microphone's volume good? Check, 1,2... Okay. How do you do, I'm Kirishima.
Library Intro

純国産高速戦艦として、奮戦するんだからっ! 現代の海自イージス艦にもその名は受け継がれたの

Kirishima here. I won't lose to my sister ship Haruna's brains!

As a domestically-produced fast battleship, I'll work hard! One of the Aegis ships of the modern JMSDF succeeds my name.

Aegis is an American-designed anti-missile defense system carried by many naval military vessels today, including those of the JMSDF (Japanese Maritime Self-Defense Forces).
ご命令を、司令。 Your orders, commander.
さ、早くご命令を、司令。 Orders please, commander?
そのー、何度もつつかれるのは何でしょう?新たなコマンドなんでしょうか? You know, what's with your constant poking? Is it a new command?
 ⇧ for Kai form, plays Base form's Secretary Married line when sparkled

Just as one expects from the Commander's judgement

Commander, are you looking for the Type-3 ammo?... ahhn... you can't load anything in there! Oh, it can't be helped. Kirishima will search with you.
私の計算によると、戦いが終わったら、たぶん司令と私は、もしかすると、もしかすると…いえ、なんでもないの。 According to my calculations, after the battle is over, the commander and I probably, possibly, maybe... No.. it's nothing! "Getting married after battle/war" is a well-known death flag, so she probably decided to avoid it.
Show player's score
本部より電文です。 A message from the headquarters.
Joining a fleet
出撃よ!さて、どう出てくるかしら? Going on a sortie! Now then, how shall we move out?
この強化により、霧島の戦闘力向上しました。感謝しますね。 With this upgrade, Kirishima's combat capabilities have been improved. My thanks.
私の想像以上の改装です。さすが司令!データ以上の方ですね! Upgrades beyond what I'd imagined! There's my commander for you. Far beyond your profiles in the data.
よくできましたっ! Well done !
 ⇧ shared with expedition selection, resource collection, instant repair and development
充分かと。 It's enough, I suppose.
≤ minor damage
備えあれば憂いなし、です。 Save for a rainy day !
≥ moderate damage
ベストタイミングのドック入りです。さすがね! Best timing to enter the dock. As expected !
Ship construction
新しい艦船のお知らせです! There's a notification of a new fleet.
Return from sortie
作戦完了!艦隊帰投します。戦果をご確認されますか? Operation success ! The fleet's returning. Want to check the battle result ?
Start a sortie
霧島艦隊、出撃します! Kirishima fleet, sortie !
Battle start
さぁ、砲撃戦開始するわよ! Well, open fire now!
Air battle
主砲、敵を追尾して!撃て! Main gun, aim the enemy ! Fire !
Night battle
速度と火力…ふふっ、夜戦開始よ! Speed and firepower... fufu, commencing night attack.
Night attack
距離、速度、よし!全門斉射ぁ! Distance and velocity, optimal! All cannons open fire!
 ⇧ shared with day/night special attacks, support expedition team arrival
艦隊の頭脳と言われるように頑張りますね! I'll give my all to be called the brain of the fleet!
Minor damaged(1)
きゃあっ! Kyaaa?! Surprise hit by USS Washington
Minor damaged(2)
痛った…そんな馬鹿な! Ouch... No way !
≥Moderately damaged
どうして…?私の戦況分析が… How could this happen under my combat strategy?
海の底は、意外と暖かい……っ… The seafloor is, surprisingly warm... She was sunk during the Naval battle of Guadalcanal, literally in the tropical climate


Time Japanese English Note
Play 00:00 マイクチェック、ワンツー。よし、マルマルマルマル。日付が更新されました。 Mic check, One-Two. Alrighty, 0000. A new day has begun.
Play 01:00 マルヒトマルマル。時報担当…これは、霧島の得意とするところです。 0100. Time announcements... This is Kirishima's forte.
Play 02:00 マルフタマルマル…っな…う、ば…あら? マイクの調子が… 0200... Now... wha? The mic's all iffy...
Play 03:00 マルサンマルマル。こんな深夜にマイクが壊れるなんて…あら? あ、治ってる? ちょっとー! これ、音声来てる? 0300. For the mic to break this late at night... oh? Ah, it's working? Wait a minute! Is the sound even coming out?
Play 04:00 マルヨンマルマル。司令、マイク治りました! …司令? 司令? 寝てます…よね? 0400. Commander, the mic is all fixed! ...Commander? Commander? Are you... asleep?
Play 05:00 マルゴーマルマル。さ、今日も張り切って参りましょう。あ、司令…ごめんさない、起こしちゃいましたか? 0500. Let's head out today with high spirits! Ah, Commander... sorry, did I wake you?
Play 06:00 マルロクマルマル。朝です。爽やかな、朝ですっ! 0600. It's morning. The refreshing dawn!
Play 07:00 マルナナマルマル。さ、司令。任務をお申し付けくださいっ! 0700. Alrighty, Commander. Please give the orders!
Play 08:00 マルハチマルマル…し、司令? に、二度寝…でしょうか? 0800. C-commander? Y-you're... going back to sleep?
Play 09:00 マルキュウマルマル。司令? 司令! 起きてくださーいっ!! 霧島困りますぅー! 0900. Commander? Commander! Please wake uuuup! Kirishima is worried!
Play 10:00 ヒトマルマルマル。時報始まって以来のピンチです。なにげに軽く放置状態です! 1000. Up until now, the time announcements have been a bit of trouble. I unknowingly let it get to such a state!
Play 11:00 ヒトヒトマルマル。艦娘の皆さん、騒がないで。本日の任務は、午後からが本番です! 1100. All shipgirls, don't make such a ruckus. Today's missions shall be performed in the afternoon!
Play 12:00 ヒトフタマルマル。お昼です…が、司令の休息は私、霧島がお守りします。 1200. Lunchtime, huh... Leave the commander's break to me, Kirishima.
Play 13:00 ヒトサンマルマル。霧島、一人で昼食をいただきます。これも…任務ですから…。 1300. Kirishima will have lunch by herself. Because this ... is also a mission. (The Admiral is still asleep~)
Play 14:00 ヒトヨンマルマル。司令のお目覚めです。サポートは、この霧島にお任せください。 1400. The Commander has awakened. Please leave the support to me, Kirishima.
Play 15:00 ヒトゴーマルマル。第二、第三、第四艦隊は、遠征に向かわれたしっ! 1500. The 2nd, 3rd and 4th fleets, all off on expeditions!
Play 16:00 ヒトロクマルマル。ドック、建造デッキ、不備はないわね? チェックして。 1600. Are there any deficiencies in the docks and the construction decks? I'll check.
Play 17:00 ヒトナナマルマル。司令、ウィークリー任務も順調です。流石ですね! 1700. Commander, the weeklies are also coming along. Just as expected!
Play 18:00 ヒトハチマルマル…。あの娘、電気系統が弱いの? ガツン、て叩けばいいんじゃない? 1800... That girl, has weak electrical systems? Wouldn't it be good to give them a hard whack? Reference to USS South Dakota, where she suffered a serious power failure that rendered most of her radar, radio and guns inoperable during the second battle of guadacanal.
Play 19:00 ヒトキューマルマル。あら、すみません。霧島的には、理論的な考察を心掛けています。 1900. Oh, sorry. Typically, Kirishima also likes to consider the theoretical possibilities.
Play 20:00 フタマルマルマル。司令のサポートは、いつだってキッチリと霧島が致しますので! 2000. For the Commander's support, Kirishima is ready to do it perfectly anytime!
Play 21:00 フタヒトマルマル。司令、そのー……分け目は、きっちりと…っ髪型の話じゃありませんって! 2100. Commander, erm... the critical part... I wasn't talking about my hairstyle!
Play 22:00 フタフタマルマル。司令!? メガネを取ったら私、戦えませんっ! 2200. Commander! If you take my glasses, I can't fight!
Play 23:00 フタサンマルマル。そろそろマイクチェックの時間ね。うふふっ♪ 2300. Almost Mic check time, hmm? Heheh♪


  • Named after Mount Kirishima in Kagoshima Prefecture, Kyushu, an active volcano.
  • Sank following the Naval Battle of Guadalcanal on 15 November 1942 by the USS Washington.
  • Her wreck was discovered and photographed in 1992 by Dr. Robert Ballard, the same man who discovered the RMS Titanic and the Bismarck.
  • Though a "glasses character", many fanart choose to depict her as a bespectacled brawler, tagged under "マイクチェックの時間だオラァ! " ("It's mic-check time, dammit!") in pixiv. This is a nod towards her performance in the aforementioned Battle of Guadalcanal, where she gave the newly built USS South Dakota "a hard whack", taking out the much younger battleship's fire control systems and communications. Not too shabby, especially if one considers her age by then (she was launched in 1913 as a battlecruiser and was rebuilt in 1927 and 1934 as a battleship). Her exceptional firepower (for a non-Yamato ship) after her second remodel may also be a nod to this brutal side of her. Other fanart also choose the depict her also as a Yakuza leader, tagged under "霧島組" on pixiv, mainly also because of her brutal side and her character akin to the lines of an "Intellectual Gangster".
  • She appeared in the first Kancolle Drama CD, also dubbed One Nao show, along with other characters in a mini skit. Link to show: (TL is included in comments)
  • Though in KanColle she is listed as the fourth ship of the Kongou class, it might be more accurate to say that Kirishima and Haruna are twins.  Kirishima was laid down only a day after Haruna was, and they were commissioned on the same day, April 19, 1915.
  • Received her Kai Ni on 28/03/2014, together with Z1 and Z3

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