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NOTE: Kadokawa has discontinued both physical and digital sales of KanColle Kai as of the end of January 2017. Players who have already purchased KanColle Kai are still able to re-download and play the game, though as long as stocks last, you can still buy a physical copy of the game even after the end date has passed.[1]

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KanColle Kai was a game based on and derived from the popular browser game, Kantai Collection. It is a PlayStation Vita game (that does not support Vita TV/PS TV) distributed by Kadokawa Games Inc. and developed by Kadokawa Game Studio/Kancolle Unei Chinjufu (C2 Kikan). KanColle Kai is a single-player strategic simulation game in which players can develop their own fleet and is a more strategic version compared to the original browser-based game. The game's rating is C in CERO which means the game is suitable for those who are age 15 or above. The game's producer and director is Tanaka Kensuke whereas its executive producer is Yasuda Yoshimi. It was announced back in year 2013 when they said the game will be released in about a year. After multiple delays, it was ultimately released in Japan on Feb 18, 2016 with no known international release plan so far. It's estimated that the game can be cleared within 50-100 hours and a perfect clear in the game would take around 200 hours. Publisher Suggested Retail Price (pre-tax) for the game is 9,800 JPY for Limited Edition, 5,800 JPY for Regular Edition, and 5,300 JPY for the Download from PSN Store.

When the developers first started designing the game, they wanted to make a port of the current browser game but decided to add additional strategic/simulation elements, introduce the turn-based system, game over mechanics, and "revamp" its interface. For instance, players have to allocate resources, transport convoys, and escort fleets into different regions in the game.

In this game, every Kanmusu is animated via the Live2D technology.

Update Patches[]

Patch #2 (Mod.II)[]

  • Release Time: March 10 JST 15:00
  • 3 New Quests
    • 精強「航空戦艦」戦隊を編成せよ!(Organize the Aviation Battleship squadron!)
    • 精鋭「新型瑞雲」部隊の編成!(Organize the elite New-Type Zuiun squad!) [Will reward new equipment]
    • 遠洋練習航海を実施せよ! (Carry out the Overseas Practice Voyage!)
  • Fixed Marriage LoS bug.
  • Fixed Maruyu's modernization behavior.
  • Fixed various display/behavior issues regarding Modernization/Remodeling
Old Updates

Patch #1 (Mod.I)[]

  • Release Time Feb 22 10:00
  • 2 New Quests
    • 精強な「潜水艦隊」を編成せよ! (Organize a strengthened Submarine Fleet)
    • 艦隊旗艦、戦艦「大和」出撃せよ! (Sortie the fleet's flagship, Battleship Yamato!)
  • Implementation of quest reward equipment
  • Bugfix
    • Problem arising from carrier usage when there are four battle command slots
    • Stability Increase
    • Typo/Presentation error fix
    • Fixing the quest checker for some sortie quests
    • Stabilizing Factory Development


Difficulty Selection[]

Before you start playing, you can pick what difficulty you want to play on. At first, you can pick between Tei (Easy), Hei (Normal), and Otsu (Hard) mode.[note 1] After clearing the game you can continue to use some of your kanmusu to play on other difficulties (See New Game + Section). On top of Tei, Hei, and Otsu, Kou and Historical difficulty are also known to exist. Kou (Very Hard mode) can be unlocked by clearing Otsu, and Historical mode (which is Nightmare mode in the game's English) can be unlocked by clearing Kou.

KanColle beginners are advised to select Tei (Easy) first while experienced admirals are advised to start with Hei (Normal).

Note that clearing Tei (Easy) will NOT unlock Kou difficulty.

Starter Ship[]

After selecting your game's difficulty and inputting your admiral's name, you can pick your starter ship. It is possible for players to start in either the "Kai Start" mode or the "Classic Start +" mode. On classic+ mode, you can pick any of the 8 destroyers provided (which include the five starters in web version: Fubuki, Murakumo, Inazuma, Samidare, and Sazanami, but also three others: Mutsuki, Shigure, Ooshio), whereas on Kai mode, you can pick any of the 3 Sendai Class Light Cruisers (Sendai, Naka, Jintsuu) as your starter ship.


After selecting the starter ship, the game will ask whether or not you want to go through the tutorial. It is highly recommended that you do not skip the tutorial and learn the fundamental differences between this game and the browser version that will even throw seasoned admirals for a loop.

Flagship Admiral Room[]

The Flagship Admiral Room is your home screen. It shows your secretary ship and allows you to perform different actions with the menu. The default menu is blue and the orange sub-menu is accessible by pressing the L button. Pressing the R button will take you from strategy to your Flagship Admiral Room and vice versa.

The main button will always go to strategy. The main menu, clockwise from 12 o'clock, is Organization/Composition, Refit, Factory, Quest, Dock, and lastly Resupply. On the sub-menu the options are Battle Record, Gallery, Items, Setting, Furniture, and Record (aka save, note that you have to manually save the game since this game does not autosave).

Each fleet will also have its own admiral room, and you can customize the furniture in each of these rooms as you like. 

Construction is only available in the Flagship Admiral Room of a fleet in your naval district area. If a fleet is not stationed in your naval district area, you will not have access to construction.

It is possible to increase your flagship's affinity with you and thus their performance in battles by touching your kanmusu in the admiral room.


There is very little natural resource regeneration in Kai. Ways to obtain resources include expeditions, convoys, and quest rewards.

Turn System[]

Since KanColle Kai is a turn-based game, many things like construction, docking, and expedition are timed by the number of turns. The unit given for each turn is "day", with the use of the traditional Japanese month name and the formal daiji number to count years. You can go to the next turn manually. The game starts at December 8, Year 0.[note 2]

Each fleet/ship girl is limited to an amount of actions per turn (e.g. 1 sortie).

Numerals For Year[]

零: Zero, 壱: One, 弐: Two, 参: Three, 肆: Four, etc.

Month Name[]

Japanese Old Month Name Romanization Meaning Japanese Old Month Name Romanization Meaning
睦月 Mutsuki January 文月 Fumizuki,or(Fuzuki) July
如月 Kisaragi February 葉月 Hazuki August
弥生 Yayoi March 長月 Nagatsuki September
卯月 Uzuki April 神無月 Kan'nazuki October
皐月 Satsuki May 霜月 Shimotsuki November
水無月 Minazuki June 師走 Shiwasu December


Main article: KanColle Kai/Expedition

You can select the amount of accompanying transport ships for every fleet you send to an expedition but there are requirements. As written on the interface, some expeditions require a certain amount of transport ships to complete. For transport-type expeditions that are outside the Naval Base Sea Area, the expedition fleet will move to that area. You still need to send a transport ship out together with your expedition fleet even if the written requirement for transport ship is zero or the transport-type expedition will fail.

Some expedition's requirements could differ from the web version.

Support Expedition[]

It can be used in different sea areas.


  • Similar to the browser edition of kancolle but with up to 8 fleets at the same time instead. See KanColle Kai/Quest for how to unlock them.
  • Ship locks can be applied on the ship detail page via this interface.


System02 ss 01.png

The strategy screen is accessible through the large button in the center of main screen, where you can see the global map and control your fleet.

You can see the current sea area name on the top right-hand corner, the flagship kanmusu (ship girl) of the selected fleet on the right hand side of the screen, the resources information down below it on the left hand side, the information about the current turn on the top left hand corner, and the commands you can choose to the left. Your fleet deployment status will be displayed on the central map. You can sortie your kanmusus to combat a sea area, move your kanmusus to a nearby sea area, assign convoys, and the like to different sea areas to secure regions and obtain resources here. Pressing the R button goes back to flagship admiral room.

Fleet Move/Deployment/Logistic[]

Moving a fleet to a neighbouring sea area takes 1 day (turn).

You can send transport convoys and guarding fleets to different sea areas.

It's very important to send transport convoys to different sea areas as they give you resources at the start of every turn that are necessary to dock your kanmusus, construct new kanmusus, and the like, especially since there isn't natural resource regen in this game.

Different sea areas give different amounts of resources.

Transport Convoy[]
  • They aren't kanmusu
  • Construction of Transport ships is needed to form transport convoys which use strategic points instead of devmat. They are also obtainable from quest rewards.
  • They don't have any offensive/defensive power so they are vulnerable to an enemy's trade disruption operation. To avoid this, you must put an escort fleet together with them.
  • Required amount of transport ships per sea area and maximum obtainable resources in each sea area everyday are listed below but vary with difficulty:

Sea Area Needed Transport Ships Resources
鎮守府海域 9 35 115 115 25
南方泊地海域 8 75 0 0 25
中部西海域 6 0 30 30 0
南方連絡海域 7 70 0 115 0
南西諸島海域 10 310 0 0 50
西方海域 7 0 95 0 20
西南海域 8 0 75 115 0
北方泊地海域 6 0 35 35 0
北方海域 4 0 0 30 0

Sea Area Needed Transport Ships Resources
鎮守府海域 9 15 55 55 10
南方泊地海域 8 50 0 0 15
中部西海域 6 0 25 25 0
中部海域 4 0 30 0 0
南方連絡海域 7 50 0 75 0
南西諸島海域 10 210 0 0 35
西方海域 7 0 95 0 20
西南海域 8 0 65 95 0
北方泊地海域 6 0 25 0 25
北方海域 4 0 0 25 0

Escort Fleet[]
  • Maximum 1 fleet per sea area.
  • DD can't be flagship.
  • They can be damaged if abyssals commence a trade disruption operation and cannot be repaired when under the deployed status
  • Using a guarding fleet increases resource obtainable from the area.
  • You can put DD/CL/CT/CAV/BBV/CVL into the fleet but not CLT/CA/FBB/BB/CV/CVB/SS/SSV


After selecting an area and fleet to sortie into, you are presented with the map of the area as per normal. While in the map screen, you are able to either spin the compass or activate Combat Shortcut to skip battle scenes. When entering regular battle nodes, you are given 5 formations to choose from, unlike the original game. Detection phase commences, before displaying the Battle Command screen, where you can relay commands to your fleet to modify their battle operations afterwards.

It is possible to skip battle scenes and enable Combat Shortcuts by pressing the LB button on the map screen. Note that uncleared Boss Battles cannot be skipped.

In regular battle nodes, you can choose to go to night battle or not after the day battle ends with enemies leftover. However, a night battle will further consume ammo and if you still wish to fight other enemies after the node then it is recommended not to do so since low ammo will result in reduced fleet performance. There are also some Night Battle Nodes and possibly other special battle nodes.

After ending a battle, you can choose to continue the sortie or retreat. Sortieing or continuing sorties with ships that have HP in the red (Taiha) will cause them to sink if are hit.

Unlike the browser edition, HP and damecon consumption status will be displayed or can be checked in the screen that asks users to pick the fleet's next action.

Experience granted for victories is x4.5 of the Map's Base Exp. Flagships and MVPs get an additional x1.5 and x2 respectively.

ASW seems to work even during Night Battle.

Battle Command[]

Battle Commands are given to your fleet after Detection Phase, before the fleet begins combat. They affect your fleet's combat strategy and how they fight during the battle.

The number of battle commands you can assign to your fleet depends on your flagship's level, starting at three commands. As the flagship level increases, the limit of assignable commands increases as well, to a maximum of 5. The 4th Command unlocks at Level 35, and the 5th Command unlock at Level ~70.

It seems that placing the commands in different locations will impact the combat flow greatly. For example, a torpedo attack placed at the start will order ships with Midget subs to perform preemptive strikes.

List of battle commands:

Icon Command Explanation Effect/Note Usage Requirement
Combat command (1).png Approach Approach Enemy Fleet Non-combat command. Increases accuracy while reducing evasion.
Combat command (2).png Shelling Shelling Phase Orders fleet to shell the enemy. This does not order CVs to attack, and ships will ignore enemy submarines. Multiple shelling orders seem to extend the shelling phase by half fleet per command. Using this command without an Aerial Attack at the start will only trigger half fleet to attack per command.
Combat command (3).png Torpedo Torpedo Phase If the order is in last box, then the fleet will launch closing torp. Placing the command anywhere else will provide opening torp and let the fleet focus in torpedo battle and thus increased damage/accuracy?[refer to screen display]. Stacking more torpedo command seems to stack the boost but does not provide additional attack phase.
Combat command (4).png Escape Attempt to leave the battle Non-combat command. It's possible to fail the escape. Stacking the command increases success chance
Combat command (5).png ASW Attack enemy submarines Orders fleet to focus efforts on clearing enemy submarines. Multiple ASW orders don't seem to have any bonus effect.
Combat command (6).png Evade Perform Evasion Fleet Movement Non-combat command. Increases fleet-wide evasion.
Combat command (7).png Aerial Attack Orders carriers and seaplane carriers to perform an attack. Placing this at the start of your commands will initiate an opening airstrike. If used in anything outside the first command box, the first one of such will order carriers and all other ships to initiate attack (shelling; but non-carriers' attack in aerial attack command seems much weaker), the second one of such will order only carriers to attack [if there are no second shelling command before it] and the third non-first command or more will not have any use.
Combat command (8).png Charge Approach + Shelling Increases accuracy while reducing evasion, and then performs shelling. Same function as shelling but if it is the first command with shelling then the effect will double.
Combat command (9).png Coordinated Shelling Radar Coordinated Shelling Have some special effect boost and the rest are of same function as shelling but if it is the first command with shelling then the effect will double.
Damage Calculation[]
  • According to Tanaka[1], there're some minor changes in things like damage calculation formula, bonus and etc. compare to the browser version.
  • Night Battle Anti-Submarine damage function like day battle.
  • It's possible to attack Installation Type enemy by Dive Bombers.
  • Miss and 0 damages are different in this game.
  • Only CL2 damages will show critical in this game.
Night Battle Special Attack[]

Unlike browser version, the damage multiplier in this game for Night Battle Double Attack is actually higher than Night Battle Cut-In.

  • All double attacks get 2.0× *2 multipler
  • Main Gun Cut-In get 1.75× *1, Torpedo Cut-In gt 1.3× *1, Mixed Cut-In get 1.2× *1.

Also, unlike browser version, it's possible to setup your ship in a way that would allow them to do either Double Attack or Cut-In depending on the roll.

Double Attack/Cut-In activation chance in the game seems to be lower than the browser version.

Map/Sea Area[]
Main article: KanColle Kai/Areas
Ship Drop[]

See http://wikiwiki.jp/kancollekai/?%B4%CF%CC%BC%A5%C9%A5%ED%A5%C3%A5%D7%B5%D5%B0%FA%A4%AD


It basically works the same as the browser's kancolle.

"Fleet Drill" (Exercise)[]

You can train your ships by sending your ships to various Exercises. There are two types of Exercises:

Fleet Exercise

Japanese Name Translation Effect: Increases
艦隊行動演習 Fleet Movement Exercise Evasion
砲戦演習 Shelling Exercise Firepower
雷撃演習 Torpedo Exercise Torpedo
対潜戦演習 Anti-Submarine Warfare Exercise ASW
航空戦演習 Aerial Battle Exercise Anti-Air
総合演習 General Exercise Luck and other parameters

Rival Exercise Rival Exercise is the Kancolle Kai equivalent of PvP Exercises. As there are no online functions in the game, PvP is replaced with two of your own fleets battling each other instead. You require both fleets in the same area, fully resupplied, and all ships undocked with no action taken yet in order to perform the exercise. Only the fleet initiating the battle will obtain experience. The amount of experience obtained is dependent on the challenged fleet's level.


https://p2.bahamut.com.tw/B/2KU/91/0001331191.JPG You can choose to modernize, remodel, or change your ship's equipment under this menu.

Reinforced expansion is done by clicking the button below the equipment menu of player's ship.


It has been reported that feeding a kanmusu of its own kind can provide additional luck. It's possible to fail though.


Latest Kai Nis like Kasumi's have yet to be included into the game. Shoukaku and Zuikaku's Kai Ni does not require a Prototype Flight Deck Catapult.


You can develop new equipment, craft new ships, or improve your equipment in the factory.

Most information in this section are shared with the browser edition so if you haven't read those relevant page for the browser edition's game before, it's recommended to take a look at them.

If you are doing development, improvement, LSC or construction strike, you can save onto a save file with new save/load function first before attempting the LSC and if the result is unsatisfactory, then you can simply reload the save file to try again.


Things like Prototype 46cm Twin Gun Mount or Shiun that are undevelopable in the browser version of the game are now developable in this game.

  • Try 10/10/10/150 with Carrier flagship to target only Shiun.
    • 20/60/10/150 for combined development recipe with other planes (this recipe also seems to have higher Shiun rate.
  • Try 10/180/230/10 with Battleship flagship for Prototype 46cm Twin Gun Mount.
    • Combined development recipe is 10/251/250/150, also includes 46cm Triple Gun, Type 3 Shell, and Type 91 AP Shell.


The generally works the same way as the browser edition's except construction time is in the number of days (turns).

The resource allocation theory in the game is the same as the browser edition, i.e., more fuel/steel has a higher chance to give CA/BB whereas more bauxite has a higher chance to give carriers. Some unconfirmed reports claim there are some differences in the recipes and the results from the browser game, including a claim that says I-8 can be constructed from all 30 and I-19 is now construct-able via the regular submarine recipe.

I-8 and Prinz Eugen cannot be used to construct Bismarck even if you already have Z1. Only Z1/Z3 can be used to construct Bismarck.

You can also construct transport convoy here (via the top right hand corner button above LSC). Construction of transport convoy consume strategic points, also increasing the resource (fuel,steel,etc) will allowed more transport ship to be construct example: 900/100/900/100 + 50 strategic points will get you about 4-5 transport ships(it's still RNG base)

You need to complete LSC quests before LSC is possible.

Construction Time[]

Current test result: (Hypothetically 96 times browser version construction time and then round it down?)

Time Ship Class Result Note
2 days Transport Submarine Maruyu LSC
Destroyer Mutsuki class, Fubuki class, Ayanami class, Akatsuki class, Hatsuharu class, Shiratsuyu class, Asashio class, Kagerou class (including Yukikaze and Akigumo), Type 1934 Class, Shimakaze
Submarine I-168, I-58, I-8, I-19
4 days Light Cruiser Tenryuu class, Kuma class, Nagara class, Sendai class
Agano class

[citation needed]

Heavy Cruiser Furutaka class, Aoba class
5 days Training Cruiser Katori
Light Cruiser Kinu, Abukuma
6 days Light Cruiser Yuubari
Heavy Cruiser Myoukou class, Takao class, Mogami class, Tone class
Mikuma LSC
8 days Light Aircraft Carrier Houshou
10 days Seaplane Tender Chitose, Chiyoda
Amphibious Assault Ship Akitsu Maru LSC
11 days Light Aircraft Carrier Shouhou [citation needed], Zuihou, Ryuujou[citation needed]
12 days Hiyou, Junyou
14 days Aircraft Carrying Submarine I-401 LSC
16 days Fast Battleship Kongou class
17 days Regular Aircraft Carrier Souryuu, Hiryuu
18 days Battleship Fusou, Yamashiro, Ise, Hyuuga
Regular Aircraft Carrier Kaga, Akagi
20 days Battleship Nagato, Mutsu
Bismarck LSC
24 days Regular Aircraft Carrier Shoukaku, Zuikaku
27 days Armored Aircraft Carrier Taihou LSC
32 days Battleship Yamato, Musashi LSC

Ships not buildable[]

Available from Sortie[]

Number JP Name English Name Notes
182 明石 AkashiAkashi Quest Reward for [[2]]
V12-4, V15-3, V17-2, V17-3, V17-4
122 舞風 MaikazeMaikaze V7-1, V7-2, V10-1, V12-2, V15-1, V16-4, V17-3, V17-4
133 夕雲 YuugumoYuugumo V3-2, V3-3, V3-4, V12-3, V12-4, V13-3, V14-2, V15-3, V17-3, V17-4
134 巻雲 MakigumoMakigumo V12-2, V12-3, V13-4, V15-3, V17-3, V17-4
135 長波 NaganamiNaganami V3-2, V3-3, V3-4, V5-3, V14-1, V15-3, V17-3, V17-4
140 酒匂 SakawaSakawa V1-4, V3-4, V6-4, V12-1, V16-2, V17-2
165 卯月 UzukiUzuki V5-3, V14-4, V17-1, V17-3
167 磯風 IsokazeIsokaze V4-3, V5-1, V5-3, V12-4, V15-2, V17-3, V17-4
168 浦風 UrakazeUrakaze V4-1, V4-3, V4-4, V12-4, V16-4, V17-3, V17-4
169 谷風 TanikazeTanikaze V4-1, V4-3, V4-4, V12-4, V16-4, V17-3, V17-4
170 浜風 HamakazeHamakaze V4-3, V4-4, V12-4, V16-4, V17-3, V17-4
176 プリンツ・オイゲン Prinz EugenPrinz Eugen V4-3, V15-1, V16-2, V16-3, V16-4, V17-3
181 天津風 AmatsukazeAmatsukaze V2-3, V2-4, V5-4, V10-3, V17-3, V17-4
183 大淀 OoyodoOoyodo V9-4, V15-3, V16-2, V17-3, V17-4
184 大鯨 TaigeiTaigei V6-1, V12-1, V15-4, V16-1, V16-3, V16-4, V17-3, V17-4
186 時津風 TokitsukazeTokitsukaze V2-2, V2-3, V2-4, V10-2, V10-3, V10-4, V17-3, V17-4
190 初風 HatsukazeHatsukaze V2-2, V2-4, V5-1, V7-3, V10-2, V12-4, V13-1, V16-4, V17-3, V17-4
331 天城 AmagiAmagi V15-2, V17-3
332 葛城 KatsuragiKatsuragi V15-2, V17-3
404 雲龍 UnryuuUnryuu V5-2, V9-1, V15-2, V17-3
405 春雨 HarusameHarusame V2-3, V5-1, V5-4, V6-1, V10-1, V14-4, V17-2
409 早霜 HayashimoHayashimo V15-1, V15-3, V17-3, V17-4
410 清霜 KiyoshimoKiyoshimo V15-1, V15-3, V17-3, V17-4
413 朝雲 AsagumoAsagumo V2-2, V3-1, V3-2, V3-3, V5-4, V8-3, V10-2, V15-4, V17-2, V17-4
414 山雲 YamagumoYamagumo V3-3, V8-4, V10-3, V15-4, V17-2, V17-4
415 野分 NowakiNowaki V5-1, V6-1, V7-1, V7-2, V10-1, V12-2, V15-1, V16-4, V17-3, V17-4
421 秋月 AkizukiAkizuki V14-4, V15-1, V17-1, V17-2, V17-4
422 照月 TeruzukiTeruzuki V5-4, V15-1, V17-3, V17-4
424 高波 TakanamiTakanami V5-1, V5-3, V15-3, V17-3, V17-4
425 朝霜 AsashimoAsashimo V9-4, V14-2, V14-3, V15-3, V17-3, V17-4
431 ゆー511 U-511U-511 V4-1, V15-4, V16-3, V16-4
432 グラーフ・ツェッペリン Graf ZeppelinGraf Zeppelin V15-2, V15-3, V16-3, V16-4, V17-4
441 リットリオ LittorioLittorio V4-4, V16-4, V17-1
442 ローマ RomaRoma V4-4, V16-4, V17-1
443 リベッチオ LibeccioLibeccio V17-1
445 秋津洲 AkitsushimaAkitsushima V6-3, V14-1, V16-1,
451 瑞穗 MizuhoMizuho V6-2, V13-1, V16-1
453 風雲 KazagumoKazagumo V12-2, V12-3, V15-3, V17-3, V17-4
454 ArashiArashi V17-3, V17-4
455 萩風 HagikazeHagikaze V17-3, V17-4
458 海風 UmikazeUmikaze V12-1, V15-3, V17-2
459 江風 KawakazeKawakaze V15-3, V17-2
460 速吸 HayasuiHayasui V15-3, V16-1, V17-2, V17-4
463 IowaIowa Completion Reward
465 鹿島 KashimaKashima V15-4, V16-2, V17-3

Ships buildable only via large construction[]

Number JP Name English Name Notes
120 三隈 MikumaMikuma V2-3, V2-4, V4-2, V6-4, V10-4, V11-4, V12-2, V12-3, V12-4, V14-4, V16-1
131 大和 YamatoYamato V7-4, V17-4
137 阿賀野 AganoAgano V1-1, V3-4, V14-2, V16-2, V17-2
138 能代 NoshiroNoshiro V1-2, V3-4, V14-3, V16-2, V17-2
139 矢矧 YahagiYahagi V1-3, V14-4, V16-2, V17-2
143 武蔵 MusashiMusashi V15-1, V17-2
153 大鳳 TaihouTaihou V15-2, V17-3
155 伊401 I-401I-401 V6-1, V6-2, V6-3, V6-4, V14-1, V15-4, V16-1, V16-4
161 あきつ丸 Akitsu MaruAkitsu Maru V9-2, V10-3, V10-4, V12-4, V13-4, V15-2, V14-3, V15-3, V17-1
163 まるゆ MaruyuMaruyu drops from many late-game maps
171 ビスマルク BismarckBismarck Requires Z1/Z3 for LSC.
V4-4, V15-1, V16-3, V16-4, V17-2, V17-4


Require Akashi as flagship.


Much like the browser game, shipgirls are repaired through the use of a repair dock. Each area has a different number of dock spaces. The starting area can contain up to 4 docks. Half the available dock spaces will be available upon unlocking the area; like the browser version, keys are required to unlock the remainder of the dock spaces.


Main article: KanColle Kai/Quest

Item Shop[]

You can use strategic points obtainable via quests or via sea area clears to purchase additional resources, docks, damecons, buckets, furniture fairies, ship slots, combat rations, reinforcement expansions, etc. You have 3000 points at the start.

Initially, you have 100 ship slots which can expand up to 200 but as you progress through the game; the amount of expandable ship slots will increase until the cap of 300 ship slots.


Enemy Attacks[]

Trade Disruption Operations[]

Abyssal Counterattack[]

When abyssal finish preparing their counterattack force, they'll start counterattack operations in order to take back sea area. After players renew a turn and after enemy's turn is completed, some sea area's hexagon in the strategy interface will change to a yellow/orange/red color to signify that enemies are preparing counterattack on the sea area. If players failed to intercept these counterattacks, the sea area will return to enemy control. In this case, players' transport convoys will also be destroyed and the guarding fleet will retreat to the player's naval headquarters.You can return the change area back by clearing the map on the area example: on your starting map clear any one of the map 1-1 to 1-4 will repel the abyssal. You can also put a fleet on that area and let it counterattack automatically.

If the area turn red and you have not repel/put a fleet there, the enemy will captured that area on the next turn, meaning you have to clear the area again. Especially on area that require other area to be clear to be open, you'll have to clear the previous boss map/area to unlocks that area again. If you leave an area that has turned yellow for a few turns, you may be required to clear a map in that area more than once in order to repel the counterattack. The different stages of colours are: Yellow, dark yellow, orange, light red and red.

Failing to defend your own naval headquarters from abyssal counterattacks will result in a game over.


Increasing the kanmusu's affinity can increase their performance in battle. You can see heart (?) coming out if you touch them several times.


There're different fairies appearing in the game's loading screen.

Clear Bonus[]

  • Hei/Tei: Yamato. If the player has Yamato before clearing Tei or they cleared the difficulty with an AA+ rank, then 書類一式 (The document needed for the Kancolle marriage system) will be rewarded instead.
  • Otsu: Iowa
  • Kou: Prinz Eugen

New Game +[]

After clearing the game on a certain difficulty, you can continue to use some of your kanmusu in your next game. 20 for Tei(Easy), 35 for Hei(Normal), 50 for Otsu(Hard), 65 for Kou(Very Hard), and 88 for Historical will be transferred. The system will automatically pick the top [n] heartlocked kanmusus with the highest levels to transfer once you cleared the game, so please be prepared before beating the game. If you get a kanmusu for clearing a game, that reward kanmusu will also count toward the limit. If there're less than [n] heartlocked kanmusu, then other non-heartlocked kanmusus will follow.

Note: [n] number of kanmusu automatically picked and transferred, correlates to the highest difficulty you have ever cleared the game at and the assigned number of kanmusu that can be transferred according to that difficulty. ie, Tei = 20, Hei = 35, Otsu = 50, Kou = 65, Historical = 88

If you already cleared a higher difficulty like Kou, and bring your [n] Kanmusus to a lower difficulty like Tei then after you complete the the lower difficulty, you can still bring that [n] Kanmusus to your next game.

Besides [n] kanmusu, furniture, gallery, admiral level, resource cap, and the clear bonus will be brought to the new game. Max expandable kanmusu slot will also go up from 200 to 300 after clearing the game for the first time.

Note: Any 'equipment equipped on the ships', Reinforcement expansion slots attached to those kanmusus, and equipments in those expanded slots at the time you clear the game, will also continue to your new game. Also if you get a clear reward like Yamato or Iowa, it will use one of your transfer slots for the new game plus.

It have been reported that aside from those equipment equipped onto kanmusus, top [m] equipment base on lock and rarity will also be transferred to new game. m = 50 for Historical, 40 for Kou, 30 for Otsu, 20 for Hei and 10 for Tei.

Resources, Strategic Points, Items like Medals (except equippable items equipped in equipment form on ships that get brought over), Furniture Point, Homeport Slot Size, amount of dock, map clearing status, and battle history will be reset upon continuing to a new game.

One possible strategy to choose who to bring over is to pick those that are needed to unlock all 8 fleets so you can start smoothly in your next game, especially for Sendai Class[5th fleet], Myoukou Class[preceeding 6th], Kongou Class[7th], CarDiv1+2 except maybe quest reward Akagi[8th].

Reward Kanmusu[]

  • Clearing a game could get any of the following as reward: Iowa, Yamato, Taihou, Musashi, Prinz Eugen, and Akitsushima
    • The above list is arranged in order, if you already have the first few kanmusu then it would automatically jump to the next one in the list
      • If you have all these 6 ships already then there would be no reward kanmusu for you after clearing.
    • Some of these rewards are only available under certain difficulty or certain rank, for example those who clear the game with Hei or Tei can't get Iowa as reward.
    • If players obtained these ships before but dismantled/lost them, it's been suggested that they could get them again from clearing reward.
    • If players cleared the game with A++ at Hei/Tei difficulty and/or already obtained Yamato when they clear the game with Hei/Tei difficulty, it have been reported that they will get the document for marriage instead

Hidden Stage[]

  • Clearing Otsu or above will unlock 深海運河-4
  • Clearing Kou or above will unlock 深海後方-4
  • Clearing Historical mode will unlock 深海中枢-4.

Ship girl stats in this game[]

  • Most stats are the same as the browser game's, but,
    • Submarine fuel/ammo consumption have been reportedly adjusted.[need confirmation]
    • Shoukaku and Zuikaku's second remodel does not require prototype flight deck catapult
    • Some kanmusus' default equipment have been reportedly altered [need confirmation].
    • All kanmusus' post-marriage LoS are different from browser edition, see the bug section on this page.
    • Kanmusu that received their second remodel in 2016 (such as Kasumi and Satsuki) don't have a Kai Ni yet in this game.

Vita-only Character/Equipment[]

Abyssal Vessels[]

Class Lv Health Firepower Torpedo Attack Anti-Air Armor Armament Combo Fighter Notes
Canal Princess

運河棲姫 (Ungasei-Ki (Hime)?)

Canal Princess Vita Banner.png 1 250 70 0 50 15 None None

Final Boss in Abyssal Canal Area

Land Base

Appearently would not attack?

*Her stats in Easy Mode.

Known bug/problem in latest version[]

  • Occasionally, the game would freeze and the only way to restore the game would be restart the game from the latest save (thus please save your game often to minimize gameplay lost).


Trophy Color Name Description Note
Platinum 元帥勲章 提督中の提督!すべてのトロフィーを獲得!
Silver 絆を深めた艦娘とケッコンカッコカリをした! 対抗演習すればLv99は楽
Bronze 艦娘x30隻達成! 艦娘図鑑に30隻の艦娘を登録した!
Bronze 艦娘x100隻達成! 艦娘図鑑に100隻の艦娘を登録した! 改造で稼げる
Silver 艦娘x150隻達成! 艦娘図鑑に150隻の艦娘を登録した!
Gold 艦娘x200隻達成! 艦娘図鑑に200隻の艦娘を登録した! 200/全図鑑260で、リセマラ地獄・改造地獄が大変
Bronze 装備x30種達成! 図鑑に30種類の装備を達成した!
Bronze 装備x70種達成! 図鑑に70種類の装備を達成した!
Silver 装備x120種達成! 図鑑に120種類の装備を達成した! 120/全図鑑170で、リセマラ地獄が大変
Bronze 南西諸島制圧! 南西諸島の制海権を獲得した!
Bronze 北方海域制圧! 北方海域の制海権を獲得した!
Bronze 西方海域制圧! 西方海域の制海権を獲得した!
Bronze 南方海域制圧! 南方海域の制海権を獲得した!
Bronze 中部海域制圧! 中部海域の制海権を獲得した!
Bronze 南方泊地海域制圧! 南方泊地海域の制海権を獲得した!
Bronze 北方泊地海域制圧! 北方泊地海域の制海権を獲得した!
Bronze 南方連絡海域制圧! 南方連絡海域の制海権を獲得した!
Bronze 西南海域制圧! 西南海域の制海権を獲得した!
Bronze 中部西海域制圧! 中部西海域の制海権を獲得した!
Bronze MI海域制圧! MI海域の制海権を獲得した!
Bronze AL海域制圧! AL海域の制海権を獲得した!
Bronze FS海域制圧! FS海域の制海権を獲得した!
Bronze 深海棲地後方制圧! 深海棲地後方の制海権を獲得した!
Bronze 深海運河海域制圧! 深海運河海域の制海権を獲得した!
Bronze 深海棲地中枢部制圧! 深海棲地中枢部の制海権を獲得した!
Bronze 艦隊抜錨! 作戦海域での戦闘に10回出撃した!
Bronze 鎧袖一触! 作戦海域での戦闘に30回以上S勝利した!
Bronze 無敵艦隊! 作戦海域での戦闘に100回以上S勝利した! 意識せずともそのうち取れる
Bronze 反攻作戦! 既に制圧された海域の奪還に成功した! 難易度丙乙あたりでわざと取らせてから奪還すれば楽
Bronze 備えあれば憂いなし! ダメコン(応急修理要員/女神)を5回使った Lv1駆逐にでも使わせてトロフィーとれたらロードで楽
Bronze 大規模艦隊 全八艦隊を擁する大艦隊を整えた! 艦隊解放任務を全て行う、ゲームクリアまでに達成しやすい
Silver 大和 大和型一番艦「大和」を建造した! 大型建造でのリセマラ。クリア報酬で手に入れてもトロフィーは取得できないため自力で建造する必要がある。
Gold 連合艦隊全集結 日本艦隊の全戦艦が集結した! 「大和型」「長門型」「Gold剛型」「伊勢型」「扶桑型」全艦12隻の戦艦所持が条件?&br;大型リセマラあるのみ
Silver アイオワ アイオワ級戦艦一番艦「アイオワ」が艦隊合流! 乙クリア報酬
Bronze 南雲機動部隊 南雲機動部隊の主力空母六隻が集結した! 建造だけではダメ、南雲部隊関連の任務達成だけもダメ。両方でトロフィー。&br;該当任務までいきつくほうが大変
Bronze Gold剛型四姉妹 Gold剛型高速戦艦四姉妹が集結した! 第7艦隊解放任務達成時にてトロフィー
Bronze 西村艦隊 西村艦隊所属の全艦が集結した 「扶桑」「山城」「最上」「時雨」「満潮」「朝雲」「山雲」全艦所持の上、&br;西村艦隊関連任務達成でトロフィー。該当任務だけもダメ。&br;ドロ限定艦である後者二隻集め(丁でも入手自体は可能)と再編西村艦隊任務が遠いのが厄介
Bronze 工廠の匠 明石と共に装備を100回改修した! 消費の少ない小口径砲等が効率は良いが、実用を兼ねる装備なら開発資材や改修資材の入手がネック&br;低難度での周回やポイントによる購入も手。
Bronze 家具は提督の極み 家具を50種類揃えてみた! 家具アイテム入手の任務・遠征をこまめにこなすことが鍵
Bronze 後方施設こそ大切 全入渠ドックを解放した! 貯めた戦略ポイントで解放してからトロフィー獲得後にロードでok
Bronze 大将の器 提督レベルが70を超えた! 面倒だが時間をかければいつかなる
Bronze 兵站確保 四資源の備蓄が全て2万を超えた! ある程度海域確保で資源増収させてターン経過しまくりで
Bronze 兵站こそ勝利の鍵 四資源の備蓄が全て10万を超えた! 資源最大保有を10万越えにするための司令レベルあげがネック。&br;多少足りない程度なら戦略ポイントでの購入や勲章・チョコ等を資源に換えてトロフィー獲得後にロードで。
Bronze 勝利の鐘 深海棲艦との戦いに勝利した! ゲームクリア!
Bronze 「乙作戦」攻略完了! 難易度乙をクリアした! 丁丙に比べるとかなり難易度高いので注意!
Silver 「甲作戦」攻略完了! 難易度甲をクリアした! 乙クリア後、2週目以降
Gold 「史作戦」攻略完了! 難易度史をクリアした! 甲クリア後、3周目以降となり時間かかる


  • In the browser edition, both slow BB and fast BB are labeled as 戦艦 but in this game, fast BB are labelled as 高戦 which is a completely different ship class. If a certain map says you can't use battleship and says nothing about fast battleship, then you can use fast battleships.

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  1. Note that Tei, Hei, and Otsu correspond to English letter D, C, and B while what we commonly call Easy/Medium/Hard in the browser edition of the game are Hei/Otsu/Kou which correspond to B, C, and A.
  2. Pacific War started on Dec 7, 1941


  1. Dengeki Playstation Vol. 609

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