Seiyuu Ozawa Ari (小澤亜李) Availability Event Reward
Artist Konishi (コニシ) Implementation 2019/09/04



No.320 Janus

J Class Destroyer

Janus Card
Icon HP HP 15 (17) Icon Gun Firepower 12 (33)
Icon Armor Armor 7 (18) Icon Torpedo Torpedo 30 (82)
Icon Evasion Evasion 44 (76) Icon AA AA 22 (42)
Icon Aircraft Aircraft 0 Icon ASW ASW 40 (83)
Icon Speed Speed Fast Icon LOS LOS 10 (20)
Icon Range Range Short Icon Luck Luck 17 (67)
Resource Consumption
FuelKai Fuel 15 AmmoKai Ammo 25
Build Time Slots
Unbuildable 2
Stock Equipment Space
RedGunLight QF 4.7inch Gun Mk.XII KaiQF 4.7inch Gun Mk.XII Kai 280 Card 0
Xx c - Unequipped - 0
- Locked - -
- Locked - -
Extra Statistics
Modernization Bonus
Icon Gun+1 Icon Torpedo+1 Icon AA+1 Icon Armor+1
Scrap Value
FuelKai 1 AmmoKai 1 SteelKai 6 BauxiteKai 1
Category Equipment that can be improved with Janus as helper ship not found


Janus Kai

No.320 Janus改

J Class Destroyer

Janus Kai Card
Icon HP HP 31 (33) Icon Gun Firepower 14 (53)
Icon Armor Armor 15 (50) Icon Torpedo Torpedo 40 (90)
Icon Evasion Evasion 47 (86) Icon AA AA 30 (72)
Icon Aircraft Aircraft 0 Icon ASW ASW 53 (93)
Icon Speed Speed Fast Icon LOS LOS 12 (52)
Icon Range Range Short Icon Luck Luck 22 (87)
Resource Consumption
FuelKai Fuel 15 AmmoKai Ammo 25
Remodel Level Slots
Level 55 3
Stock Equipment Space
RedGunLight QF 4.7inch Gun Mk.XII KaiQF 4.7inch Gun Mk.XII Kai 280 Card 0
Sonar Type144/147 ASDICType144 147 ASDIC 261 Card 0
Xx c - Unequipped - 0
- Locked - -
Extra Statistics
Remodel Cost
AmmoKai 170 SteelKai 370 Development material icon 90 Instant construction icon 10
Modernization Bonus
Icon Gun+1 Icon Torpedo+1 Icon AA+1 Icon Armor+1
Scrap Value
FuelKai 1 AmmoKai 2 SteelKai 10 BauxiteKai 1
Category Equipment that can be improved with Janus Kai as helper ship not found



Event Japanese English Note
Play Introduction Hi! 私の名前はJanus! そうよ、あのJervisの僚艦の…
……え? 知らない? 完っ全にモグリね。いい?
Hi, my name is Janus. Yes, from the same flotilla as Jervis... Eh, you don't know me? You really are unqualified to be admiral. Listen up, alright? You better remember this.
Play Kai Hi、J級駆逐艦、Janusよ。提督、今日も頑張っていきましょう。えぇ?あっ、何?私の顔に、なんかついてます? Hi, I'm the J-class destroyer, Janus. Admiral, let's work hard today too. Eh? Ah, what is it? Is there something on my face?
Play Library J級駆逐艦、私がJanusよ。そうね、Jervisたちと一緒に、本国艦隊や地中海艦隊で、色々のことを頑張ったわ。Franceの艦艇と戦ったことも…あのShingle作戦では、Jervisと一緒に、Anzioの戦いを支援して、そこであれを…Jervisは軽傷だったみたい。不思議っていうか、なんていうか… I'm the J-class destroyer, Janus. Yes, I worked hard doing lots of things with Jervis and the others in the Home and Mediterranean Fleets. We even fought against a French fleet... During Operation Shingle when Jervis and I were supporting the landings at Anzio, that's when... it looked like Jervis was lightly damaged. Fate is such a fickle mistress... She fought against the Vichy French during the Syria-Lebanon Campaign.

Jervis light damage meant getting her bow blown off.

Play Secretary 1 Janus、了解!任せなさい! I got it! Leave it to me!
Play Secretary 2 うえぇ?うえぇ??どこ!?えぇ?うそ?もう、やめてよ! Eh? Eeeh? Where is it!? Eh? You're joking? Jeez, stop that!
Play Secretary 3 あぁ、あれでしょう。あれの話はいいわ、もう。大きすぎるっていうか、無理。反則でしょう、あれは。あぁ、Jervis?かすり傷だったららしいわ。 Ah, about that. I don't really want to talk about it anymore. It was so impossibly big. It was just unfair. Ah, Jervis? I think she got off with just a scratch. Referring to either the Henschel Hs 293 or the Fritz X glider bombs (depending on which version of the story you're listening to) that sank her and damaged Jervis at Anzio.
Play Idle 提督?何?えぇ、bogey?知らないわ。敵ってこと?外宇宙?練習艦?なんの事?ん、銀河?I know、ここの新型ボマーでしょう?違うの? Admiral? What is it? Eh, bogey? I don't know what that is. Do you mean an enemy? Outer space? A training ship? What are you talking about? Hmmm, Ginga? I know that, it's the new type of bomber here right? You don't mean that? Referring to Ginga Hyouryuu Vifam where Janus was the name of the training ship. Bogey was the name of her ship's computer.
Play Secretary Married あぁ、Jervis, tea time?私が入りてあげる。あんたと提督の分も。任せて、大丈夫だから。…ん、何その目?大丈夫だから! Ah, Jervis, is it tea time? I'll go get some tea for you and the Admiral. Just leave it to me, I'll be just fine. ...Ngh, what's with that look? I said I'll be fine!
Play Wedding 何、提督?Janusになにか御用?Jervisならあっちよ。…えっ、私に?な、何?…あぁ、この箱…うそ!本当に?いいの、私で?…そう。そうなんだ。Thanks a lot. 私も、愛してる! What is it, Admiral? Do you have orders for me? If you want Jervis, she's over there. ...Eh, you need me? F-for what? ...Ah, this box is... No way! Is it really for me? Are you fine with me? ...I see. So you are. Thanks a lot. I love you too!
Play Looking At Scores 情報?待ってなさい、私が持ってきてあげ……はぁー、うわぁー!うぅ…あの、thanks. やだ。 Information? Just wait a minute, I'll get it for yo... Aaah, whoaaa! Urgh... Umm, thanks. Oopsie.
Play Joining A Fleet 本国艦隊、第七駆逐戦隊、抜錨!Janus、出撃します! Home Fleet, 7th Destroyer Flotilla, weigh anchor! Janus, sortieing!
Play Kai 地中海戦隊、第十四駆逐戦隊、抜錨!Janus、出撃します! Mediterranean Fleet, 14th Destroyer Flotilla, weigh anchor! Janus, sortieing!
Play Equipment 1 Thanks a lot. よし!これなら! Thanks a lot. Alright! This is it!
Play Equipment 2 いい感じじゃない。行けそうよ。 This feels great. I can work with this.
Play Kai かなりいい感じじゃない。行けそうよ。 This feels quite good. I can work with this.
Play Equipment 3 そう、よかった。 Yes, this is great.
 ⇧ shared with expedition selection, resource collection, instant repair and development
Play Supply Thanks a lot. Thanks a lot.
Play Docking Minor ちょっと汚れちゃった。シャワー浴びていい?えへぇ、thanks! I got a bit dirty. Can I take a shower? Ehe, thanks!
Play Docking Major やだ、お洋服が…もう、クリーニングをしなきゃ…覚えてなさいよ! Oh no, my clothes are all... I have to send them for cleaning... I'll get them for this!
Play Construction 新しい子?ようこそ、艦隊に! A new girl? Welcome to the fleet!
Play Returning From Sortie ふあぁ、なんとか無事に帰えてこれたみたい。よかった。 Whew, it looks like we somehow made it back safely. Thank goodness.
Play Starting A Sortie 旗艦、このJanusが預かるわ。Jervis、いい?私に付いてきて! I, Janus, will be the flagship. Jervis, are you ready? Follow me!
Play Kai 旗艦、このJanusに任せておいて。Jervis、みんな、いい?私に付いてきて! Leave being the flagship to me, Janus. Everyone, Jervis, are you ready? Follow me!
Play Battle Start Janus, enemy in sight. I've got the enemy in sight.
Play Attack Shoot!うえぇ、外れた!?えぇ? Shoot! Eh, I missed!? Eh?
Play Kai Shoot!うえぇ、外れた!?Shooooooooot! Shoot! Eh, I missed!? Shooooooooot!
 ⇧ shared with day/night special attacks, support expedition team arrival
Play Night Battle よし、仕留めます!Follow me! Alright, let's finish them! Follow me!
Play Night Attack 私、本当はちょっとしつこいのよ。ねぇ!? Just so you know, I'm really quite presistent. Got it!?
Play MVP えぇ、私が一番働いちゃった?本当?やだ、Jervis、ほら見て、私の…あ、あんた、たくさん持ってるわね…まあ、いいわ。数じゃないのよ。 Eh, I worked the hardest? Really? Oh my, Jervis, take a look at my... Y-you've really got a lot of them huh... Well, no matter. Numbers aren't everything.
Play Minor Damage 1 やだ!だ、大丈夫?そう? Oh no! A-am I still alright? I am?
Play Minor Damage 2 うわぁー!だから、いたいって!このー! Whaaaa! I said that hurt! You...!
Play Major Damage うえへぇー!ぐぅ、bloody hell!もう、こんなの無理だって言ってるのに! Whoaaaaah! Urgh, bloody hell! Jeez, I told you this was too much!
Play Sunk やだ…痛くて、冷たい……うそ、私、沈んでる?…Jervis、どこ?手をつないで…お願い… No... It hurts, it's cold... Oh no, am I sinking? ...Jervis, where are you? Hold my hand... Please...

Hourly NotificationsEdit

Time Japanese English Note
Play 00:00 そうね、今日は私が面倒をみてあげます。いいでしょう?ふん、よかった。任せなさい。 That's right, I'll be taking care of everything today. That's fine right? Humph, that's good. Leave it to me.
Play 01:00 そうね、今日は私が面倒をみてあげます。いいでしょう?ふん、よかった。任せなさい。 It's 1 o'clock. Hmmm, what shall we do? Is there anything you'd like to do?
Play 02:00 It’s 2 o’clock. Jervisはどうだった?あぁ、そう。んー。 It's 2 o'clock. What do you think, Jervis? Ah, I see. Hmmm.
Play 03:00 It’s 3 o’clock. 深夜だけど、深夜のお茶会、tea timeと行きましょうか?お茶入れるね。任せなさい。 It’s 3 o’clock. It's late at night now, but how about we have a late-night tea party? I'll go make some tea then. Leave it to me.
Play 04:00 It’s 4 o’clock. お茶のお代わり、いる?…うん、了解。もうすぐ、朝ね。 It's 4 o'clock. Would you like another cup of tea? ...Yup, got it. It's almost morning.
Play 05:00 It’s 5 o’clock. 朝ね、提督。Good morning!みんなを起こす用意をしないと。 It’s 5 o’clock. It's morning, Admiral. Good morning! I need to wake everyone up.
Play 06:00 It’s 6 o’clock. 総員起こし!繰り返す。総員起こし!これは演習ではない!起きなさい!Get up! It’s 6 o’clock. All hands, assemble! I repeat. All hands, assemble! This is not a drill! Wake up! Get up!
Play 07:00 7 o’clock. 提督、breakfastは、私が用意したわ。こちらにどぞ。さあ、召し上がれ。 7 o’clock. Admiral, I've made breakfast. Here you go. Go on, help yourself.
Play 08:00 It’s 8 o’clock. 提督、私のfull breakfast、お口に合った?そう?よかった。 It’s 8 o’clock. Admiral, did my full breakfast suit your tastes? Really? Great.
Play 09:00 It’s 9 o’clock. Jervis、おはよう。あぁ、Arkもいったんだ。本国艦隊、もちろん、健在よ。 It’s 9 o’clock. Jervis, good morning. Ah, Ark is here too. The Home Fleet is definitely doing well.
Play 10:00 It’s 10 o’clock. そう、地中海は気をつけないと。えぇ、Iron Bottom Sound?知らないわ。硬そうね。どこらへんのこと? It’s 10 o’clock. Yes, we need to be careful around the Mediterranean. Eh, Iron Bottom Sound? I don't know what that is. It sounds like something hard. Where can you find it?
Play 11:00 It’s elevenses. ん?これ?これはソーナーよ。優秀なんだから。船団護衛には大事、大事!ここ?ここは弾薬庫。…あんまりさわないで。危ないから。 It’s elevenses. Hmm? This? This is a sonar. It's an excellent equipment. It's really important for fleet escort! This? This is my magazine. ...Please don't keep touching it. It's dangerous. Her magazine detonated when she was struck by a bomb at Anzio which sunk her.
Play 12:00 It is noon. Lunchの時間ね。私のお手製サンドウィチ、いる?そう?じゃあ、これ。さあ、召し上がれ。紅茶でいい?ここに置くわね。 It is noon. It's time for lunch. Would you like some of my handmade sandwiches? You would? Then, here you go. Go on, help yourself. Is black tea fine? Then I'll leave a cup here.
Play 13:00 It’s 1 o’clock. Janusサンドはお口にあった?そう?えへへぇ。Earl Greyのお代わりはいる?そう?はい! It’s 1 o’clock. Did you like my sandwiches? You did? Ehehe. Would you like more Earl Grey? You would? Here!
Play 14:00 It’s 2 o’cl… あら、Warspite!ごきげんよう。調子はどう?…そう!さすがね。私も元気。ほら、見て! It's 2 o'cl... Oh, Warspite! Good day. How are you? ...I see! I wouldn't expect anything else. I'm fine too. Just look!
Play 15:00 It’s 3 o’clock. Tea timeの時間ね。大事、大事。今日は…Earl Greyでいい?そう?よかった。待てて。 It's 3 o'clock. It's tea time. It's really important. Is Earl Grey... fine for today? You would? Great. Wait a minute.
Play 16:00 It’s 4 o’clock. Jervis、何?そんなに見つめて。私の顔に何をついてる?えぇ、何? It’s 4 o’clock. Jervis, what is it? You're staring at me so intently. Is there something on me? Eh, what is it?
Play 17:00 It’s 5. 私、地中海の夕日って、あんまり好きじゃないの。でも、ここの夕日は、きれい。えへぇ、好きよ。 It’s 5. I don't really like the sunset on the Mediterranean. But, the sunset here is beautiful. Ehe, I like it.
Play 18:00 It’s 6 o’clock. さてっと、そろそろ艦隊を港に戻しましょう。ヂィナーはどうするの?外で?本当に? It’s 6 o’clock. Now then, it's about time we brought the fleet back to port. What are we doing for dinner? We're going out? Really?
Play 19:00 It's 7 o’clock. 噂のrestaurant、マミーヤね。楽しみ!Jervisも呼んでいい?えへぇ、よかった! It's 7 o’clock. So this Mamiya's, the restaurant I've heard all about. I can't wait! Can I call Jervis too? Ehe, great!
Play 20:00 It’s 8 o…んー、美味しいは!マミーヤ恐るべしい!あぁ、Jervisもきた。ここ!ここよ! It's 8 o... Mmm, this is delicious! Mamiya's is incredible! Ah, Jervis is here. Over here! We're over here!
Play 21:00 It’s 9 o’clock…あの、あそこで騒いでる重巡、思いっきり見覚えが…あぁ、Jervis関わらない方がいいって。あぁ、あぁー!もう、めちゃくちゃ! It’s 9 o’clock. ... Umm, I think I remember that noisy heavy cruiser over there from somewhere... Ah, Jervis don't get involved with them! Ah, aaah! Jeez, you're so reckless! Probably refferring to Pola or less likely Zara, which were sunk or in part sunk by Jervis during the Battle of Matapan
Play 22:00 It’s 10 o’clock. 今日は疲れたわ。提督、毎日大変ね。えぇ、そう?楽しいの?…ん、そう考えれば、そうなんのかな…そう? It’s 10 o’clock. Today was tiring. Admiral, ever day must be hard for you. Eh, really? It's fun? ...Hmm, I guess it must be if you think so... Really?
Play 23:00 It’s 11 o’clock. 一日お疲れ様。明日もいい一日になれたいいわね。おやすみなさい。Good night. It’s 11 o’clock. Good work today. It will be nice if tomorrow is a good day too. See you. Good night. Why one "Good night" when you can have two?






  • Laid down on 29th September '37 and launched Nov the next year, before comission on 5th Aug '39.
  • Spent the first year of the war operating in the North Sea escorting convoys.
  • In May 1940 she was transferred to the Mediterranean, for more convoy escorting as well as seeing action at th battles of Calabria, Cape Matapan and the action off Stax (Tarigia Convoy), in which Janus, Jervis and two other destroyers managed to sink three Italian destroyers and five transports.
  • She was part of the escort/bombardment force for Operation Shingle, the Anzio landings. On the 23rd Jan '44 while providing fire support for the landings she was struck by a bomb (believed to be Fritz X) and quickly sunk.

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