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|Introduction = 占守型海防艦、石垣です。<br>何…?私の顔に何かついてる…?そう、ならいいの。<br>潜水艦退治なら…任せて…そうよ。
|Introduction/En = I'm the Shimushu-class coastal defense ship, Ishigaki. What? Is there something on my face? ...Oh, alright then. Leave destroying submarines to me. I'm serious.
|Introduction/Note =
|Introduction/Kai = 占守型海防艦、石垣です。<br>何…?私の顔に何か…?そう、ならいいの。<br>護っていきたい…艦隊も…あなたも…。任せて…ください。
==Section heading==
|Introduction/Kai/En = I'm the Shimushu-class coastal defense ship, Ishigaki. What? Is there something on my face? ...Oh, alright then. I want to protect, the fleet, and you. Please leave it to me.
|Library = 占守型海防艦、石垣です。<br>北方の海の護りに就きました…。<br>大湊、幌筵などを拠点に北方の船団の護衛、対潜哨戒、警備や救難活動にも務めたの。敵潜水艦はやっかいなもの…沈められる時に沈めないと…。頑張ります…見ていて…ください…。
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|Library/En = I'm the Shimushu-class coastal defense ship, Ishigaki. I've come to defend the Northern Seas. I was stationed in Oominato and Paramushir where I performed escort, anti-submarine patrol, security, and rescue duties for the Northern Fleet. Enemy submarines are a nuisance, we must sink them when we can. I'll do my best. Please watch over me.
|Library/Note =
|Secretary 1 = なんですか?私は…別に…、いえ、なんでも…ないです。
==Section heading==
|Secretary 1/En = What is it? I'm, not really... Actually, it's nothing.
|Secretary 1/Note =
|Secretary 1/Kai = なに?私は…ううん、なんでも…ない。
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|Secretary 1/Kai/En = What? I'm... No, it's nothing.
|Secretary 2 = この石垣を…使いますか?そうですか。
|Secretary 2/En = Am I of use to you? I see.
|Secretary 2/Note =
|Secretary 3 = この石垣になにか伝えたいことがあるのね。提督、じゃあこの手を握ってみて。そして目をつぶるの。何が見えますか?え、何も…?あたたかい?はあ?
|Secretary 3/En = You have something you want to say to me? Admiral, okay, take my hand. Now close your eyes. What do you see? Eh? Nothing? It's warm? Huh?
|Secretary 3/Note =
|Idle = この手を…違う。あの…提督、この手は…違う。難しい…。あっハチ…姉さん…!ちがっ、違うの…そんなんじゃ…!
|Idle/En = Take this hand and, no. Um, Admiral this hand, this isn't right. This is tough. Ah, Hachi-neesan? N-no! It's not like that!
|Idle/Note =
|Secretary Married = 特に問題はない…です。そんなに心配しなくても…。でも、すこし…嬉しい。
|Secretary Married/En = There are no problems in particular. You don't need to worry so much. But it makes me a little happy.
|Secretary Married/Note =
|Wedding = なんか、顔色が悪いような…お茶でも淹れますか、休んでください、私が…みておきます。私が…。
|Wedding/En = You don't look so good. Shall I prepare some tea? Please rest. I'll watch over you. I will...
|Wedding/Note =
|Looking At Scores = 知りたいのね…持ってきます。
|Looking At Scores/En = You want to know, right? I'll bring it here.
|Looking At Scores/Note =
|Joining A Fleet = 石垣…出ます。
|Joining A Fleet/En = Ishigaki, heading out.
|Joining A Fleet/Note =
|Joining A Fleet/Kai = 第二海上護衛隊、石垣…出ます。
|Joining A Fleet/Kai/En = 2nd Maritime Escort Fleet, Ishigaki, heading out.
|Equipment 1 = 意味があるといいけど。
|Equipment 1/En = It'll be nice if this has a purpose.
|Equipment 1/Note =
|Equipment 2 = ありかも…しれない…。
|Equipment 2/En = This might just work, or not.
|Equipment 2/Note =
|Equipment 3 = ふぅ、なんでも…ない…。
|Equipment 3/En = *Sigh* It's nothing.
|Equipment 3/Note =
|Supply = いただきました。
|Supply/En = I accept.
|Supply/Note =
|Docking Minor = 下がります。
|Docking Minor/En = I'm falling back.
|Docking Minor/Note =
|Docking Major = 頭が痛いの!頭が…!
|Docking Major/En = My head hurts. My head!
|Docking Major/Note = She had her bow blown off
|Construction = できた…みたい…。
|Construction/En = Looks like, it's done.
|Construction/Note =
|Returning From Sortie = 帰って…きた…。ふぅ。
|Returning From Sortie/En = We've, returned. Whew.
|Returning From Sortie/Note =
|Starting A Sortie = 私が…旗艦…?いいけど。じゃ、ついてきて。
|Starting A Sortie/En = I'm the flagship? That's fine. Okay, follow me.
|Starting A Sortie/Note =
|Starting A Sortie/Kai = 私が…旗艦…?わかりました。任せて。艦隊、出撃。護り…ます。
|Starting A Sortie/Kai/En = I'm the flagship? Understood, leave it to me. Sortieing fleet. I will protect everyone.
|Battle Start = 負ける気はないわ。かかって…きて!
|Battle Start/En = I have no intention of losing. Bring it on!
|Battle Start/Note =
|Attack = 喰らえ!
|Attack/En = Take this!
|Attack/Note =
|Night Battle = 攻撃を続けます。逃がすものか!
|Night Battle/En = We'll press the attack. I won't let you get away!
|Night Battle/Note =
|Night Attack = 私…負けない!
|Night Attack/En = I... won't lose!
|Night Attack/Note =
|MVP = 私…?そう…そうですか。
|MVP/En = Me? I see... Alright then.
|MVP/Note =
|Minor Damage 1 = こんなの…痛く…ない!
|Minor Damage 1/En = This... doesn't hurt... at all.
|Minor Damage 1/Note =
|Minor Damage 2 = 私には…通用しないよ。
|Minor Damage 2/En = That won't do anything to me.
|Minor Damage 2/Note =
|Major Damage = 痛い…!だからって、負けないよ!
|Major Damage/En = It hurts! But this won't defeat me!
|Major Damage/Note =
|Sunk = ふふ、沈むの…?いいけど。大湊に…帰る…から…私は…
|Sunk/En = Hahaa... I'm sinking? Fine then... I'll... just go... back to... Oominato...
|Sunk/Note =
===Hourly Notifications===
|00JP =
|00EN =
|00Note =
|01JP =
|01EN =
|01Note =
|02JP =
|02EN =
|02Note =
|03JP =
|03EN =
|03Note =
|04JP =
|04EN =
|04Note =
|05JP =
|05EN =
|05Note =
|06JP =
|06EN =
|06Note =
|07JP =
|07EN =
|07Note =
|08JP =
|08EN =
|08Note =
|09JP =
|09EN =
|09Note =
|10JP =
|10EN =
|10Note =
|11JP =
|11EN =
|11Note =
|12JP =
|12EN =
|12Note =
|13JP =
|13EN =
|13Note =
|14JP =
|14EN =
|14Note =
|15JP =
|15EN =
|15Note =
|16JP =
|16EN =
|16Note =
|17JP =
|17EN =
|17Note =
|18JP =
|18EN =
|18Note =
|19JP =
|19EN =
|19Note =
|20JP =
|20EN =
|20Note =
|21JP =
|21EN =
|21Note =
|22JP =
|22EN =
|22Note =
|23JP =
|23EN =
|23Note =
===Seasonal Quotes===
===Seasonal Quotes===
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*Named after [[wikipedia:Ishigaki Island|Ishigaki Island]].
*Comissioned in February 1941, ''Ishigaki'' just like her sisters mainly patrolled and escorted convoys in Japanese northern waters.
*In October 1943, she sunk the submarine ''USS S-44'' in a gun fight.
*She herself was sunk by the submarine ''USS Herring'' in May 1944.
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