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I-168 伊168
Seiyuu Nakajima Megumi (中島愛) Availability Construction (Normal)
Event Reward
Artist Shobon (ショボン) Implementation 2013/08/01



No.126 伊168 (Imuya イムヤ)

Kaidai VI Class Submarine

I-168 Card.png
Icon HP.png HP 10 (12) Icon Gun.png Firepower 2 (7)
Icon Armor.png Armor 3 (17) Icon Torpedo.png Torpedo 24 (59)
Icon Evasion.png Evasion 15 (39) Icon AA.png AA 0
Icon Aircraft.png Aircraft 0 Icon ASW.png ASW 0
Icon Speed.png Speed Slow Icon LOS.png LOS 9 (29)
Icon Range.png Range Short Icon Luck.png Luck 10 (49)
Resource Consumption
FuelKai.png Fuel 10 AmmoKai.png Ammo 20
Build Time Slots
00:22:00 (Normal) 1
Stock Equipment Space
Xx c.png - Unequipped - 0
- Locked - -
- Locked - -
- Locked - -
Extra Statistics
Modernization Bonus
Scrap Value
Fuel 1 Ammo 2 Steel 2 Bauxite 1
Category Equipment that can be improved with I-168 as helper ship not found


I-168 Kai

No.126 伊168改 (Imuya イムヤ)

Kaidai VI Class Submarine

I-168 Kai Card.png
Icon HP.png HP 15 (17) Icon Gun.png Firepower 3 (11)
Icon Armor.png Armor 5 (18) Icon Torpedo.png Torpedo 30 (69)
Icon Evasion.png Evasion 16 (49) Icon AA.png AA 0
Icon Aircraft.png Aircraft 0 Icon ASW.png ASW 0
Icon Speed.png Speed Slow Icon LOS.png LOS 10 (29)
Icon Range.png Range Short Icon Luck.png Luck 10 (49)
Resource Consumption
FuelKai.png Fuel 10 AmmoKai.png Ammo 20
Remodel Level Slots
Level 50 2
Stock Equipment Space
Xx c.png - Unequipped - 0
Xx c.png - Unequipped - 0
- Locked - -
- Locked - -
Extra Statistics
Remodel Cost
Ammo 200 Steel 130
Modernization Bonus
Scrap Value
Fuel 1 Ammo 2 Steel 2 Bauxite 1
Category Equipment that can be improved with I-168 Kai as helper ship not found
[Edit]I-168 Equipment Bonuses
Equipment Extra Requirement Firepower Torpedo Attack Anti-Air Anti-Submarine View Range Armor Evasion Note
Torpedo-based WeaponType D Kouhyouteki Kai (Kouryuu Kai)Type D Kouhyouteki Kai (Kouryuu Kai) 364 Card.png -1 -7


Event Japanese English Note
Introduction 伊168よ。何よ、言いにくいの? じゃあイムヤでいいわ。よろしくね。 I'm I-168. What? It's hard to say? OK, just call me Imuya. Nice to meet you!
Library 生まれも育ちも呉の潜水艦なの。
空母たちの仇は取ったわ! あの大変な島への輸送任務でも頑張ったの。
I am a submarine born and raised in Kure.
After that battle of Midway, I managed to land the final blow to Yorktown who defeated Hiryuu!
Our carriers were avenged! I also worked hard running transport missions to that terrible island.
USS Yorktown was disabled after the battle of Midway and was being slowly towed back by destroyers. I-168 managed to get in firing range and fired four torpedoes, two of them hit Yorktown which was sunk the next morning. I-168 also participated in transport missions to Guadalcanal in 1943.
Secretary 1 司令官、慣れてくれた? イ・ム・ヤ、だよ? Commander, are you used to my name? It's I-Mu-Ya, you know?
Secretary 2 私、今は浮き輪に乗ってるけど、ホントは潜るとすごいのよ! I may be riding on a float right now, but I'm actually an amazing diver!
Secretary 3 あっ、後ろから見てたの? スマホとかで遊んでたんじゃないからね。 Ah, were you looking at me from behind? It's not like I'm playing with a smart phone or anything!
Idle 司令官、イムヤのこと嫌いになったの? Commander, did you come to hate Imuya?
Secretary Married 司令官、疲れたら休もうね Commander, let's take a break if you are tired.
Wedding 司令官、私100mぐらい潜れるんだよ。今度一緒に潜ってみない?私、一生懸命案内するから。この戦いが終わったら…約束よ?」 Commander, I can dive to about 100m. Won't you come dive with me this time? I, will guide you with all my strength. When this fight is over... it's a promise, okay?
Looking At Scores 司令官宛の報告があるみたいよ。 There seems to be a report addressed to the commander.
Joining A Fleet さぁ出撃よ、伊号潜水艦の力、見ててよね! It's time to deploy, I'll show you the power of adai-class submarine!
Equipment 1 やだ、私どんどん強くなっちゃうわね! No way, I keep getting stronger!
Equipment 2 司令官が望むなら、これもいいかな……? If it's the commander's desire, then this is alright too...?
Equipment 3 ワオ! 大漁大漁! Wow! Big catch, big catch!
 ⇧ shared with expedition selection, resource collection, instant repair and development
Supply はい、補給いただきました! Yes, I recieved my supplies!
Docking Minor んー。助かるわぁ。 Nnn. That helps.
Docking Major こんな傷たいしたことないんだから!……あ、あんまり痛くはしないでね… This wound is nothing serious! ...D...don't make it too sore...
Docking Complete 艦の修理終わったわ。 The repair is finished.
Construction 新型艦が出来たわ! どんな艦だろう? A new ship has been created! I wonder what kind of ship it is?
Returning From Sortie 作戦終了、艦隊が帰還したわ。 Operation complete! The fleet has returned.
Starting A Sortie 敵の船底に、大穴開けてあげるから! I'm gonna put some big holes in the enemies' hulls!
Battle Start さ、いらっしゃい! Well, bring it on!
Attack 魚雷1番から4番まで装填、さぁ、戦果を上げてらっしゃい! Load torpedoes from 1 to 4. Let's go get a win! I-168 had 6 torpedo tubes. 4 of them were in bow and 2 of them were in stern.
 ⇧ shared with day/night special attacks, support expedition team arrival
Night Battle 夜は私たちの世界よ、仕留めるわ! The night is our world! I'll finish you! At night, it's hard to find periscope or trajectory of torpedoes, so submarines are advantageous.
Night Attack 密かに近づいて、確実に沈めるの。 I'll approach stealthily, sinking you for certain.
MVP やったぁ! 海のスナイパー、イムヤにお任せ! 正規空母だって仕留めちゃうから! I did it! You can rely on Imuya, the sniper of the sea! I'll even finish off aircraft carriers! In the battle of Midway, I-168 sunk an American aircraft carrier, the Yorktown.
Minor Damage 1 うそ! 気づかれた!? No way! I was noticed!?
Minor Damage 2 やばっ! 急速潜行! 急いで! Oh no! Crash dive! Hurry!
Major Damage あぁん! 水着が破けちゃうじゃない。 Ahhnn! My swimsuit got torn!
Sunk ああ、もっと太陽を浴びていたかったな…。海の底はもう…飽きたよ… Ahh, I wanted to bathe in the sun more... I've had enough of... the seabed...

Hourly Notifications[]

Time Japanese English Note
00:00 マルマルマルマル。夜12時よ。 0000. It's midnight.
01:00 マルヒトマルマル。深夜よ。明日の仕事とか学校とか、大丈夫? 0100. Night-time. Will you be okay at school or work tomorrow?
02:00 マルフタマルマル。ホント夜型ね。 0200. You're really a night person.
03:00 マルサンマルマル。大丈夫? ホント明日予定とか無いの? 0300. Is it okay? You really don't have anything planned for tommorrow?
04:00 マルヨンマルマル。イムヤ、もうしーらない。 0400. Imuya doesn't care anymore.
05:00 マルゴーマルマルよ。え、イムヤの声聞きたかったの? 0500. Eh, did you want to hear Imuya's voice?
06:00 マルロクマルマル。司令官、思いっきり朝だよ。 0600. Commander, it's morning before you knew it!
07:00 マルナナマルマル。さ、働くわよ。 0700. Come on, time for work!
08:00 マルハチマルマル。私って、結構朝強いんだから! 0800. I'm pretty strong in the morning, you know!
09:00 マルキュウマルマル。さぁ、お仕事お仕事ぉ! 0900. Let's get to work let's get to work!
10:00 ヒトマルマルマルです。お昼までは全力で行きましょう! 1000. Let's go with all our strength until lunch!
11:00 ヒトヒトマルマル。頑張ればきっと美味しいランチが待ってるわ! 1100. If we work hard I'm sure there will be delicious lunch waiting for us!
12:00 ヒトフタマルマル。美味しいランチ、ゲットです! 1200. Tasty lunch, get!
13:00 ヒトサンマルマル。司令官と一緒のお昼、嬉しいな! 1300. Lunch with the commander, I'm really happy!
14:00 ヒトヨンマルマル。さあ、午後も頑張って出撃よ! 1400. Well then, let's give it our best and sortie even in the afternoon!
15:00 ヒトゴマルマル。三時のあなた……あなたの惨事……きゃぁ、なんか怖い! 1500. The 3 o'clock you... the disaster of yours... it's somehow scary! 三時 /sanji/ 惨事 /sanji/ lit. 3 o'clock you; your disaster. Looks like a play on words.
16:00 ヒトロクマルマルよ。もう夕方ね。 1600. It's already evening.
17:00 ヒトナナマルマル。司令官頑張って! 1700. Commander, do your best!
18:00 ヒトハチマルマル。御飯作るよ!ご飯! 1800. Let's make dinner! Dinner!
19:00 ヒトキュウマルマル。あたしカレーしか作れないけどいーい?じゃあ一緒に作ろっか!一時間後、一緒に食べようね! 1900. I can only make curry, is that okay? Alrighty, let's make it together! We can eat together in an hour! Curry was, and is, the default menu for Fridays on Japanese naval vessels.
20:00 フタマルマルマル。ちゃんとカレーできた?それじゃ一緒に、いただきます! 2000. Did you make the curry properly? Well then, let's eat together!
21:00 フタヒトマルマル。なんか晩御飯食べると、お腹いっぱいで眠くなる……。 2100. Somehow after eating dinner and getting full, I get sleepy...
22:00 フタフタマルマル。お風呂入ってくる! 2200. I'm going to the bath!
23:00 フタサンマルマル。司令官、今日も一日お疲れ様でした! 2300. Commander, thanks for another day's hard work!

Seasonal Quotes[]

Event Japanese English Note
Christmas 2013
Christmas 2014
Christmas 2014
End of Year 2014
New Year 2015
Setsubun 2015
Valentines Day 2015
Valentines Day 2015
White Day 2015
Second Anniversary 2015
Second Anniversary 2015
Rainy Season 2015
Early Summer 2015
Early Summer 2015
Early Summer 2015
Early Summer 2015
Early Summer 2015
Mid-Summer 2015
Mid-Summer 2015
Mid-Summer 2015
Mid-Summer 2015
Mid-Summer 2015
Fall 2015
Fall 2015
Fall 2015
Fall 2015
Fall 2015
Halloween 2015
Fall Event 2015
Fall Event 2015
Christmas 2015
Christmas 2015
Christmas 2015
End of Year 2015
New Year 2016
New Year 2016
Setsubun 2016
Valentines Day 2016
司令官、このイムヤの艦橋型スマホサイズチョコ、あげる!一応、イムヤの手作りだよ!結構大変だったんだから Commander, here's this bridge-shaped, smartphone-sized chocolate! Just to let you know, Imuya made it! Imuya did her best in making it!
Valentines Day 2016
司令官、イムヤのチョコ、ちゃんと食べてくれた?・・・え、飾ってある?それなんか違うー!早く食べてよぉ、もう Commander, did you eat, Imuya's chocolate? ...eh, you pinned it up for decoration? That's not what it was meant for! Come on, eat it! Secretary 2
Hinamatsuri 2016
さ!折角の雛祭り!私たち伊号で五人囃子をやりましょう?衣装はこのイムヤが作っておきました!可愛いでしょ? Now, it's the awaited Hinamatsuri! We I-class subs should go as the five court musicians, right? Imuya here already made the outfits! Aren't they cute? The 五人囃子 are placed on the third-tier platform, and represent the musicians of the court. There are adequately five I-class submarines.
Hinamatsuri 2016
司令官!やっと春が来ますね。うー、今年の冬は長かった。暖かくなったら、司令官も海の中、一緒にどうですか。 Commander! Spring has finally come. Mmm, winter was long this year. When the season gets warmer, how about taking a dive into the ocean with us, Commander? Secretary 2
White Day 2016
わおー!司令官、チョコのお返しありがとう!あんまり食べたら太っちゃうかな?イムヤ、お茶入れるね? Wow! Commander, thanks for the return gift! If I eat too much, I might gain some weight though. Should Imuya prepare some tea?
Spring 2016
「司令官!やっと春が来ますね!ん~今年の冬は長かった~、暖かくなったら司令官も海の中、一緒にどうですか? Commander! Spring has finally come. Mmm, winter was long this year. When the season gets warmer, how about taking a dive into the ocean with us, Commander? From Seasonal/Hinamatsuri_2016
Third Anniversary 2016
(Rough Transcription) 司令官!三周年です、三周年!すごいね!イムヤも少しびっくり。これからも、伊号のこと、宜しくね! (Rough Translation) Commander! It's the third anniversary, the third anniversary! So cool! Imuya is a bit surprised too. Please take care of me from now on too!
Third Anniversary 2016
Rainy Season 2016
最近、雨が多いですね。梅雨だから仕方ないけど。あ、イク!てるてる坊主作ってるんだ!見せて見せて!…… こ、個性的だね。 It's been raining a lot recently, hasn't it? It's the rainy season so it can't be helped. Ah, Iku! So you are making a teru-teru bouzu! Show me, show me! ...It's, um, quite unique.
Rainy Season 2016
Early Summer 2016
Mid-Summer 2016
Fall 2016
Fall 2016
Sanma 2016
Christmas 2016
New Year 2017
New Year 2017
Setsubun 2017
Valentines Day 2017
Valentines Day 2017
Hinamatsuri 2017
Hinamatsuri 2017
White Day 2017
Spring 2017
Fourth Anniversary 2017
Rainy Season 2017
Rainy Season 2017
Early Summer 2017
Mid-Summer 2017
Fall 2017
Sanma 2017
Late Fall 2017
Eve Of Battle
Fall 2017 Event
Christmas 2017
End Of Year 2017
New Year 2018
Setsubun 2018
Valentines Day 2018
Eve Of Battle 2018
Winter 2018 Event
White Day 2018 Event
Spring 2018 Event
Fifth Anniversary 2018
Rainy Season 2018
Summer 2018
Sanma 2018
Christmas 2018
End Of Year 2018
New Year 2019
Setsubun 2019
For new seasonal lines that may be missing here, check Seasonal



  • The submarines share the same costume, consisting of a white and blue serafuku top with pink scarf over a classic blue school swimsuit.
  • I-168 herself has long red or pink hair, in a ponytail with a hair ribbon on a strand on her right side. 


  • I-168 is confident and hardworking, but lacks other notable personality traits.


  • Was called I-68 at the beginning of the war ; Japanese re-numbering program which names her I-168 took place shortly before Midway.
  • Sunk by USS Scamp at north of Rabaul 27 July 1943.
  • Refers to herself as Imuya. The "i" or "ichi" is a way to read 1 in Japanese. Followed by "mu" or "mutsu" for 6 and "ya" for a way to read 8.
  • Known for being the first submarine of the Pacific war to sink a capital ship, the already damaged USS Yorktown.

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