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This page record any hints about what's upcoming for KanColle and other closely-related media from everywhere, that are not on the Recent Updates page either because that are too far away (for instance, content expected to come after more than half year) or because the source of those information are not as credible as official twitter announcement.

Outdated hints will be deleted from this page, an archive for them to check for source reliability is currently under consideration.

New ShipsEdit

Aircraft Carrier ShinanoEdit

Info DateSourceDetail of the hintNote
C84, Summer, 2013提督の夏休み。I mentioned about a "Tragic Aircraft Carrier" that was "born as a younger sister of BB and set to CV" who "sank, without fighting" in "Future Asset" section, with illustration included.[1]An school edition of the character reappeared in 提督の冬休み。 published in the next Comiket (C85, December, 2013)
13 October, 2013Official Twitter ResponseAircraft Carrier Shinano is "completed and on stand-by for introduction, but waiting for her turn as a Standard Carrier".She is currently the last unimplemented IJN Standard Carrier that was completed historically, after Katsuragi's introduction in Spring 2015.

Matsu Class and No.1-class landing shipEdit

Info DateSourceDetail of the hintNote
end of year 2014Febri Vol. 26"Matsu-class" is a keyword for upcoming kanmusus[2]Other keywords includes "... of oversea ships" and "...of submarine"
March 2015Comptiq Volume 2015 AprilIn the third year of the game (Apr 23, 2015 to Apr 22,2016), there will be implementation of Type D Destroyers (Matsu-class) and its derived ship.[3]The same source also hinted the implementation of auxiliary ships like Seaplane Tender (i.e. Akitsushima and Mizuho)
May 2015鎮守府生活のすゝめ Vol.6Picket Destroyers (Matsu-class) and high speed transport ships that are based on the aforementioned wartime destroyers (No.1-class landing ship) will come this year. The same source have also hinted the implementation of more auxiliary ships and boats like Flying Boat, as well as Hayasui.[4]
December 2015Comptiq Volume 2016 JanuaryIn respect of future development of destroyers, there would be Matsu-Class, but before that, " ... of the class before Mutsuki-Class"Kamikaze? Minekaze? Destroyers 2nd Class?.

Fletcher ClassEdit

Info DateSourceDetail of the hintNote
December 2018Comptiq Volume 2019 January"Several Fletcher-class ships" are mentioned, not just oneJohnston is already here, but more to come.

Second RemodellingEdit

All KanmususEdit

Info DateSourceDetail of the hintNote
 Explanation attached to a certain volume of official Fubuki 4koma manga[citation needed]It has been stated somewhere else that all kanmusus will get their second remodel (eventually).


Carrier belonging to CarDiv 1 was also mentioned multiple times.

New equipmentEdit

Gekkou LB Night FighterEdit

Info DateSourceDetail of the hintNote
December 2018Comptiq Volume 2019 JanuaryType 2 LB Recon may (or not) be upgradeable to GekkouSame article also mentions "more high-spec land-based recons coming later"

Prototype Reppuu (early model)Edit

Info DateSourceDetail of the hintNote
8 March 2019Official TwitterOrange Prototype Reppuu is planned to be added in the futureThat's from update patchnotes

Other featuresEdit

Social FunctionEdit

Info DateSourceDetail of the hintNote
A month before the official launch of kancolleThird party news reportinformation released back then stated that the game would have social function like card/weapon trading.[5]
Since KanColle's launchon top of the game's main screenit has a greyed out button with text saying "friendship system" and "to be implement in phase 2".

KanColle Phase 2Edit

Info DateSourceDetail of the hintNote
May 1, 2013C2 Kikan Official twitterEvent and Phase 2 will come soon.[6]First kc event started 2.5 weeks after that statement were published

External LinkEdit

Sites regularly report about kancolle with various info sources:


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