This page is designed to answer some questions regarding Japanese and its use on Kancolle Wikia. For more information regarding Japanese and its use on Wikia, please refer to Wikipedia's Help page on Japanese. If you have trouble viewing Japanese, please refer to Wikipedia's Help page on Installing Japanese character sets page for assistance on your particular operating system.

Purpose on Kancolle Wikia Edit

Due to the nature of this game being Japanese the use of Japanese language on Kancolle Wikia helps players understand Japanese characters in general.

Tools aiding Japanese learning Edit

There are several tools available including those that works on browsers for users wanting to get quick reference whilst navigating in general. Ideally keen language learners should try to avoid freely available online and automated translation tools as they are known to not translate well with complete sentences for instance.

The following shows some of the free tools that are available for translating portions of Japanese words via dictionary lookup. Please note that this is not a conclusive nor a definitive list:

Notes Edit

  1. There is a bug with the icon indicating that it is on when it is not working. Please click on the icon again and check to see if you get a popup dialogue indicating that it has been enabled.
  2. This is not a browser specific add-on - it works on virtually anything shown on the screen that requires character recognition. However, it may not always work well and/or it may wrongly recognise a character that is as displayed.
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