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Class classification[]

All ship class codes on the list are based on USN Hull Classification Codes or modifications thereof.

Terms In-game Code Japanese Name English Name
Kanji Romaji Community Official
DD 駆逐 駆逐艦 Kuchikukan Destroyer
DE 海防 海防艦 Kaibōkan Coastal Defense Ship Escort
AS 潜母艦 潜水母艦 Sensui bokan Submarine Tender
SS 潜水艦 Sensuikan Submarine
SSV* 潜母 潜水空母 Sensuikūbo Aircraft Carrying Submarine
CL 軽巡 軽巡洋艦 Kei Jun'yōkan Light Cruiser
CLT* 雷巡 重雷装巡洋艦 Jūraisō Jun'yōkan Torpedo Cruiser*
CT* 練巡 練習巡洋艦 Renshū Jun'yōkan Training Cruiser*
CA 重巡 重巡洋艦 Jū Jun'yōkan Heavy Cruiser
CAV* 航巡 航空巡洋艦 Kōkū Jun'yōkan Aviation Cruiser*
AV 水母 水上機母艦 Suijōkibokan Seaplane Tender Seaplane Carrier
CVL/CV/CVB - 航空母艦 Kōkū bokan Fleet Carrier -
CVL 軽母 軽空母 Kei kūbo Light Aircraft Carrier
CV 正規空母 Sei'ki Kūbo Standard Aircraft Carrier Aircraft Carrier
CVB 装母 装甲空母 Sōkō kūbo Armored Aircraft Carrier*
BB 戦艦 Senkan Battleship Battleship
FBB* 高速戦艦 Kōsoku Senkan Fast Battleship*
BBV* 航戦 航空戦艦 Kōkū Senkan Aviation Battleship*
LHA* 揚陸 ドック型揚陸艦 Dokkugata Yōrikukan Amphibious Assault Ship*
AR 工作艦 Kōsakukan Repair Ship
AO 補給 補給油艦[citation needed] Hokyūyukan

[citation needed]

Fleet Oiler


  • Terms "Kūbo" (空母) is a shorthand for "Kōkū bokan" (航空母艦), which means "Aircraft Carrier".
  • The game, the cards, and the encyclopedia have the ship class in English, but some are rendered differently from above.
    • "Aircraft Carrying Submarine" instead of "Submarine Aircraft Carrier"
    • "Aircraft Cruiser" instead of "Aviation Cruiser"
    • "Seaplane Carrier" instead of "Seaplane Tender"
    • "Aircraft Carrier" instead of "Standard Aircraft Carrier"
    • "Aircraft Carrier" instead of "Armored Aircraft Carrier"
    • "Battleship" instead of "Fast Battleship"
      • The latter is generally employed on the wiki
  • There are no USN hull classification codes for:
    • Submarine Aircraft Carriers
    • Training Cruisers
    • Torpedo Cruisers
    • Aviation Cruisers
    • Armored Carriers
    • Fast Battleships
    • Aviation Battleships
    • Landing Craft Carriers (Amphibious Assault Ship)
      • Specifically, a dual-purpose landing craft depot ship & escort aircraft carrier
    • Coastal Defense Ships
      • However its role is equivalent to destroyer escort or patrol frigate in USN.
  • Unless otherwise specified or listed side by side, FBB is considered as a subcategory of BB, and thus all FBB are BB.
  • Legacy code for how people call different ship type:
    • FBB is sometimes coded as Fast BB.
    • As the first in-game FBB was a Battlecruiser, and somewhere in the game's legacy code they are also called cruising battleship, the Japanese translation for battlecruiser, thus there are also people who term FBB as BC(simple shortening of the name) or CC(Historical hull code).
    • CT used to be coded as CLp in this wiki. Several other places still using CLp.
    • Armored Carrier is sometimes coded as CVB which is in itself a code for large carrier. Calling the current three Armored Carrier in game - Taihou, Shoukaku, and Zuikaku (the latter two in Kai Ni A form) as CVB would be historically inaccurate but since it is easier to use to differentiate them from other standard carriers, the term is used in various places nowadays.
      • The USN's first CVB was the Midway-class in 1945, but the category was merged into CVA in 1952.
      • There was a poll and a discussion on this wikia suggesting a replacement for the code but it was suppressed.
      • Some other off-site communities also use CVA for armored carrier which the hull code itself is for attack aircraft carrier.


Crossing the T[]

A classic naval strategy in which a line of warships cross in front of a line formation of enemy ships, allowing the crossing line to bring all their guns to bear while receiving fire from only the forward guns of the enemy.

Gameplay-wise, when the player's fleet crosses the opponent's fleet (T Advantage/'Green T'), BOTH sides gain a significant increase in damage dealt. When the opponent's fleet crosses the player's fleet (T Disadvantage/'Red T'), BOTH sides have significantly reduced damage dealt.


It allows damaged ships to be repaired to full health. The repair, represented by a bath, requires steel Steel & fuel Fuel, and will take 'some' time to complete. The Instant repair item, or Bucket (高速修復材) Instant repair, will instantly complete the repair.


This is where fleets are sent to complete expeditions in exchange for resources and specific rewards. No expedition involves combat. For some ship girls and items, the only way to obtain them is through expeditions. However, fuel Fuel is drained in the process and requires resupply once the expedition is finished. It is also one of the main sources of income.

Food supply ship Irako[]

Icon in the 'Inventory' menu showing that Irako's food can be used

Or more loosely, Sparkle.

Irako raises a number of ship girls' morale to sparkle status which eliminates their fatigue.

Food supply ship Mamiya[]

Blinking button in the 'Organize' menu showing that Mamiya's food can be used

Or more loosely, Fatigue.

It removes any fatigue on a fleet which increases their morale. When left unused, it can function as a fatigue indicator, as it blinks when a ship girl has fatigue even without the orange fatigue indicator.


The process of using other ship girls to increase stats (Firepower Firepower, AA Anti-Air, Torpedo Torpedo Attack, Armor Armor) on a single ship girl. It is also known as 'Merging'.

Naval Exercise[]

A PVP-like battle with no risk of repair or sinking, but it costs fuel Fuel, ammo Ammunition, and possibly bauxite Bauxite. Opponent teams update in real-time, but there is no simultaneous play.

  • The new opponent list refreshes at 03:00 & 15:00 JST

Phases of Battle[]

  • Day Battle
    1. Reconnaissance (stat boost; avoids being T-crossed if using Saiun)
    2. Initial airstrike (opening bombing; air superiority)
    3. Support fleet attack
    4. Opening/initial torpedo strike (see Type A Ko-hyoteki (甲標的甲型) Torpedo-based Weapon)
    5. Shelling/artillery phase (as well as regular airstrikes)
    6. Closing torpedo salvo
  • Night Battle (also known as Yasen)


Top: The remodel interface
Bottom: A remodeled ship girl

It results in *name*-Kai (改) and improves a ship girl's base stats and maximum stats. It is also known as 'Upgrading' but is often confused with Modernization.


Wikihome fatigue.png

Orange/sad faces are displayed next to the ship girl icon if they are too fatigued. Rest them for 15 minutes or so if it happens. Fatigue will reduce by three every three minutes.

Fatigued ship girls will have lower evasion Evasion and accuracy ( hidden stat).

If ship girls are still fatigued upon returning from an expedition, the expedition will end up failing even with all other criteria fulfilled.


It is the opposite of fatigue. If one or more ship girls sparkle, they will either:

  • Gain an evasion Evasion boost during a sortie. The boost is not shown directly.
  • A chance for 150% resource gain & a higher likelihood of returning with a special item during an expedition.


A medal (勲章) Medal Reward.png, is a multi-purpose item that can be used in exchange for a small amount of resources or a remodel blueprint (改装設計図) BlueprintKai.png. They are obtained by clearing certain maps, events, or a particular map and are shown on the item page (アイテム).

A 'First Class' medal, or 'Class A' medal, is a rare medal which provides rare resources and can only be obtained by clearing Events in hard mode.

  • 1 medal Medal Reward.png will equal Fuel x300, Ammunition x300, Steel x300, Bauxite x300 & Instant repair x2.
  • 1 medal Medal Reward.png will equal Improvement Materials Improvement Materials.png x4.
  • 4 medals Medal Reward.png will equal Remodel Blueprint BlueprintKai.png x1.
  • 1 'First Class' medal First-class Medal 061 useitem.png will equal Fuel x10000, Improvement Materials.png x 10, Devmat.png, & Furniture box large.jpg.

Tracer-fire effect[]

This occurs in-game when a ship girl fires any equipped machine guns Anti-aircraft Point-defense Weapon to defend herself, reducing incoming damage from enemy bombers. A flagship will always do this by default even without an anti-air stat.


It involves using a submarine fleet to clear maps with weak anti-submarine Anti-Submarine opponents.


Color-coded Aircraft[]

Color-coded Naval Guns[]

It is based on their roles, not their ability.

  • Intermediate Caliber Main Gun Red gun: Main Gun - primarily used against ships with a secondary role as AA Anti-Air.
  • Auxiliary Gun Yellow gun: Secondary Gun - increases AA Anti-Air and accuracy ( hidden stat).
  • Green gun: High-angle dual-purpose guns or AA machine guns
    • High-angle Gun High-angle guns effectively attack both aircraft & ships.
    • Anti-aircraft Point-defense Weapon AA machine guns used specifically to attack aircraft and always trigger the tracer-fire effect.

Midget Submarine[]

Also known by it's design code name Type A Ko-hyoteki (甲標的甲型) Torpedo-based Weapon , which literally means Target Type A. It's a submarine equippable on Torpedo Cruisers, Submarines, & Seaplane Tenders. They are frequently used because of their ability to attack before the shelling phase.


Turbines Engine are equippable on any ship. They increase evasion Evasion and cause opponents to miss more often.


Skilled Carrier-based Aircraft Maintenance Personnel. Improve carriers shelling performance.


Fleet Command Facility allows users to opt to send a taiha'ed ship back to homeport without retreating the whole Combined Fleet when equipped on the Combined Fleet's Main Fleet's flagship. See equipment page for details.


Striking Force Fleet Command Facility allows users to opt to send a taiha'ed ship back to homeport without retreating the whole fleet [This is where the similarities with the Fleet Command Facility ends; see the last clause for more information] when equipped on the Striking Force Fleet's flagship (the Striking Force is your third available fleet during events). However, there is a significant difference from the Fleet Command Facility that is used for a Combined Fleet. See equipment page for details.


Drum Canister (Transport Use) is occasionally needed when the quest/map/expedition/routing requires you to transport something.


Daihatsu Landing Craft a type of equipment that increase efficiency for expeditions as well as transport load off.

HA guns/mounts[]

Green-colored secondary armament or small gun. It features relatively high anti-air stats. It is not to be confused with green-colored AA/machine gun/autocannon. See the "color-coded naval guns" section above.


Anti-Air Fire Director. It's most significant use is to allow a Anti-Air Cut-In (AACI) when equipped in a certain setup. Some equipment setups, such as HA mount + AAFD, enable different types of AACI. There are also some ships embedded with AAFD and thus do not require an AAFD to activate AACI.


A type of equipments that increase armor but reduce evasion slightly.

Shipname-based gun nickname[]

Gun name Kanmusu Nickname
10cm Twin High-angle Gun Mount + Anti-Aircraft Fire Director Akizuki akigun
10cm Twin High-angle Gun Mount (Carriage) Ooyodo
12cm Single Gun Mount Mutsuki
120mm/50 Twin Gun Mount Libeccio
12.7cm Twin Gun Mount Model B Kai 2 Yuudachi poigun
12.7cm Twin High-angle Gun Mount (Late Model) Urakaze
12.7cm High-angle Gun + Anti-Aircraft Fire Director Maya
14cm Twin Gun Mount Katori
15.2cm Twin Gun Mount Agano
15.5cm Triple Gun Mount Mogami
20.3cm (No.2) Twin Gun Mount Haguro
20.3cm (No.3) Twin Gun Mount Mikuma
SKC34 20.3cm Twin Gun Mount Prinz Eugen pudding guns
35.6cm Twin Gun Mount (Dazzle Camouflage) Haruna dazzle panty guns
41cm Twin Gun Mount Nagato/Mutsu
46cm Triple Gun Mount Yamato hotel guns

Admiral Names[]

Different Kanmusus use different words to call the Admiral.

Here includes all the names that your Kanmusus call you.

List of names[]

Play English Japanese Romanji Note

(Kongou's Damaged line)
Admiral 提督 Teitoku

(Zuikaku's Secretary(1) line)

Admiral 提督さん Teitoku-san

(Fubuki's Secretary(3) line)
Commander 司令官 Shireikan Used primarily by the destroyers

(Tokitsukaze's Idle line)
Commander 司令 Shirei Also used by Yukikaze

(Akitsu Maru's Secretary(1) line)
Officer 将校 Shoukou A name used by IJA, but don't know if I should put it here, since Akitsu Maru have realized that you're an Admiral.

(Maruyu's Showing score line)
Sir/Leader 隊長 Taichou Also an IJA name, used frequently by Maruyu

(Sazanami's Secretary(2) line)
Master ご主人様 Goshujin-sama This name is used by Sazanami only.

(Akebono's Introduction line)
Shitty Admiral クソ提督 Kuso Teitoku This name is used by Akebono only.

(Prinz Eugen's 3rd Anniversary line)
Admiral アドミラール Adomirāru Used by Iowa, rarely by U-511 and Prinz Eugen.

(Graf Zeppelin's 2:00AM Hourly Notification)
Admiral アトミラール Atomirāru Used by Graf Zeppelin, very rarely by Bismarck. ("Atomiraru"?! Speak about poor choice of syllables. Nagato and Prinz Eugen are probably not amused..)

(Warspite's Secretary (2)line)
Admiral アドマイラル Admyral Used by Warspite only.

(Ark Royal's Docking (Major) line)
Admiral アドミラル


(Richelieu's Introduction line)

Mon amiral( My admiral)




monamiral (French pronunciation)

Used by Richelieu only.

(Tashkent's Introduction line)
Comrade Admiral 同志提督 Dōshi Teitoku Used by Tashkent only.

(Tashkent Kai's Introduction line)
Comrade Admiral 同志アドミラル Dōshi Adomiraru Used by Tashkent Kai only.

(Jervis Kai's Night Battle line)
Darling ダーリン Dārin Used by Jervis only.



One of Inazuma's lines is read backwards, as in traditional Japanese, the characters are read right-to-left. It also appears as a wall scroll on the furniture page.


The fleet idol, Naka-chan dayo!~ (see idol girl group AKB48). 2-4-11 refers to the fuel Fuel /ammo Ammunition /steel Steel combination received from scrapping Naka.

Abyssal Fleet[]

The enemy we are fighting against in this game.

Before the word got coined by the game staff, some called them "Ship Souls" and so forth.[1]

According to a interview on the game staff, the idea of an abyssal fleet came from the negative emotions of ships that sank from both side of 'the war'.


A picture of Yukikaze Beaver

See Yukikaze and notice the similarities. Pic related.

Japanese fans call her 'Hamster' instead.

Big Seven[]

A group of battleships built to carry the largest naval gun (16"/41cm) allowed by the Washington Naval Treaty. It comprised of Nagato, Mutsu, USS West Virginia, USS Maryland, USS Colorado, HMS Rodney, and HMS Nelson.

Black Rick Shooter/Black Ruck Shooter[]

A nickname for Heavy Cruiser Ri-Class Kai and Battleship Ru-Class Kai, respectively. These are combined to share the same abbreviation.

  • Abbreviated as BRS.

Black Wock Shooter[]

A nickname for Standard Carrier Wo-Class Kai Flagship.

  • Abbreviated as BWS.


A notable line or catch phrase from Kongou, who loves tea & tea time and is fond of interspersing English words into her lines due to being built in England.

Other examples include:

  • 提督ゥ~、You've Got Mail! Love letterは許さないからネ!
  • Wow! Congratulation!
  • Tea timeは大事にしないとネー
  • 撃ちます! Fire!


The go-getter nickname for the Battleship Princess, due to her immense HP and defense which enables her to divert and take a massive amount of attacks intended for the enemy flagship from the player's fleet, which is in turn, referenced to the vacuum cleaners under the Dyson brand due to their never ending suction power.


Shorthand for Kitakami and is a play on the Japanese net slang 'KTKR'. It is read as Kita Kore, which literally means 'It's here!', representing 'Woohoo, I got it!' or 'I've been waiting for this!'

Last Dance[]

Last Dance is the attempt to slay the boss when the boss HP bar is depleted to its final form. This usually can be seen during Events or on Extra Operations where people are struggling to clear the operation.


A nickname for Yuubari due to her uniform color scheme and general resemblance to a melon and/or the City of Yuubari, on the namesake Yuubari River, which is well-known for its melons.


The name is due to Nagato's (長門) second kanji, 門, which can be pronounced as mon.

Instead of being cool and serious, Nagato is usually doing silly things or showing love to random destroyers, Northern Princess, and other ship girls.

Rensouhou-chan (連装砲ちゃん)[]

Danbo-like robot turrets which appear with Shimakaze. Amatsukaze, having a more formal character, calls hers' Rensouhou-kun instead.

Choujuusenchihou-chan (長10cm砲ちゃん)[]

Akizuki, Teruzuki, Suzutsuki, and Hatsuzuki refer to their turrets as Choujuusenchihou-chan. With Shimakaze and Amatsukaze, they are the 6 destroyers with "animated turrets".



Light Carrier Ryuujou, which has a second flight deck very flat chest (don't complain about it, the chart agrees).

Tenryuu's Kindergarten[]

A common theme where Tenryuu and destroyers are regularly used in expeditions due to low fuel Fuel and ammo Ammunition costs. The official 4-koma, Fubuki, Ganbarimasu!, also shows Tenryuu as a good caretaker of children (destroyers), hence the name.


Nickname given to Zuikaku, which references her performance in the Battle of the Philippine Sea, nicknamed "the Great Marianas Turkey Shoot". Due to both inexperienced pilots and new American fighters (F6F Hellcats and F4U Corsairs), most of the Japanese carrier aircraft were easily shot down with little loss on the American side resulting in "a turkey shoot."


  • Literally Night Battle. Can refer to both the battle stage in game mechanic or battles conducted at night in real world as well as with sexual subtext.

Yasen Baka[]

  • Literally Night Battle Idiot or Night Battle addict. Refer to Sendai. See her page for detail.

Zekamashi (ぜかまし)[]

Shimakaze's name read backwards, as in traditional Japanese, the characters are read right-to-left. It is found on one of the Rensouhou-chan's life buoys.


A nickname for Prinz Eugen which comes from the Japanese pronunciation of Prinz being Pu Ri N Tsu which is very close to the Japanese pronunciation of pudding, Pu Ri N.


The Akizuki class. Refers to the Nihon-shiki romanization of Akizuki, which is Akiduki and shortened to 'Duki.


Also known as their launch date.

Alternative dates are their construction start date, their laid down date, their completion date, their service start date, their date of construction/drop for the KanColle player, or the date they are introduced into KanColle.

Coastal Defense Ship[]

Shimushu-Class Coastal Defense Ship

Etorofu-Class Coastal Defense Ship

Hiburi-Class Coastal Defense Ship


Kamikaze-Class Destroyers

Mutsuki-Class Destroyers

Fubuki-Class Destroyers

Ayanami-Class Destroyers

Akatsuki-Class Destroyers

Hatsuharu-Class Destroyers

Maestrale-Class Destroyers

Shiratsuyu-Class Destroyers

Type 1934 Class Destroyers

  • 1st Z1 18 August 1935
  • 3rd Z3 30 November 1935

Asashio-Class Destroyers

Tashkent-Class Destroyers

J-Class Destroyers

Kagerou-Class Destroyers

Yuugumo-Class Destroyers

Akizuki-Class Destroyers

Fletcher-Class Destroyers

Light Cruisers[]

Tenryuu-Class Light Cruiser

Kuma-Class Light Cruiser

Nagara-Class Light Cruiser

Sendai-Class Light Cruiser

Agano-Class Light Cruiser

Heavy Cruisers[]

Furutaka-Class Heavy Cruisers

Aoba-Class Heavy Cruisers

Myoukou-Class Heavy Cruisers

Zara-Class Heavy Cruisers

Takao-Class Heavy Cruisers

Mogami-Class Heavy Cruisers

Tone-Class Heavy Cruisers


Kongou-Class Battleships

Fusou-Class Battleships

Ise-Class Battleships

Nagato-Class Battleships

Nelson-Class Battleships

Vittorio Veneto-Class Battleships

Yamato-Class Battleships

Iowa-Class Battleships

Light Carriers[]

Shouhou-Class Light Carriers

Taiyou-Class Light Carriers

Hiyou-Class Light Carriers

Ryuuhou-Class Light Carriers

  • Ryuuhou 30 November 1942 (Reclassified as Light Carriers)

Chitose-Class Light Carriers

  • Chitose 15 December 1943 (Reclassified as Light Carriers)
  • Chiyoda 15 December 1943 (Reclassified as Light Carriers)

Standard Carriers[]



Seaplane Tender[]

List of Vessels by Seiyuu[]

Seiyuu Ship girls
Akasaki Chinatsu (赤崎千夏) Zara, Pola, Aquila, Heavy Cruiser Princess (special boss)
Asami Haruna (浅見春那) Colorado, Giuseppe Garibaldi, Northern Little Sister (special boss), Abyssal Pacific Princess (special boss)
Bridcut Sarah Emi
(ブリドカット セーラ 恵美)
Maikaze, Hatsukaze, Yuubari, Suzuya, Kumano
Endou Aya (遠藤綾) Bismarck, Z1, Z3
Fujita Saki (藤田咲) Akagi, Fusou, Yamashiro, Kagerou, Shiranui, Kuroshio, Yukikaze, TokitsukazeSuzutsuki, Aircraft Carrier Demon (enemy vessel), Aircraft Carrier Princess (special boss), Night Strait Princesses (special boss), Entombed Anti-Air Guardian Princess (special boss)
Hashimoto Chinami
Yamakaze, Iowa, Central Princess (special boss)
Hayami Saori (早見沙織) Graf Zeppelin, Hagikaze, Light Cruiser Princess (special boss), Submarine Princess (special boss), Destroyer Water Demon (special boss)
Hayasaka Kozue (早坂梢) Sazanami, Akebono, Ushio, Oboro
Hidaka Rina (日高里菜) Ryuujou, Mutsuki, Kisaragi, Yayoi, Uzuki, Satsuki, Minazuki, Fumizuki, Nagatsuki, Kikuzuki, Mikazuki, Mochizuki
Hondo Kaede (本渡楓) Oyashio
Horie Yui (堀江由衣) Asagumo, Yamagumo, Amagi, Supply Ship Mamiya, Supply Ship Irako
Iguchi Yuka (井口裕香) Kaga, Tone, Chikuma, Tenryuu, Tatsuta, Nagara, Isuzu, Natori
Imamura Ayaka (今村彩夏) I-13, I-14, I-400, Sado, TsushimaAbyssal Twin Princesses (special boss)
Ise Mariya (伊瀬茉莉也) I-401
Ishigami Shizuka (石上静香) Umikaze, Kawakaze, Mizuho, Seaplane Tender Princess (special boss), Airfield Princess (special boss, from Summer 2015 Event onwards)
Itou Shizuka (伊藤静) Asakaze, Matsukaze, Saratoga, Abyssal Jellyfish Princess (special boss)
Kanemoto Hisako (金元寿子) Kiyoshimo, Hayashimo, Harusame, Northern Princess (special boss)
Kawasumi Ayako (川澄綾子) Unryuu, Isokaze, Ooyodo, Kamikaze, Midway Princess (special boss), Ancient Destroyer Demon (special boss), Destroyer Ancient Princess (special boss)
Kayano Ai (茅野愛衣) Asashimo, Katori, U-511/Ro-500, Katsuragi, Kashima, Arashi, Light Cruiser Demon (special boss), Battleship Water Demon (special boss)
Kitou Akari (鬼頭明里) Kazagumo, Libeccio, Okinami, Maestrale, Kishinami, Air Defense Princess (special boss)
Kobayashi Motoko (小林元子) Hatsuharu, Nenohi, Wakaba, Hatsushimo
Komatsu Mana (小松真奈) Zuihou, Hamakaze, Tanikaze, Urakaze, Fukae
Komatsu Mikako (小松未可子) Akitsushima, Teruzuki, Anchorage Water Demon (special boss)
Kubota Hikari (久保田ひかり) Intrepid
Kuno Misaki (久野美咲) Littorio/Italia, Roma, Takanami, Harbour Water Demon (special boss)
Misato (味里) Musashi, I-19, I-8, Airfield Princess (special boss, prior to Summer 2015 Event), Battleship Princess (special boss)
Miyagawa Wakana (宮川若菜) Chitose, Chiyoda, Asashio, Ooshio, Michishio, Arashio, Arare, Kasumi, Tashkent
Miyamoto Yume (宮本侑芽) Nisshin, Minegumo
Moriyama Yurika (森山由梨佳) Grecale, Duca degli Abruzzi, De Ruyter, Hirato, Usugumo Abyssal Mediterranean Princess (special boss)
Nabatame Hitomi (生天目仁美) Hatakaze, Luigi Torelli, New Submarine Princess (special boss)
Nakajima Megumi (中島愛) Mikuma, I-168, I-58, Kinugasa, Hatsuzuki, Supply Depot Princess (special boss)
Nazuka Kaori (名塚佳織) Houston, Atlanta
Nomizu Iori (野水伊織) Shoukaku, Zuikaku, Kinu, Abukuma, Hayasui, Nelson, Anchorage Princess (special boss), Anchorage Demon (special boss), Abyssal Crane Princess (special boss)
Noto Mamiko (能登麻美子) Taihou, Akitsu Maru, Maruyu, Harukaze, Lycoris Princess (special boss)
Ogura Yui (小倉唯) Amatsukaze, Taigei/Ryuuhou, I-26, Harbour Princess (special boss), Isolated Island Demon, Princess (special boss)
Ootsubo Yuka (大坪由佳) Ise, Hyuuga, Furutaka, Kako, Ooi, Kitakami, Hiyou, Junyou, Hiburi, Daitou
Ozawa Ari (小澤亜李) Akizuki, Prinz Eugen, Nowaki, Janus, Destroyer Princess (special boss), Aircraft Carrier Water Demon (special boss), Anzio Princess (special boss)
Sakakibara Yoshiko
Airfield Princess (special boss) (anime only), Midway Princess (special boss) (anime only)
Sakura Ayane (佐倉綾音) Nagato, Mutsu, Shimakaze, Kuma, Tama, Kiso, Sendai, Jintsuu, Naka
Sasaki Hitomi (咲々木瞳) Shimushu, Kunashiri
Seto Asami (瀬戸麻沙美) Gangut, Kamoi, Northern Water Princess (special boss)
Shiraki Nao (白城なお) Samuel B. Roberts, Johnston
Shutou Yukina (首藤志奈) Kasuga Maru, Etorofu, Matsuwa
Suzaki Aya (洲崎綾) Mogami, Houshou, Aoba, Akatsuki, Hibiki/Верный, Ikazuchi, Inazuma
Suzuki Minori (鈴木みのり) Amagiri, Sagiri
Takao Kanon (高尾奏音) Gotland, Shinyou, Hachijou, Ishigaki
Taketatsu Ayana (竹達彩奈) Yamato, Akigumo, Yuugumo, Makigumo, Naganami, Southern War Princess (special boss)
Taneda Risa (種田梨沙) Myoukou, Nachi, Ashigara, Haguro, Shouhou, Samidare, Suzukaze, Akashi
Tanibe Yumi (谷邊由美) Yura, Shigure, Murasame, Yuudachi, Shiratsuyu, Commandant Teste, Fujinami, Hayanami, HamanamiRichelieu, Seaplane Tender Water Princess (special boss), French Battleship Princess (special boss)
Touyama Nao (東山奈央) Kongou, Hiei, Haruna, Kirishima, Takao, Atago, Maya, Choukai, Ayanami, Shikinami, Jervis
Toyoguchi Megumi (豊口めぐみ) Shinshuu Maru, Akishimo
Uchida Shū(内田秀) Warspite, Ark Royal, Gambier BayMikura, PerthHarbour Summer Princess (special boss), Heavy Cruiser Summer Princess (special boss), European Princess (special boss), Escort Water Princess (special boss)
Uesaka Sumire (上坂すみれ)

Souryuu, Hiryuu, Fubuki, Shirayuki, Hatsuyuki, Miyuki, Murakumo, Isonami, Uranami

Utami Yuki (宇民祐希)


Yamada Yuki (山田悠希) Agano, Noshiro, Yahagi, Sakawa

List of Vessels by Artist[]

Illustrator Ship girls
Akasaka Yuzu
Etorofu, Matsuwa, Tsushima, Sado, Fukae, Hirato
Akira (アキラ) Mizuho, Anchorage Demon (special boss), Anchorage Princess (special boss), Airfield Princess (special boss), Northern Princess (special boss), Commandant Teste, Kamoi, Richelieu, Gambier Bay
Amamiya Chiharu
Samidare, Suzukaze
Tenryuu, Tatsuta, Murakumo, Hatsuharu, Nenohi
Sendai, Jintsuu, Naka, Myoukou, Nachi, Ashigara, Haguro, Tone, Chikuma, Shouhou, Nisshin
Kongou, Hiei, Haruna, Kirishima, Asashio, Ooshio, Michishio, Arashio, Arare, Kasumi, Kagerou, Shiranui, Kuroshio, Shoukaku, Zuikaku, Yura, Kinu, Abukuma, Yuubari, Zuihou, Suzuya, Kumano, Maikaze, Hatsukaze, Agano, Noshiro, Yahagi, Sakawa, Nowaki, Hayasui, Arashi, Hagikaze, Oyashio, Warspite, Ark Royal, Jervis, Nelson, Janus
Oboro, Akebono, Sazanami, Ushio, Tutorial Musume, Sagiri, Amagiri, Gotland
Fujikawa (藤川) Kinugasa, Akigumo, Yuugumo, Makigumo, Naganami, Supply Ship Mamiya, Error Musume, Akashi, Ooyodo, Hayashimo, Kiyoshimo, Supply Ship Irako, Asagumo, Yamagumo, Asashimo, Takanami, Kazagumo, Okinami, Fujinami, Hayanami, Hamanami, Kishinami, Minegumo, Akishimo
Littorio/Italia, Roma, Libeccio, Zara, Pola, Aquila, Luigi Torelli/UIT-25/I-504, Maestrale, Giuseppe Garibaldi, Grecale, Duca degli Abruzzi
Kujou Ichiso
Shiratsuyu, Shigure, Murasame, Yuudachi, Taigei/Ryuuhou, Harusame, Umikaze, Kawakaze, Yamakaze
Kusada Souta
Mutsuki, Kisaragi, Yayoi, Uzuki, MinazukiPerth
Kuu Ro Kuro
Ryuujou, Nagara, Isuzu, Natori, Chitose, Chiyoda, Hiyou, Junyou, Akitsu Maru, Maruyu, Unryuu, Amagi, Katsuragi, I-26
Mikoto Akemi
Takao, Atago
All standard enemy vessels (main design concept creator)
Maya, Choukai, Hamakaze, Tanikaze, Urakaze, Isokaze, Katori, Kashima, Kamikaze, Harukaze, Asakaze, Matsukaze, Hatakaze, ColoradoShinshuu Maru
Fusou, Yamashiro
De Ruyter
Akagi, Kaga, Souryuu, Hiryuu, Ise, Hyuuga, Fubuki, Shirayuki, Hatsuyuki, Miyuki, Isonami, Ayanami, Shikinami, Ooi, Kitakami, Houshou, Mogami, Mikuma, I-401, Uranami, Kasuga Maru/Taiyou, I-400, Hiburi, DaitouIntrepid, Shinyou
Shimada Fumikane
Taihou, Bismarck, Z1, Z3, Prinz Eugen, U-511/Ro-500, Graf Zeppelin
Shizuma Yoshinori
Nagato, Mutsu, Yukikaze, Shimakaze, Yamato, Musashi, Amatsukaze, Tokitsukaze, Akizuki, Akitsushima, Teruzuki, Air Defense Princess (special boss), Hatsuzuki, Iowa, Saratoga, I-13, I-14Suzutsuki, Atlanta
I-168, I-58, I-19, I-8
Kuma, Tama, Kiso, Furutaka, Kako, Shimushu, Kunashiri, Hachijou, Ishigaki
Satsuki, Fumizuki, Nagatsuki, Kikuzuki, Mikazuki, Mochizuki, Akatsuki, Hibiki/Верный, Ikazuchi, Inazuma, Wakaba, Hatsushimo, Gangut/Oktyabrskaya Revolyutsiya, Tashkent
Samuel B. Roberts, Johnston, FletcherHouston

List of Music by Composers[]

Composer Tracks
Okamiya Michio (岡宮道生) Game, Event, OST -Akatsuki-, Incomplete
Ookoshi Kaori ( 大越香里) Game, Event, OST -Akatsuki-, Incomplete
Usami Hiroshi (宇佐美宏) Game, Event, OST -Akatsuki-, Incomplete
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