This page serves as a landing page for KanColle Players who want to discuss anything about the game.


  • Don't be a jerk
  • Please do not bite the newcomers
  • Respect other people.
  • If the topic has a wikia article, directly post your comment there
    • If it is something that's new and informative about the game, put it on the Recent Updates page instead
    • If its about a ship, post your comment on the ship girl's page
    • If it's about multiple ships or all ships in general, you may post your comment here
    • If it's a question about the game, please try asking on the Wikia Forum: Q&A or the Tutorial: FAQ page
    • If you're having cat errors, or whatever other errors, post it on Tutorial: Troubleshooting
    • Check Tutorial: Proxy Connection if you get error area message. Connection methods are occasionally revised.
    • Also check Recent Updates page's comment section to see is there any particular server getting excessive load(s).
    • For other topics, please be mindful of what article to post it to
  • Artworks and other media should have source and/or credits
    • You may put a link in either the comment body or on the caption
    • If it is your own artwork, please showcase it on General_Discussion/Art
  • Off-topic Discussions are allowed but keep it minimum
    • Consider posting it over at Board:Off_Topic
    • One thread per topic is allowed for a given time

Formatting TipsEdit

General EditingEdit

  • When inserting photos, you may want to align left.
    • There is an alignment option in the insert photo popup
    • You may add |left in the File code
  • If you do not want text wrapping your images, you may use {{clr}} for all succeeding text to be on the next line below your image.


  • When using VisualEditor, copy the code inside the box, and use Ctrl+Shift+V for pasting, not just Ctrl+V
  • When using Source Editor, copy-paste the code normally
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