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Maintenance start date and time: 29 October 2021 11:00
Maintenance end date and time: 29 October 2021 20:00


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General Updates[]

  • FuelFuel,AmmunitionAmmo,SteelSteel,BauxiteBauxite maximum amount (hardcap) increased from 300 000 to 350 000.
  • The ship and equipment slot expansion limits have been increased by 10 and 40 respectively, bringing their respective expansion limits up to 470 and 2020.
  • New BGM
    • BGM "Miracle of Yukikaze" has been added to the jukebox as well as some maps in the game.

Dan Yang/Yukikaze Kai NiDan Yang
Yukikaze Kai Ni

Stat Buffs[]

Equipment Updates[]

NEW! Equipment[]

UPDATED! Equipment CG[]

Following Equipment had their CG slightly altered

Equipment Bonuses[]

The following equipment now give visual stat bonuses when equipped on certain ships.

Development Changes[]

With certain ships as secretary, the following equipment are now developable

Akashi's Improvement Arsenal Changes[]

NEW!&UPDATED! Akashi's Improvement Arsenal: Equipment Tables

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New Quests[]