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Maintenance start date and time: 29 October 2021 11:00
Maintenance end date and time: 29 October 2021 20:00


General Changes[]

The time-limited drops implemented with the 20th May update have NOT been removed with this maintenance.

Client Bugfixes[]

  • A bug related to communication errors when selecting planes in the Land Base Aerial Support UI has been fixed.
  • One can now use alternative input methods (such as a touchpad) when selecting nodes to sortie Land Base Aerial Support bases.
  • The Type 1 Land-based Attack Aircraft Model 22AType 1 Land-based Attack Aircraft Model 22A 180 Card.png card in the equipment library has now been fixed.
  • The quest sorting UI on Android has received some fixes pertaining to display issues.
  • The fleet preset UI has been fixed to resolve display issues in some environments.

Akashi's Improvement Arsenal Changes[]

NEW! Akashi's Improvement Arsenal: Equipment Tables

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