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Maintenance start date and time: 29 October 2021 11:00
Maintenance end date and time: 29 October 2021 20:00


General Updates[]

  • The Rainy-Summer 2020 Event is over.
  • Time-limited drops in normal maps are gone.
  • UI/bug fixes
    • Fixed the incorrect resource icon in the 3-2 description tab
    • Fixed two game freezing bugs
  • UI updates
    • Save/Load Preset Fleet menu has had colour/design changes
      • Easier to tell Save & Load apart
  • "Fly, Got Sheep!" minigame "Flight III" update
    • First stage is now a bit easier!
    • Small improvements
    • Added "Extra Sequence II" for skilled sheep launchers

Kaga Kai NiKaga Kai Ni
Kaga Kai Ni E
Kaga Kai Ni Go

  • Kai Ni E Upgrade: Kaga Kai Ni EKaga Kai Ni E
    • Requires Level 82+
    • Requires 1900 Ammunition, 2900 Steel, 88 Development Material 30 Instant Construction Material
    • Can be converted to Kaga Kai Ni GoKaga Kai Ni Go.
    • No Stock Equipment
    • Medium Range
    • Has 5 slots
      • Lower Aircraft Capacity
    • Night Carrier (CV(N))
      • Able to attack and Cut-In during Night Battle without a Night Operation Aviation PersonnelNight Operation Aviation Personnel 258 Card.pngNight Operation Aviation Personnel + Skilled Deckhands 259 Card.png
        • Requires proper Night Fighters and/or Bombers minimum to at least trigger a normal Attack during Night Battle.

Stat Buffs[]


NEW! Equipment[]


  • TBM-3W+3STBM-3W+3S 389 Card.png
    • Can be obtained through a new conversion quest.

Seasonal Changes[]

  • Summer CG removed
  • Old Autumn voicelines are back
  • Some ships have new Autumn voicelines
  • Old Yukata CGs are back
  • NEW! Yukata CGs for the following Ships:
    • Akashi
    • Jingei
    • South Dakota
    • South Dakota Kai
    • Yashiro


NEW! "Kaga, Conquering the Sea"

  • Can be set as your home port BGM through the Jukebox furniture.

(File Soon™)



New Quests[]

ID Requirements Fuel.pngAmmunition.pngSteel.pngBauxite.png Rewards Note[[${host}/Module:Data/Quest/Sortie?action=edit Edit]]
B152 【航空母艦特別任務】航空戦隊、精鋭無比!
Sortie a fleet with 2 Standard Aircraft Carriers and up to 4 additional ships to Worlds 2-4, 2-5, and 4-3. Obtain a S-rank at each boss node. 0 / 0 / 880 / 880 Medal.png x1
then choice between
Development material.png x88
Prototype Flight Deck Catapult x1
TBF ★+4 x1
Requires: A77, B49, ??
Unlocks: B153
B153 改加賀型航空母艦「加賀改二」、抜錨!
Sortie a fleet with Kaga Kai Ni/Kaga Kai Ni E/Kaga Kai Ni Go as flagship, 1 other Standard Aircraft Carrier, and up to 4 additional ships to Worlds 3-4, 4-4, 4-5, and 5-2. Obtain a S-rank at each boss node. 1942 / 2020 / 0 / 0 Ryuusei Kai (CarDiv 1) x1
then choice between
Prototype Shuusui x1
Type 1 Land-based Attack Aircraft Model 22A ★+2 x1
Ka Type Observation Autogyro ★+3 x3
Requires: B152, ??
Unlocks: B154
B154 最精鋭「第一航空戦隊」、出撃!鎧袖一触!
Sortie a fleet with Akagi Kai Ni/Akagi Kai Ni E, Kaga Kai Ni/Kaga Kai Ni E/Kaga Kai Ni Go, and up to 4 additional ships to Worlds 7-2, 5-5, 6-2, and 6-5. Obtain a S-rank at the boss node of 5-5, 6-2, and 6-5 once. Obtain a S-rank at the second boss node of 7-2 once. 0 / 0 / 1830 / 1840 Prototype Flight Deck Catapult x1
Tenzan Model 12A Kai (w/ Type 6 Airborne Radar Kai) x2
Type 1 Land-based Attack Aircraft Model 34 ★+2 x1
then choice between
Action Report x2
Remodel Blueprint x1
Ryuusei Kai (CarDiv 1/Skilled) ★+2 x1
Requires: B137, B153, ??
Unlocks: F91
ID Requirements Fuel.pngAmmunition.pngSteel.pngBauxite.png Rewards Note[[${host}/Module:Data/Quest/Expedition?action=edit Edit]]
D35 南西諸島方面の海上護衛を強化せよ!
Complete Expeditions 4, 9, A1, and B5 once each. 2000 / 0 / 0 / 0 Choice between
Food supply ship mamiya.png"Mamiya" x1
Development material.png x5
Furniture fairy.pngFurniture Fairy x1
then choice between
Underway Replenishment x3
Improvement Materials.png x4
New Model Aerial Armament Material x1
Requires: ??
Yearly Quest - Resets in August every year.
ID Requirements Fuel.pngAmmunition.pngSteel.pngBauxite.png Rewards Note[[${host}/Module:Data/Quest/Exercise?action=edit Edit]]
C46 航空母艦演習
Aircraft Carrier Exercises
Use a fleet with 1 Standard Aircraft Carrier as flagship, 1 other Standard Aircraft Carrier, 2 Destroyers, and up to 2 additional ships to obtain a B-rank(?) (or higher) in Exercises 4 times within the same day. 0 / 800 / 0 / 800 Furniture: "Kaga Cape" Wall Scroll
then choice between
New Model Aerial Armament Material x1
Skilled Crew Member x1
Requires: C34(?), ??
Unlocks: F91, C49(?)
ID Requirements Fuel.pngAmmunition.pngSteel.pngBauxite.png Rewards Note[[${host}/Module:Data/Quest/Arsenal?action=edit Edit]]
F91 新鋭対潜哨戒航空戦力の導入
Introduction of Cutting-Edge ASW Patrol Aircraft
Prepare 1840 Ammunition, 6200 Bauxite, 2 New Model Aerial Armament Material, and 1 Skilled Crew Member in your inventory. Have Kaga Kai Ni Go as secretary equipped with a TBM-3D in her first slot. Scrap 2 TBF, 1 Ryuusei, and 1 Ryuusei Kai.
※ Equipped equipment must be unlocked.
※ The equipped plane will be converted to the reward listed.
※ The prepared resources and items will be consumed upon quest completion.
0 / 0 / 0 / 0 TBM-3W+3S Requires: B154, C46, ??