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White Day Voice Lines[edit | edit source]

  • All previous White Day voice lines are back.
  • The following new ships have received White Day voice lines in this update:
  • The following ships' White Day voice lines were updated because last year they were implemented after Valentine's Day, so their reactions were like "Huh? But I didn't give any...".

Furniture Update[edit | edit source]

  • The furniture shop now offers White Day items.
  • New items include:
    • Admiral's Porthole
    • Tsushima's Wall Scroll
  • The "Naval Base Bar Counter" has been changed from its Hinamatsuri version back to normal.
  • The "Fighter Prototype Poster " has received small changes.

Ship Girl Cookies[edit | edit source]

  • You can now buy cookies in the cash shop.
    • Each cookie includes a Mamiya coupon.

Equipment Changes[edit | edit source]

New Quests[edit | edit source]

ID Requirements Fuel.pngAmmunition.pngSteel.pngBauxite.png Rewards Note
C29 空母機動部隊、演習始め!
Carrier Task Force, Commence Exercises!
Use a fleet with a Light Aircraft Carrier/Standard Aircraft Carrier/Armored Aircraft Carrier as flagship, 1 other Light Aircraft Carrier/Standard Aircraft Carrier/Armored Aircraft Carrier, 2 Destroyers, and up to 2 additional ships to obtain a B-rank (or higher) in Exercises 4 times within the same day. 0 / 400 / 0 / 400 Choice between
Type 99 Dive Bomber 023 Card.pngType 99 Dive BomberType 99 Dive Bomber 023 Card.png x4
Suisei 024 Card.pngSuiseiSuisei 024 Card.png x2
Development material.png x3
then choice between
Type 0 Fighter Model 21 020 Card.pngType 0 Fighter Model 21Type 0 Fighter Model 21 020 Card.png x3
Type 0 Fighter Model 52 021 Card.pngType 0 Fighter Model 52Type 0 Fighter Model 52 021 Card.png x2
Underway Replenishment 146 Card.pngUnderway ReplenishmentUnderway Replenishment 146 Card.png x1
Quarterly Quest
Requires: ??
F83 水上艦艇装備工廠の整備
Maintenance of the Surface Vessels' Equipment Arsenal
Prepare 3000 Steel in your inventory. Scrap 5 small guns, 5 large guns, and 5 reconnaissance seaplanes.

※ The prepared resources will be consumed upon quest completion.

0 / 0 / 0 / 100 Choice between
Furniture fairy.pngFurniture Fairy x1
Improvement Materials.png x2
Development material.png x5
then choice between
Anti-torpedo Bulge (Medium) 072 Card.pngAnti-torpedo Bulge (Medium)Anti-torpedo Bulge (Medium) 072 Card.png x2
Anti-torpedo Bulge (Large) 073 Card.pngAnti-torpedo Bulge (Large)Anti-torpedo Bulge (Large) 073 Card.png x1
Requires: ??

Developer Tweets

Twitter logo blue.png @KanColle_STAFF Patch notes


Don't stop the servers today! We're now going to post the patch notes of the mini update we carried out during today's KanColle server maintenance!
01▼ Furniture Shop Inventory Update 1/2
Next week is White Day, the season of giving back! We've updated the furniture shops inventory, which now features seasonal White Day furniture among other things!

01▼【家具屋さん】お品書きの更新 1/2


02▼ Furniture Shop Inventory Update 2/2
We haven't just added White Day furniture, but also a bunch of new, time-limited items!
・Admiral's Porthole (new!) (※New creation that for some reason wasn't made until now)
・ Tsushima's Wall Scroll (new!) (※For people who're swimming in furniture coins)
※It's, like, totally possible to get a dynamic discount by using a furniture fairy! Just sayin'!

02▼【家具屋さん】お品書きの更新 2/2
●提督の舷窓 new! (※ありそうでなかった新作!)
●「対馬」の掛け軸 new! (※家具コイン長者向け)


03▼ Implementation of time-limited "White Day" voice lines!
Hinamatsuri has come to an end, and it's once again time the seasonal White Day voice lines! All previous voice lines are back, but now they also include lines by Nisshin, Minegumo, Hayanami, Johnston, Hiburi, Fukae and Shin'yō!



04▼ Additional info regarding the White Day voice lines!
The White Day voice lines of ship girls like the American aircraft carrier Intrepid as well as the escort carrier Gambier Bay, who due to the timing during which the lines were added last season were like "Huh? But I didn't give any...", have had some of their lines updated! Kept you waiting, huh?

実装タイミング的に昨シーズンは「あれ?私、あげてないけど…」な艦娘だった、米正規空母「Intrepid」及び同護衛空母「Gambier Bay」などの艦娘【ホワイトデーボイス】、一部更新実装です!同空母群提督の皆さん、お待たせしました!


05▼ Cookies for Ship Girls Now On Sale For A Limited Time!
Once again the item shop has started selling cookies for ship girls. The cookies also include a Mamiya coupon!
※You really don't need this item to progress through the game.
※The cookies don't expire because of some voodoo magic.



06▼ Implementation of two new missions!
The following two missions have been added.
・Maintenance of the Surface Vessels' Equipment Arsenal
・Carrier Task Force, Commence Exercises!
※Each mission has its own unlock requirement.
※The rewards of "Maintenance of the Surface Vessels' Equipment Arsenal" include a furniture fairy.



07▼ Updates of Old Furniture
These are just very small updates. The Naval Base Bar Counter has been changed from its Hinamatsuri version back to normal. Furthermore, the Fighter Prototype Poster that's been decorating the walls has also received small changes together with today's artwork changes to certain fighter aircraft.



08▼ Small Changes to Certain Fighter Aircraft Artworks etc.
The artworks of the "Type 99 Dive Bomber", "Type 99 Dive Bomber (Skilled), "Suisei" and "Suisei Model 12A" have received small changes. Furthermore, "Reppū" as well as "Reppū Kai" have received both new artworks and new equipment names.
※Their stats haven't been changed.
※Their fairies haven't been changed either whenever possible.

「九九式艦爆」 及び「九九式艦爆(熟練)」、「彗星」及び「彗星一二型甲」装備グラフィックを更新、また「烈風」及び「烈風改」装備グラフィック及び装備名を更新します。


09▼ Small Updates of Certain Fighter Aircraft etc. (Additional Info Regarding Name Changes)
The old "Reppū" has received both a new artwork and a new name, and is now called "Prototype Reppū Late Model". Furthermore, the old "Reppū Kai" has also received a name change and is now called "Reppū Model 11".
※Their stats haven't been changed.

09▼一部【艦載機】装備グラフィック等の微更新 (装備名更新の補足です)
旧「烈風」装備は、グラ及び装備名更新により、【試製烈風 後期型】に装備名が更新されます。また、旧「烈風改」も同様に、【烈風 一一型】に装備名が変更されます。


10▼ Regarding "Prototype Reppū Late Model" as well as "Reppū Model 11"
Due to the name changes to the Reppū planes we've also adjusted certain library entries, artworks and quest descriptions accordingly.
※The missions themselves haven't changed.
※We're also currently working on the orange "Prototype Reppū Early Model" and are going to implement it in the future.

10▼「試製烈風 後期型」及び「烈風 一一型」について
※オレンジ色の「試製烈風 前期型」も今後の実装に向け、現在準備中です。

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