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New Music[edit | edit source]

  • The new map BGM "Naganami, Heading Out" has been added.
    • You can listen to it with the Naval Base Jukebox
  • The BGM of certain maps in Worlds 1, 2 and 5 has been changed.

Seasonal CG Changes[edit | edit source]

Equipment CG Changes[edit | edit source]

Furniture Shop Inventory Changes[edit | edit source]

  • The following items and many more are now available in the furniture shop:
    • Cherry Blossom Wallpaper
    • Flower Viewing Window
    • "Main Force of the Main Force" Wall Scroll
    • Japanese Cherry Blossom Arrangement

System Changes[edit | edit source]

New Quests[edit | edit source]

  • The following two quests have been added:
ID Requirements Fuel.pngAmmunition.pngSteel.pngBauxite.png Rewards Note
SB43 春の海上警備行動!艦隊、抜錨せよ!
Guarding the Calm Spring Sea! Fleet, Weigh Anchor!
Sortie a fleet with a Light Cruiser/Light Aircraft Carrier/Seaplane Tender as flagship, 4 Destroyers/Coastal Defense Ships, and up to 1 additional ship to Worlds 1-1, 1-2, 1-3 and 1-4. Obtain a S-rank at each boss node. 250 / 250 / 0 / 250 choice between
Food supply ship irako.png"Irako" x2
Instant repair 2.png x4
then choice between
Furniture fairy.pngFurniture Fairy x1
Food supply ship mamiya.png"Mamiya" x1
Requires: ??
SB44 春!「三一駆」旗艦「長波」、出撃せよ!
Spring! DesDiv 31 Flagship "Naganami", Sortie!
Sortie a fleet with NaganamiNaganami as flagship, 3 of TakanamiTakanami, OkinamiOkinami, KishinamiKishinami or AsashimoAsashimo, and up to 2 additonal ships to Worlds 2-1, 2-2 and 5-4. Obtain a S-rank twice at the 2-1 and 2-2 boss nodes. Obtain an A-rank (or greater) once at the 5-4 boss node. 310 / 310 / 2019 / 0 choice between
Present box.png"Present Box" x1
Furniture box large.jpg x3
then choice between
Item Card New Model Gun Mount Improvement Material.pngNew Model Gun Mount Improvement MaterialItem Card New Model Gun Mount Improvement Material.png x2
Medal.png x1
Item Card Action Report.pngAction ReportItem Card Action Report.png x1
Requires: C2, ??
  • These quests are time-limited, but you'll have until May to clear them.

Developer Tweets

Twitter logo blue.png @KanColle_STAFF Pre Update


The KanColle development team is currently preparing the release of the new map BGM "Naganami, Heading Out", a small present for Naganami, who survived numerous harsh battles, as well as the Yūgumo-class as a whole, which was established itself as the fleet-type destroyers and the main force among the main force while fighting under difficult circumstances. The song will be released in the upcoming update. It's not much, but look forward to it!



Tomorrow is Vernal Equinox Day! Since it'll be followed by Saturday and Sunday, I think there'll be many admirals who'll be enjoying a long weekend. And on Friday of this weekend there'll be mini maintenance & update of the KanColle servers without any downtime. Said mini update includes the new map BGM "Naganami, Heading Out"! Look forward to it!



Tomorrow, the day after Vernal Equinox Day, we are going to carry a mini maintenance & update without any KanColle server downtime. This mini update includes the new BGM "Naganami, Heading Out"! We're also going to update the furniture shop's inventory, which will feature this season's "Japanese Cherry Blossom Arrangement" among other things! Look forward to it!



This night (March 22) we are going to carry out a mini maintenance & update without any KanColle server downtime. The update includes the new BGM "Naganami, Heading Out" as well as a preliminary system update in preparation for the new Zuiun plane. That second remodel you've been waiting for will finally come next week on Wednesday!



The KanColle development is currently working on the live maintenance & update in preparation for the upcoming second remodel of a certain aviation battleship. The servers will undergo the update at around 19:10 and the new content should become available at around 19:30!


Twitter logo blue.png @KanColle_STAFF Patch notes


We are now going to post the patch notes of today's KanColle server live update!
01▼ New Map BGM & Jukebox Update
We are implementing the new BGM "Naganami, Heading Out". The Naval Base's Jukebox has also been updated so that you can give it a listen!

新BGM ♪【長波、駆ける】を実装します。鎮守府ジュークボックスも更新、同新曲視聴も可能です!


02▼ Map BGM Update
The BGM of certain maps in the Naval Base Sea, Nansei Islands Area and the Sourthern Sea will be updated. It'll include the new song "Naganami, Heading Out"! The main force of the main force that were the fleet-type destroyer girls traversed the sea in order to fight, and yet it was all in vain. Please take good care of them!



03▼ Implementation of Naganami's Spring Bouquet CG!
This spring the Yūgumo-class destroyer "Naganami" as well as her K2 form are once again receiving their Spring Bouquet CGs! Once again, please keep taking care of the Yūgumo-class destroyer sisters, they're the main force of the main force after all!



04▼ Removal of Autumn/Winter Uniform & Casual Wear CGs
We are removing the time-limited Autumn/Winter Casual Wear CGs of aircraft carrier "Sōryū", light cruiser "Sendai" and destroyer "Shiranui" as well as the Autumn/Winter Uniform CGs of the destroyers "Asagumo" and "Yamagumo".
※Shiranui K2's Autumn/Winter Casual Wear CG will be added to the ship library.



05▼ Implementation of time-limited CGs for Yamato & Haruna!
Yamato-class battleship "Yamato" is receiving her Spring Cleaning CG while Kongō-class battleship "Haruna" is getting her Shopping CG! Furthermore...



06▼ Impelementation of Shopping CG for Umikaze!
Today Shiratsuyu-class destroyer "Umikaze" is receiving a new Shopping CG! Now watch the Shiratsuyu-class destroyer sisters go to Mitsukoshi on a shopping spree.



07▼ Small Updates to certain aircraft equipment artworks
The following equipment's artwork will be updated:
・Shinden Kai
・Type 97 Torpedo Bomber (Murata Squadron)
※Their stats remain unchanged.※Their fairies remain largely unchanged.



08▼ Implementation of new Spring-exclusive missions!
The following two "Special Spring Missions" will be added:
● Guarding the Calm Spring Sea! Fleet, Weigh Anchor!
● Spring! DesDiv 31 Flagship "Naganami", Sortie!
※Each mission has certain unlock requirements!
※These missions are limited to the spring season. But don't worry, you'll have until May to clear them!



09▼ System Update in Preparation for the upcoming new Zuiun
Before we implement the new Zuiun that's coming next week, we've updated the game mechanics pertaining the evasion of anti-aircraft fire when attacking ships and/or onshore installations. Certain dive/torpedo bombers that are lead by a skilled captain, jet aircraft and several of the already existing Zuiun planes will now have slightly better evasion against anti-aircraft fire!



10▼ Regarding the evasion boost against anti-aircraft fire when attacking ships and/or onshore installations 1/2
It applies to the following elite squadrons:
・Type 97 Torpedo Bomber (Murata Squadron)
・Tenzan Model 12 (Murata Squadron)
・Type 97 Torpedo Bomber (Tomonaga Squadron)
・Tenzan Model 12 (Tomonaga Squadron)
・Type 99 Dive Bomber (Egusa Squadron)
・Suisei (Egusa Squadron)
・ Zero Fighter Model 62 (Fighter-bomber / Iwai Squadron)
・ Type 1 Land-based Attack Aircraft (Nonaka Squadron)

10▼対艦/対地攻撃突入時の敵対空射撃回避に関して 1/2


11▼ Regarding the evasion boost against anti-aircraft fire when attacking ships and/or onshore installations 2/2
It applies to the following jet aircraft:
・Jet Keiun Kai
・Kikka Kai
It also applies to the following Zuiun squadrons:
・Zuiun (634 Air Group)
・Zuiun Model 12
・Zuiun Model 12 (634 Air Group)
・Zuiun (634 Air Group/Skilled)
※The evasion boost depends on the individual plane type and squadron.

11▼対艦/対地攻撃突入時の敵対空射撃回避に関して 2/2


※This evasion boost won't have a huge effect. So please don't overestimate this change.
※This evasion boost may be changed further in the future. Please keep this in mind.
※The new Zuiun plane that's coming next week will receive a rather large evasion boost.



12▼ It's finally the season of cherry blossoms! Furniture Shop Inventory Update
Spring... the season during which the cherry blossoms bloom in all their glory all over Japan. Which means yet another Furniture Shop Inventory Update!
・Cherry Blossom Wallpaper
・Flower Viewing Window
・"Main Force of the Main Force" Wall Scroll
・Japanese Cherry Blossom Arrangement
Please keep taking care of KanColle and your ship girls throughout this spring season!



Twitter logo blue.png @KanColle_STAFF Post-maintenance tweets


We have finished today's KanColle mini maintenance & update without any downtime or issues! You can now refresh KanColle to see the changes, but please don't rush it. Thank you very much for your cooperation!


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