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Maintenance start date and time: January 22 2019 11:00:00
Maintenance end date and time: January 22 2019 20:00:00


Setsubun Seasonal Content[edit | edit source]

  • New item, 節分の豆 (Setsubun Beans), and its related quests has been added. Visit Setsubun Mini-Event page for more details.
Item Card Setsubun Beans.png
  • NEW!Setsubun CG for the following ship girls:
  • Setsubun lines are implemented for the following ship girls:
    • Agano, Noshiro, Yahagi, Sakawa, Kirishima, Nelson, Gotland, Ise, Hiyou, etc.

Map Updates[edit | edit source]

  • Experience for some of the nodes in the following maps were increased:
    • 2-4, 7-2, 5-3, 5-5, 6-4
  • The enemy's composition in 7-2 was slightly changed.
  • Due to the improvement of Southern War PrincessSouthern War Princess's stat during Winter 2019 Event, some of her escorts were weakened in 5-3 and 5-5.

Ship's stats Updates[edit | edit source]

Akashi[edit | edit source]

New limited-time Quests[edit | edit source]

ID Requirements Fuel.pngAmmunition.pngSteel.pngBauxite.png Rewards Note
SB37 【節分任務】節分演習!
Setsubun Mission: "Setsubun Exercises!"
Use a fleet with at least 2 Destroyers to obtain a S-rank in Exercises 3 times within the same day. 23 / 23 / 0 / 0 Item Card Setsubun Beans.png x1 Requires: ??
Daily Quest
SB38 【節分任務】鎮守府海域 南西方面防衛作戦
Setsubun Mission: "Naval Base Sea: South-Western Area Defence Operation"
Sortie a fleet with a Light Aircraft Carrier or a Light Cruiser as flagship, 2 Destroyers, and up to 3 additional ships to Worlds 1-2 and 1-4. Obtain a S-rank at each boss node. 230 / 230 / 0 / 0 Development material.png x2
Item Card Setsubun Beans.png x1
Requires: SB37, ??
Weekly Quest
SB39 【節分任務】北方海域 威力偵察作戦
Setsubun Mission: "Northern Sea: Formidable Reconnaissance Operation"
Sortie a fleet with a Heavy Cruiser or a Seaplane Tender as flagship, 2 Destroyers, and up to 3 additional ships to Worlds 3-1 and 3-5. Obtain a S-rank at each boss node. 230 / 230 / 0 / 230 Instant repair 2.png x3
Item Card Setsubun Beans.png x2
Requires: SB38, ??
Weekly Quest
SB40 【節分拡張任務】南方海域 艦隊決戦
Extra Setsubun Mission: "Southern Sea: Decisive Fleet Battle"
Sortie a fleet with a Battleship, Standard Aircraft Carrier, or Armored Aircraft Carrier as flagship, 2 Destroyers, and up to 3 additional ships to Worlds 5-4 and 5-5. Obtain a S-rank at each boss node. 2019 / 0 / 2019 / 0 Item Card Setsubun Beans.png x2
Item Icon Ranking Point Reward.png 180 ranking points
Requires: SB39, ??
Weekly Quest

Miscellaneous[edit | edit source]

  • The Winter 2019 Event has ended.
    • The vanguard formation has been removed.
  • The New Year Limited-Time Special Quests have disappeared.
  • Xmas Select Gift Box Icon.png Unopened Christmas Select Gift Box 2018 has been removed.
  • The new year lines and CGs, and Shiratsuyu's casual outfit mode are over. The new time-limited CGs can be checked in the library.

Developer Tweets

Twitter logo blue.png @KanColle_STAFF Pre Update


The New Year's KanColle is currently running the Winter 2019 Event: Limited-time Operation [Assault! Buin Defense Operation] and the "New Year Special Quests".
The Event and the Quests will only be available until the next KanColle Servers Maintenance and Updates!
The next KanColle Servers Maintenance and Updates... (To be Continued)



The next KanColle Servers Maintenance and Updates will take place on January 18th, Friday while keeping the New Year Holidays intact.
Also tomorrow January 7th is the Day of 'Nanakusa Gayu (Seven Herb Rice Porridge)'! There will be a small live update for the Naval Base Counter Bar to have the Seven Herb Rice Porridge as well tomorrow.
Admirals, please have some Turmeric and the Seven Herb Rice Porridge to maintain your Gastrointestinal!



The KanColle development team is currently working a major milestone, Setsubun. All previous "Setsubun mode" CGs and "Setsubūn" voice lines are obviously going to return, but we're also preparing a whole lot of new Setsubun CGs! They're going to be added to the game for a limited time in the next maintenance & update! Setsubun might not be much, but we hope you're looking forward to it anyway!



While the KanColle development is currently working hard on defending the game servers and making sure you can connect to them, we're also busy with preparations for the upcoming Setsubun update. Setsubun is a very important tradition for us after all! It'll be implemented in the update during the next maintenance! Another year, another Setsubun to work towards!



We commend all admirals who're participating in the Winter 2019 Event "Intercept! Operation 'Buin Defence'" while we're under attack, and apologise for the trouble those attacks have caused. As of now the clear rates of each event map are as follows:
・E-1: ~90%
・E-2: ~85%+
・E-3: ~75%+



As of now the most commonly selected difficulty level of each event map is as follows:
・E-1: Overwhelmingly Hard, followed by Medium, Easy and Casual, in this order.
・E-2: Also overwhelmingly Hard.
・E-3: Hard and Easy are roughly equal.



The KanColle servers are going to undergo maintenance next week on the 22nd January (Tuesday) from 11:00 until 20:00. The currently ongoing Winter 2019 Event as well as the New Year quests are both going to end when said maintenance begins. (Depending on the circumstances the maintenance date might change. Please keep this in mind.)

「艦これ」稼働全サーバ群は、来週【1/22(火) 11:00~20:00】にメンテナンス&アップデートを実施予定です。本メンテ突入を以て、現在作戦展開中の冬イベ2019及び新春特別任務は、全作戦終了の予定です。 (状況によってメンテ実施日時は変更の可能性があります。予めご了承頂けますと幸いです)


The next KanColle server maintenance & update is slated for next week on the 22nd January (Tuesday). The update during said maintenance is going to include new items in the furniture shop's inventory. If you're interested in furniture of the current season, you better get it now! The inventory update includes not just old, but also new Setsubun-themed furniture. Look forward to it!



This time the new Setsubun furniture was drawn not by Drew, Akira or Fujikawa, who used to draw some items, or Akasaka Yuzu, who's now on active furniture duty, but a young illustrator who's currently undergoing training in the 11th torpedo squadron of the KanColle Administration's Naval Base! Someday she might even make her debut as a ship girl illustrator, so we hope that you'll support her!



The 2019 New Year quests will come to an end next week when the maintenance begins. Admirals who clear the final quest of that mission series receive not just the usual quest rewards, but also a "Steady Progress" wall scroll. Nisshin, the new ship from the final winter event map, was drawn by Bob, while the "Steady Progress" wall scroll from the final New Year quest was drawn by Akasaka Yuzu!



If you have already obtained the "Steady Progress" wall scroll but haven't hung it up yet, you should give it a try when you're not busy. The wall scroll has a nifty little gimmick... It might not be easy to let got of times past, but let's try to move on day by day!


Twitter logo blue.png @KanColle_STAFF Patch notes


We're now going to post patch notes of today's server update.
01▼ End of Winter Event & New Year quests
The Winter 2019 "Intercept! Operation 'Buin Defence'" as well as the 2019 New Year quest series are now over. Good work, everyone!



02▼ Removal of New Year CGs & voice lines
The New Year CGs as well as voice lines have been removed as of today!
This also includes Shiratsuyu's Casual Wear CG in which she'd been casually munching on potatoes, and the New Year menu of the naval base's counter bar. The time-limited CGs have been added to the ship girl library.



03▼ New mysterious "Setsubun Beans" item added for a limited time!
Setsubun. It's a very important seasonal tradition for our naval base. And during Setsubun we sow beans, and of course we need Setsubun Beans for that!
We've now added the new item "Setsubun Beans" for a limited time. We'll explain the details later when introducing the quests! Out with the demon and in with the fortune!



04▼ Addition of time-limited Setsubun voice lines!
This year it's once again time for the Setsubun voice lines!
This time also includig new mysterious seasonal voice lines by Agano, Noshiro, Yahagi, Sakawa, as well as Kirishima, Nelson, Gotland, Ise Hiyō and many more! Setsubun is pretty important after all!



05▼ Furniture shop inventory update 1/2
The furniture shop's inventory has been updated, now featuring seasonal Setsubun items including new ones.
・Naval Base Setsubun Decoration (new!)
・Setsubun Bean Sowing Set
・Auspicious Wallpaper that separates the seasons (new!)
・Setsubun Mats & Japanese Carpet (new!)
・"Setsuboon" Wall Scroll
・"Mutsuki & Kisaragi" Paulownia Cabinet

05▼【家具屋さん】お品書きの更新 1/2
・鎮守府節分飾り new!
・季節を分ける福の壁紙 new!
・節分の畳と和絨毯 new!


06▼ Furniture shop inventory update 2/2
・Spring Show Window
・Ehōmaki Kitchen
・Kettle Stove
・Artisan-made Holly Setsubun Wall (new!)
・Setsubun Wallpaper
・Admiral Writing Desk
・Grownups' Setsubun Set
・Traditional Setsubun Cabinet (new!)
Furthermore, you'll also be able to obtain the new "Setsubun Window" from the time-limited Setsubun quests that were added today!

06▼【家具屋さん】お品書きの更新 2/2
・立春の飾り窓 new!
・職人仕上げ柊節分壁 new!
・節分和箪笥 new!
また、本日実装の期間限定節分任務で新作【節分窓 new!】も獲得可能です!


07▼ Additional info regarding furniture!
※It's just some minor details, but the admiral's mahjong table is now in Setsubun Mode.
※The Naval Base's Jukebox track list order has been updated.
※Any furniture with New Year or Rice Porridge modes has been returned to normal!
※"Northern Princess" is now in Setsubun Mode and a bit nervous for some reason!



08▼ Addition of time-limited Setsubun mission series!
Including the extra quest, a grand total of four mysterious Setsubun quests have been added to the game.
・Setsubun Mission: "Setsubun Exercises!"
・Setsubun Mission: "Naval Base Sea: South-Western Area Defence Operation"
・Setsubun Mission: "Northern Sea: Formidable Reconnaissance Operation"
・Extra Setsubun Mission: "Southern Sea: Decisive Fleet Battle"

●【節分任務】鎮守府海域 南西方面防衛作戦
●【節分任務】北方海域 威力偵察作戦
●【節分拡張任務】南方海域 艦隊決戦


09▼ Additional info regarding the Setsubun mission series!
※You're guaranteed to get Setsubun Beans by clearing the Setsubun quests.<br< ※Setsubun Beans are stored in the expanded item menu and only for the duration of this event.
※If you click on the Setsubun Beans, you'll open the Bean Sowing menu where you can obtain new furniture and land-based bombers among other things!



10▼ Akashi's Improvement Arsenal update
A new item has been added to Akashi's modding menu.
You'll now be able to improve the "533mm Quintuple Torpedo Mount (Initial Model)" with the help of certain ship girls.
※The equipment you can improve changes depending on the secretary ship as well as day of the week.



11▼ Changes to regular maps! 1/2
The following maps' EXP values you can gain in their deeper parts have been buffed:

11▼通常海域の一部更新! 1/2


12▼ Changes to regular maps! 2/2
We made small changes to enemy fleets in 7-2 that led to unexpected behaviour.
Also, due to the changes we made to the Abyssal Princess of the South, we slightly nerfed the setup of her escort fleets in 5-3 & 5-5.

12▼通常海域の一部更新! 2/2


13▼ Soviet "130mm B-13 Twin Gun Mount" buff
The Soviet small-caliber main armament "130mm B1-3 Twin gun Mount" now provides additional bonuses on top of its original fit bonuses when equipped by certain ship girls.
※These bonuses are visible on the stat screen.

13▼ソ連艦装備「130mm B-13連装砲」の能力向上
ソ連艦小口径主砲兵装「130mm B-13連装砲」を従来のフィット補正に加えて、


14▼ Soviet "533mm Triple Torpedo Mount" buff
The Soviet torpedo armament "53mm Triple Torpedo Mount" now provides additional bonuses on top of its original fit bonuses when equipped by certain ship girls.
※These bonuses are visible on the stat screen.

14▼ソ連艦装備「533mm 三連装魚雷」の能力向上
ソ連艦魚雷兵装「533mm 三連装魚雷」を従来のフィット補正に加えて、ある艦に搭載した場合、より高い戦闘能力を発揮します


15▼ "Type 3 Active Sonar" buff
The "Type 3 Active Sonar" now provides additional ASW power on top of its original fit bonuses when equipped by certain destroyers.
※This bonus is visible on the stat screen.



16▼ Small mass-produced anti-air radar "Type 13 Air Radar Kai" buff
The improved version of our small mass-produced anti-air radar "Type 13 Air Radar Kai" now provides additional bonuses on top of its original fit bonuses when equipped by certain ships.
※These bonuses are visible on the stat screen.



17▼ Whoopsie-daisy! We fixed Nisshin's slot numbers!
We fixed a bug regarding Nisshin's plane slot sizes.
※We fixed Nisshin Kai displaying the wrong number of total plane slots. The correct value is 28!
※She can yield large flying boats like a demon, but only 1 boat per slot (Excess bauxite has been returned to the naval base)!



18▼ The following ship girls' stats have been buffed:
・Maikaze Kai: ASW
・Yamakaze Kai: ASW
・Aquila Kai: Max Armour, Max Firepower, Max Luck
・Warspite Kai: Max Luck
・Nisshin A: Max Luck



19▼ Miscellaneous changes/fixes!
※Winter Event ship girls now compatible with Naval Base Counter Bar and Secretary's & Admiral's Desk!
※Fixed Johnston's position in the sorting algorithm!
※Fixed bug that led to unexpected behaviour in Akashi's Arsenal when playing on Android.



20▼ New Setsubun CGs for Special Type Destroyer Sisters "Amagiri" & "Sagiri"!
President or not, out with the demon, in with the fortune! Right, Sagiri?
......with that said, this season the special type destroyer sisters "Amagiri" & "Sagiri" join the Setsubun CG fun! Please take good care of them!



21▼ New Setsubun CG for Coastal Defence Ship "Etorofu"!
This season Etorofu-class coastal defence ship "Etorofu" also joins in on the Setsubun CG fun!
We also kinda forgot to announce the voice actress of her sister ship "Fukae", but since the upcoming Comptiq issue that'll be released early next month is going to be a very large KanColle issue, we're going to announce her then!



22▼ New Setsubun CG for Asashio-class destroyer "Minegumo"!
What, of course she's a member of the Asashio-class! And she's also getting a Setsubun CG! Please take good care of the Asashio-class and DesDiv 9!



23▼ New Setsubun CG for Agano-class light cruiser "Agano"!
Agano, the nameship of the cutting-edge Agano-class light cruisers. She's been waiting for so long, and now she's finally received her Setsubun CG! Please take good care of her, her sisters, and everyone else!


Twitter logo blue.png @KanColle_STAFF Post-maintenance tweets


Additional info incoming!
If you equip Nisshin with a large flying boat and her slot size becomes 1, then switch back to regular seaplanes, you can recover her old slot size by resupplying her.


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