A default office


A decorated office

Furniture is a game item class that allows you to decorate the default cardboard box office.

Furniture consists of five types, corresponding to their location in the office: Wall, Window, Desk, Object (aka decoration), & Chest (formerly referred to as Furniture). Many of them have special features that add visual or sound effects according to the time of the day, secretary ship, on command, or other factors.

There are two parts in the furniture makeover process; buying the furniture, and applying it to your office.

The variety available in the shop at any given time is affected by the season. Popular items return after a while. Special commemorative items, however, generally don't return at all. One case is the Thanks to 800,000 scroll issued to celebrate the 800,000th player.

Furniture with especially notable special features: Jukebox, Anchorage Counter Bar, Dressing Room.

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