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Fumizuki 文月
Seiyuu Hidaka Rina (日高里菜) Availability Construction (Normal)
Artist Yadokari (やどかり) Implementation 2013/04/23 (Base)
2017/07/31 (Kai Ni)



No.34 文月

Mutsuki Class Destroyer

Fumizuki Card.png
Icon HP.png HP 13 (15) Icon Gun.png Firepower 6 (29)
Icon Armor.png Armor 5 (18) Icon Torpedo.png Torpedo 18 (49)
Icon Evasion.png Evasion 37 (69) Icon AA.png AA 7 (29)
Icon Aircraft.png Aircraft 0 Icon ASW.png ASW 16 (39)
Icon Speed.png Speed Fast Icon LOS.png LOS 4 (17)
Icon Range.png Range Short Icon Luck.png Luck 10 (49)
Resource Consumption
FuelKai.png Fuel 15 AmmoKai.png Ammo 15
Build Time Slots
00:18:00 (Normal) 2
Stock Equipment Space
Small Caliber Main Gun 12cm Single Gun Mount12cm Single Gun Mount 001 Card.png 0
Xx c.png - Unequipped - 0
- Locked - -
- Locked - -
Extra Statistics


Fumizuki Kai

No.34 文月改

Mutsuki Class Destroyer

Fumizuki Kai Card.png
Icon HP.png HP 24 (26) Icon Gun.png Firepower 9 (39)
Icon Armor.png Armor 11 (39) Icon Torpedo.png Torpedo 18 (69)
Icon Evasion.png Evasion 40 (89) Icon AA.png AA 12 (39)
Icon Aircraft.png Aircraft 0 Icon ASW.png ASW 18 (59)
Icon Speed.png Speed Fast Icon LOS.png LOS 6 (39)
Icon Range.png Range Short Icon Luck.png Luck 12 (59)
Resource Consumption
FuelKai.png Fuel 15 AmmoKai.png Ammo 15
Remodel Level Slots
Level 20 3
Stock Equipment Space
Small Caliber Main Gun 12.7cm Twin Gun Mount12.7cm Twin Gun Mount 002 Card.png 0
Torpedo 61cm Quadruple Torpedo Mount61cm Quadruple Torpedo Mount 014 Card.png 0
Xx c.png - Unequipped - 0
- Locked - -
Extra Statistics
Remodel Cost
Ammo 100 Steel 100
Modernization Bonus
Scrap Value
Fuel 1 Ammo 1 Steel 4

Second Upgrade

Fumizuki Kai Ni

No.348 文月改二

Mutsuki Class Destroyer

Fumizuki Kai Ni Card.png
Icon HP.png HP 27 (29) Icon Gun.png Firepower 7 (45)
Icon Armor.png Armor 12 (46) Icon Torpedo.png Torpedo 27 (77)
Icon Evasion.png Evasion 56 (93) Icon AA.png AA 37 (82)
Icon Aircraft.png Aircraft 0 Icon ASW.png ASW 30 (81)
Icon Speed.png Speed Fast Icon LOS.png LOS 11 (47)
Icon Range.png Range Short Icon Luck.png Luck 17 (77)
Resource Consumption
FuelKai.png Fuel 15 AmmoKai.png Ammo 15
Remodel Level Slots
Level 77 3
Stock Equipment Space
Anti-Aircraft Gun 25mm Triple Autocannon Mount (Concentrated Deployment)25mm Triple Autocannon Mount (Concentrated Deployment) 131 Card.png 0
Anti-Aircraft Gun 25mm Triple Autocannon Mount25mm Triple Autocannon Mount 040 Card.png 0
Small Radar Type 13 Air Radar KaiType 13 Air Radar Kai 106 Card.png 0
- Locked - -
Extra Statistics
Remodel Cost
Ammo 280 Steel 320
Modernization Bonus
Firepower+1 Torpedo+2 AA+2
Scrap Value
Fuel 1 Ammo 2 Steel 7
[Edit]Fumizuki Equipment Bonuses
Equipment Extra Requirement Firepower Torpedo Attack Anti-Air Anti-Submarine View Range Armor Evasion Note
Small Caliber Main Gun12cm Single Gun Mount Kai 212cm Single Gun Mount Kai 2 293 Card.png +2 +1 +3
+ LOS Radar +2 +1 +3
+ 53cm Twin Torpedo Mount53cm Twin Torpedo Mount 174 Card.png +2 +4
+ 53cm Twin Torpedo Mount53cm Twin Torpedo Mount 174 Card.pngx2 +3 +7
High-angle Gun12cm Single High-angle Gun Mount Model E12cm Single High-angle Gun Mount Model E 382 Card.png +2 +1
+ LOS Radar +1 +2
+ AA Radar +2 +2
High-angle Gun12.7cm Single High-angle Gun Mount (Late Model)12.7cm Single High-angle Gun Mount (Late Model) 229 Card.png (★7+) +1 +1
(★7+) + LOS Radar +2 +3
High-angle Gun12.7cm Single High-angle Gun Mount Kai 212.7cm Single High-angle Gun Mount Kai 2 379 Card.png +1 +2
+ LOS Radar +2 +3
High-angle Gun5inch Single Gun Mount Mk.30 Kai + GFCS Mk.375inch Single Gun Mount Mk.30 Kai + GFCS Mk.37 308 Card.png +1
Ssp c.pngSkilled LookoutsSkilled Lookouts 129 Card.png +1 +2 +2 +1 +2


Event Japanese English Note
あたし、文月っていうの。よろしくぅ~。 I'm Fumizuki. Nice to meet you~
I'm Fumizuki, the seventh ship of the Mutsuki-class Destroyers.
I've been in many open-sea battles.
I was once on a fleet escort mission when I collided with a large ship and... got really hurt.
It was such a mess!
She collided with Kachidoki Maru on 16th September 1942, sustaining heavy damage.
Secretary 1
え?なになに? Eh? What is it, what is it?
Secretary 2
あ、司令官、ちょっとまってぇ~ Ah, commander, wait for me~
Secretary 3
司令官、なんですかなんですか?えへへっ Commander, what is it? What is it? Ehehe~
Idle (Kai)
司令官、なにしてるの?文月とお話しよ! あっ、ごめん…うるさかった? Commander, what are you doing? Let's have a little chat! Oh, sorry... am I bothering you?
Secretary Married
いいかんじ! That's looking great!!
しれいかん、恥ずかしぃ…!そんなに、見つめないでくださぁい… Commander, this is embarrassing...! Please don't, stare at me so much...
しれいかん、どうしてそんなにこっちみてるのぉ? ふわあぁ…ちょっと、あせっちゃうよぉ… Commander, why are you looking at me so much? Y-You're making me nervous...
Looking At Scores
手紙、来てるよ? There's a letter for you?
Kai Ni
情報を見るの?文月もみるみる! You want to see the intelligence? I want to see it too!
Joining A Fleet
出撃です、本領発揮するよぉ~ Time to sortie! I'll show you my best!
Equipment 1
ああ~、いいかんじ!ありがとう~ Ah~ That looks great! Thank you~
Equipment 2
すご~い……これならあたしも、活躍できそう! Awesome, even I can shine with this!
Equipment 3
いいかんじ! That's looking good!
 ⇧ shared with expedition selection, resource collection, instant repair and development
ああ~、いいかんじ!ありがとう~ Ah~ That looks great! Thank you~
ありがとうねぇ~。 Thank you~
Docking Minor
ちょーっとお茶にしてまーす。 I'll go take a tea break!
Docking Major
うぅ~、死ぬほど眠いよぉ~……おやすみぃ…… Ugh~ I feel so sleepy I could die~ Good night~
Docking Complete
修理完了だって、よかったね~ The repairs are done apparently! Isn't that great?
新しい仲間が来たよぉ、どんなこだろう? We've got a new comrade! I wonder what she's like?
Returning From Sortie
作戦完了~、艦隊が帰投。お疲れ様~ Operation complete! The fleet is back at base! Good job everyone!
Starting A Sortie
私だって夜戦なら、結構強いんだから Even I'm quite strong at night battles!
Battle Start
攻撃開始! Commencing attack!
Kai Ni
改装された文月の力、思い知れぇ~!ええぇ~い! Feel the power of the remodelled Fumizuki! Eiiii!
これでもくらぇ~ Take this!
 ⇧ shared with day/night special attacks, support expedition team arrival
Night Battle
さあ、水雷戦隊の本領発揮だよぉ~! It's time to show off what the Torpedo Squadron's best is like!
Night Attack
ねえ、こいつら殺っちゃっていい? Hey, can I do them in?
あたしはまだまだ強くなるんだからね! I'm going to keep getting stronger, okay?
Kai Ni
改装強化された文月の力、見たか~?あたしは、まだまだ強くなるんだから! Did you see the power of the remodelled and strengthened me? I can get even stronger still!
Minor Damage 1
ふぁああ! Fuaa!
Minor Damage 2
うえぇん、いたいじゃないの~ Kuh~ That hurts...!
Major Damage
ふぁああん!見ないで、見ないでぇ~! Fuaaa, don't look... don't look!
文月は…こんなとこじゃ…終わらないんだ…から… Fumizuki... will not go down... like this...

Seasonal Quotes[]

Event Japanese English Note
Christmas 2013
Christmas 2014
Christmas 2014
End of Year 2014
New Year 2015
Setsubun 2015
Valentines Day 2015
Valentines Day 2015
White Day 2015
Second Anniversary 2015
しれーかぁん、今日みたいな日は、私が傍にいなきゃね。だって、特別でしょ? Commander, on such a day like today, you have to be with me. I mean, isn't it a special day?
Second Anniversary 2015
Rainy Season 2015
Early Summer 2015
そろそろ夏!気の早い蝉がもう鳴いてる。 Summer's soon! Those impatient cicadas have already started chirping~.
Early Summer 2015
Early Summer 2015
Early Summer 2015
Early Summer 2015
Mid-Summer 2015
Mid-Summer 2015
Mid-Summer 2015
Mid-Summer 2015
Mid-Summer 2015
Fall 2015
Fall 2015
Fall 2015
Fall 2015
Fall 2015
Halloween 2015
Fall Event 2015
Fall Event 2015
Christmas 2015
メリークリスマス、司令官!帽子、可愛いでしょ?プレゼントちょうだい! Merry Christmas, Commander! The hat's cute right? Present, please!
Christmas 2015
Christmas 2015
End of Year 2015
New Year 2016
司令官、明けましておめでとうございます!今年もよろしく… うぉ、お餅焦げてる! Commander, Happy New Year! Take care of me this year as well...Uwah, the rice cakes got burned black!
New Year 2016
Setsubun 2016
Valentines Day 2016
司令官にぃ、文月の甘ーいチョコのプレゼント、あー・げー・るー・ねー! I'll give to you, Commander, a special present of Fumizuki's sweet cho・co・late♪
Valentines Day 2016
Hinamatsuri 2016
Hinamatsuri 2016
White Day 2016
司令官、ありがとう!あれ?これ、伊良湖ちゃんがいつも作ってるのと…まさか… Commander, thank you! Hmm? The ones that Irako-chan always makes and this... no way... This sentence is ambiguous. Fumizuki maybe thinking that the gift given by Admiral is either the same as or different from what Irako usually makes.
Spring 2016
Third Anniversary 2016
司令官、今日みたいな日はあたしが傍にいなきゃね。だって、特別でしょ。 Commander, for days like this, I have to be next to you. Because it's special, isn't it? From Seasonal/Second_Anniversary
Third Anniversary 2016
Rainy Season 2016
Rainy Season 2016
Early Summer 2016
Mid-Summer 2016
ふぇー、スイカ割りー? するするー、したーい♪ 私、得意なのー。いーい? えいっ♪ わぁっ!? Fuuee-, watermelon splitting? I'll do it, I'll do it, I want to do it♪! I'm pretty good at it~. Ready? Eeii♪! Waah!?
Fall 2016
Fall 2016
Sanma 2016
Christmas 2016
New Year 2017
New Year 2017
Setsubun 2017
Valentines Day 2017
Valentines Day 2017
Hinamatsuri 2017
Hinamatsuri 2017
White Day 2017
Spring 2017
Fourth Anniversary 2017
Rainy Season 2017
Rainy Season 2017
Early Summer 2017
Mid-Summer 2017
Fall 2017
Sanma 2017
Late Fall 2017
Eve Of Battle
Fall 2017 Event
Christmas 2017
End Of Year 2017
New Year 2018
Setsubun 2018
Valentines Day 2018
Eve Of Battle 2018
Winter 2018 Event
White Day 2018 Event
Spring 2018 Event
Fifth Anniversary 2018
Rainy Season 2018
Summer 2018
Sanma 2018
Christmas 2018
End Of Year 2018
New Year 2019
Setsubun 2019
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  • Fumizuki wears a black serafuku with a white tie, a black dress and black stockings. She has brown hair with the Mutsuki-class' distinctive crescent moon-shaped trinket on her collar.
    • After her second remodel, she wears the same outfit as Satsuki does post-second remodel. Her rigging has changed substantially, such as her switching out her old 12cm cannons for new twin-barreled ones. 25mm cannons are seen mounted on her rigging. Her crescent moon-shaped trinket has now been relocated to her necktie; interestingly, this was where Satsuki's trinket was pre-second remodel.


  • Fumizuki is innocent and childlike. She speaks slower than other members of her class, and like some other ships, has a tendency to speak in third person.



  • Sunk in air attack February 18, 1944 at Truk at 07°24′N 151°44′E.
  • Wreck discovered in April, 1987 in 130 ft. of water by writer/ diving enthusiast Yoshimura Tomoyuki.
  • Her name is an archaic word for "July", specifically the seventh month of the outdated lunar calendar.
  • Received her Kai Ni on July 31, 2017


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