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Live Streams

[Edit]Player Live Streams
Twitch / YouTube
User Live Stream Notes Extra information
WashBoard17 Youtube All hard, until my resource says otherwise. ReimuRelax.jpg
Shinhwalee (Death Usagi) Youtube Day 1 Frontline Live Stream.
May start late if any work schedule comes up.
All Pre-Final/Final Runs will be uploaded on my Youtube.
DU Let the salt rain.png
ErosenseiCecmomega Twitch Will start a few days after the frontliners. Difficulty will depend of the map and the rewards.. And also of my ressources i guess lul. Stream start will depends of my work but will mainly be around 3PM GMT+1. Also, stream language will be a mix of french and english.
Daxyn Twitch Back from exile! Day 1 JP Frontline Restream with E-Sports commentary. After that going full hard when the required intel is out. DesuOP.jpg
SerialConvort Twitch Its your pal Serial here with the common, not rare at all, very very stupid mistakes frontline on all hard like I do every event but every event that goes by I become less and less confident in my skills and slowly understand why NA Frontliners are a near extinct race nowadays. Desu.png
FuryTomic Youtube Stream will commence around 5-6PM Pacific Time on Day 1. Definitely Easy-Normal Mode, but depending on reward, maybe Hard. Stream will be casual/interactive type. Will contain lots of salt during the stream. FuryTomic.jpg
BlastRebellion Twitch Will be starting at around 1 PM CST and will stream all runs that I can. Streams after the first day will start at around 1 PM CST as well. I will be going for as long as my resources hold out
Johnny022 Twitch I mostly stream variety but always stream events. I'll be streaming pretty much all day Sunday the 19th from like 10 am, all day till i hopefully finish the event.

This event will actually mark my 1 year of playing the game

Japanese streams / RTA

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