Common for most events

Sortie conditions

Check if you fulfill these requirements if you can't sortie to event maps!

  • Must have a 75% sortie win ratio
  • Must have 5 empty ship slots for new ships
  • Must have 20 free equipment slots

Special for this event

  • For E-5, If you switch from "Easy/Normal" to "Hard" after completing the debuff, the debuff WILL NOT PERSIST and you will HAVE TO RESTART THE DEBUFF. However, if you switch from "Hard" to "Easy/Normal", the debuff WILL STAY
  • E-5 Hard has its own unique ship-lock (Orange Tag), the 4th ship lock. In other word, E-5 Medium will use the same ship tagging color as E-2 and E-3 (Green tag) however, if you're planning on doing E-5 Hard, you'll be tagged with another color instead, rendering those E-2/E-3 ship unable to sortie to E-5 Hard. As always, choosing Easy will neglect any ship-lock.

Special mechanics

For all the usual mechanics, please refer to this page, or otherwise Events as well as Combat.

Difficulty Selection


Starting from Winter 2015 Event, players can choose from the difficulty they want to play on each event map among three available difficulties: Easy (丙), Medium (乙), and Hard (甲).

You need to have a HQ level of 35 for Medium and 80 for hard. Different difficulties yield different rewards with harder ones either giving more items or a better version of the same item. However, ship rewards are always given regardless of difficulty. Drops also differ with some ships available only on medium to hard maps, and drop rates for some ships are statistically better. Enemy compositions also differ with bosses and their escorts are usually weaker on easier difficulties. To finish the next map on Hard, you will need to finish the previous map on Medium or Hard. 

Clearing the last map on Hard (甲) mode will reward a First Class Medal. It is not required to clear all maps on hard but to gain access to last map's hard difficulty, you'll need to clear the pre-final map with Medium or above.

Transport Load-Off

Main article: Events/Mechanics#Map-specific Mechanics

Land-based Aerial Squadron Support

Phases are triggered in the following order:

  1. Scouting phase
  2. Land-based airstrike
  3. Carrier-based airstrike
  4. Support expedition
  5. Initial torpedo strike
  6. Shelling phase, etc.

HP/TP Bar Scaling

The amount of HP (or TP) required to clear a map usually varies depending on an Admiral's HQ Level (this was first observed during Summer 2015 Event). The higher the HQ Level is, the more kills (or TP) may be required to complete a map.

Easy (丙) Normal/Medium (乙) Hard (甲)
E-1 E-2 E-3 E-4 E-5 E-1 E-2 E-3 E-4 E-5 E-1 E-2 E-3 E-4 E-5
(1 → 34) 150 Locked
(35 → 79) 740? Locked
(80 → 99) 200 480 1500 3200 280 800 410 800
(100 → 120) 200 480 1850 3400 280 800 1900 1750 420 800 2340 1750
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