Support expedition

Support expeditions involve sending a fleet into an expedition to provide additional bombardment during the opening stages of Combat. There are two types of support expeditions, normal support and boss support:

  • Expedition 33 (15 minutes) is a normal support expedition, only works for pre-boss nodes.
  • Expedition 34 (30 minutes) is a boss support expedition, only works for the boss node.

Some important points about support expeditions are:

  • Events come with their exclusive support expeditions (e.g. expeditions 133 and 134 for normal and boss support, respectively) that can only be used throughout the event.
    • These event expeditions are unlocked by default.
    •  Ships that take part in support expeditions are exempted from ship locking.
  • Outside of events support expeditions only work in World 5.
  • Aerial Support does not work on night battle-only nodes.
  • For night to day battle nodes, Shelling and Torpedo Support trigger at the start of the night battle, while Aerial Support triggers during the day battle.

In addition:

  • Sparkling your ships (mainly flagship) increases the probability to trigger support, while using fatigued ships reduces it.
  • For a support type, Support Shelling is the usual choice, while Aerial Support is also used sometimes.
  • Support expedition will end if either of these two conditions is fulfilled:
    • Finish a sortie.
    • The timer runs out before starting a sortie. As long as the sortie is underway, having the counter running out on the way will not disable the support during battles.
  • Because support expeditions are ended but not returned, they do not count for daily and weekly expedition quests.

Support TypesEdit

A support expedition requires a minimum of at least 2 DD?. The other 4 slots affect what type of support will be provided. The three types provided are Aerial Support, Support Shelling, and Long Range Torpedo Attack:

Type Fleet Fuel Ammunition Bauxite Pros & Cons
Aerial Support

Meet one of the following requirements:

  • Amount of CV(L/B) + AV + LHA ≧ 2.
  • Amount of CV(L/B) ≧ 1 & fleet contains no CA(V) or (F)BB(V).
  • Amount of BBV + CAV + AV + LHA + AO ≧ 2 & fleet contains no CA or (F)BB.
50% 40%


  • Damage is spread out
  • Low cost.
  • Not affected by formation and engagement.
  • Capable of performing ASW Support when equipped with ASW equipment.
  • Capable of reducing the enemy fighter power.


  • Unlikely to sink heavily-armored ships.
  • Affected by enemy's AA and air power.
  • Costs bauxite.
  • Cannot activate in Night Battle nodes, unless said node can transition into a day battle.
  • Useless for reducing the enemy fighter power on battles that start on day, due to the support triggering only after the aerial battle has already occurred.
Support Shelling

Meet all of the following requirements:

  • Amount of CV(L/B) + AV + LHA ≦ 1.
  • Fleet contains at least a CA or (F)BB.
  • Amount of (F)BB(V) ≧ 2 OR amount of CA = 4.


  • High damage upon hitting.
  • Likely to sink enemy's ships.
  • Can activate in Night battle nodes.


  • High cost.
  • Affected by formation and engagement.
Long Range Torpedo Attack Do not meet the requirements for either Aerial or Shelling Support.


  • Can activate in Night battle nodes.


  • Low accuracy and damage.
  • Unable to sink any ship.
  • Practically useless.

Support ShellingEdit

The standard composition is 2 DD, 1 CV(L), 3 BB. Up to two BBV may be substituted in for BB.

Addendum: Previously, 2 CV(L)s are usable for Shelling Support, but as of the November 17th, 2017 update, using 2 CV(L)s will result in Aerial Support instead.

Shelling damage calculationEdit

  • Each ship attacks a randomly selected enemy ship
  • Damage calculated as usual, see Damage Calculation, noting that some modifiers don't affect support shelling, as described below
    • For DD, BB, Cruisers and etc., the same shelling formula for basic attack power is used; if FP is ship's firepower, EFP is equipment firepower:
      $ 4 + FP + \sum{EFP} $
    • AOs use shelling damage formula regardless of equipment
    • For CV and CVL the carrier shelling formula is used; if FP is ships's firepower, TP is equipment torpedo, DB is equipment divebomb:
      $ 25 + \big \lfloor 1.5 \times (19 + FP + \lfloor 1.3 \times \sum{DB} \rfloor + \sum{TP} ) \big \rfloor $
  • Applicable modifiers: formation and engagement modifiers, damage cap, critical damage modifier
  • Accuracy (at least from morale, equipment accuracy, luck and levels[1]) also has its effect
  • The following factors are considered to have no effects (or pending verification):

The attack power cap and the importance of accuracy render 2-3 main guns or 2-3 bombers + 1-2 radars as standard setup for battleships and carriers (when dealing with heavily armored targets, DD can use 3 radars to increase the chance for their scratch damage). Sparkling all ships for better accuracy is also recommended.

For example:

See the following tables for reference

List of bombers by shelling attack power
Bomber Icon Torpedo Icon Dive Attack Power Icon Hit Buildable
RedPlaneSuisei (Egusa Squadron) 13 24 4 No
BluePlaneTenzan Model 12 (Murata Squadron) 15 22.5 2 No
BluePlaneTenzan Model 12 (Tomonaga Squadron) 14 21 3 No
RedPlaneSuisei (601 Air Group) 11 21 1 No
RedPlanePrototype Nanzan 11 21 No
RedPlaneType 99 Dive Bomber (Egusa Squadron) 10 19.5 4 No
BluePlaneRyuusei (601 Air Group) 13 19.5 1 No
RedPlaneSuisei Model 12A 10 19.5 Yes
BluePlaneRyuusei Kai 13 19.5 Yes
BluePlaneType 97 Torpedo Bomber (Murata Squadron) 12 18 2 No
BluePlaneType 97 Torpedo Bomber (Tomonaga Squadron) 11 16.5 3 No
RedPlaneJu 87C Kai 9 16.5 1 No
BluePlaneTenzan (601 Air Group) 10 15 1 No
RedPlaneSuisei 8 15 Yes
BluePlaneRyuusei 10 15 Yes
RedPlaneType 99 Dive Bomber (Skilled) 7 13.5 2 No
BluePlaneTenzan (931 Air Group) 9 13.5 No
BluePlaneType 97 Torpedo Bomber (Skilled) 8 12 2 No
List of ships and setups by shelling attack power
  • Maximal remodel and modernization
  • Bombers with 19.5 attack power used for CV/CVL (Suisei Model 12A, Ryuusei Kai)
  • 46cm Triple Gun Mount used for BB
  • Attack power highlighted in orange is over the damage cap
  • Attack power highlighted in red is over the damage cap in head-on engagement
  • Consumption-wise Kongou, Ise, Unryuu class ships and CVLs are the most effective, while more expensive ships allow using more radars
Attack Power with N guns / bombers
Ship Icon Gun 1 2 3 4
Aquila 24 109 128 148 167
Shouhou, Hiyou, Zuihou 29 116 136 155 175
Ryuuhou 32 121 140 160 179
Chitose, Chiyoda 34 124 143 163 182
Taiyou 39 131 151 170 190
Ryuujou, Junyou 40 133 152 172 191
Amagi, Katsuragi 45 140 160 179 199
Unryuu 48 145 164 184 203
Kaga 49 146 166 185 205
Saratoga 53 152 172 191 211
Akagi 54 154 173 193 212
Kumano 55 155 175 194 214
Suzuya 56 157 176 196 215
Souryuu 57 158 178 197 217
Taihou 59 161 181 200 220
Hiryuu 64 169 188 208 227
Zuikaku 65 170 190 209 229
Shoukaku 70 178 197 217 236
Ise, Hyuuga 83 113 139 165 191
Haruna 96 126 152 178 204
Kongou, Hiei, Yamashiro 98 128 154 180 206
Mutsu, Fusou, Bismarck 99 129 155 181 207
Italia 102 132 158 184 210
Kirishima 104 134 160 186 212
Roma 105 135 161 187 213
Nagato 110 140 166 192 218
Yamato, Musashi 139 169 195 221 247

Aerial SupportEdit

Standard composition is 2 DD, 4CV(L/B) with the maximum amount of carriers possible participating in the airstrike. Only ships with planes participate in this phase, as this support type will lead you through a self-contained air phase. This means that your fleet will be subject to the 1st and 2nd phase of Aerial Combat. The efficiency of this support is heavily dependent on whether you can reach a desirable air status, and whether the enemy Icon AA is strong or not. Since this support also makes use of the airstrike formula, the only thing relevant are the planes you're using on your carriers.

Airstrike PhaseEdit

The Aerial Support Fleet fights for the air control for a desirable air status, just like how it happens with the main fleet, with a few twists:

  • Your bombers will each randomly select a target to attack.
    • The damage done here is weaker in comparison to the airstrike from a main fleet.
  • The enemy fleet will not attack your support fleet.
  • Whatever air state you reach with your support fleet, will not affect the air state of the main fleet.
  • Your bombers are still susceptible to Icon AA fire, while your opponent is immune to it. Obviously, if a plane slot gets obliterated, it does not launch its attack either.
    • The enemy shot down ratio for both proportional and fixed is 20% less effective than usual.
  • There is no Contact, YellowPlane have no uses here.
  • The base accuracy is reduced in comparison to the airstrike from the main fleet.
  • Improvements are not taken into account.
  • Aircraft Proficiency has no effect.
  • Using Jets will not trigger a Jet phase.

Airstrike Damage CalculationEdit

Since each bomber attacks their own target using the airstrike formula, it is important that you try to reach a favorable air control, to reduce the amount of bombers being lost and to maximize the damage you can dish.

The Aerial Support fleet uses the following formula for basic attack power of each plane (same as the usual airstrike formula, with the exception of 25 constant being reduced to 3) and a postcap modifier of 1.35:

$ (P \times \sqrt{N} + 3) \times R $


  • P is the bomber's Torpedo or Dive Bombing stat
  • N is the current plane count (slot size) of the slot
  • R is the bomber's Plane Scaling:
Bomber Type Plane Scaling Notes
RedPlane Seaplane 1 This value is fixed, regardless the situation.
BluePlane 0.8 or 1.5 About 50% chance of either modifier.

Anti-submarine PatrolEdit

Anti-submarine Patrol can also occur when using aerial support. At least one CVL and either of one CVL/AV/AO/LHA/CL/CT or 2DE is required to trigger it. The recommended composition is 2CVL 2CV 2DD, equipped with high ASW planes on large slots. Take note that on a node with only surface enemies, it will default back to aerial support (if possible).

In ASW Support, all planes with ASW stat and on a non-zero slot except carrier fighters will participate. Damage is calculated by the following formula:

$ \operatorname{precap} \left ( 0.6 P \times \sqrt{N} +3 ) \right ) \times 1.75 \times R \times C $


  • P is the plane's ASW stat
  • N is the current plane count (slot size) of the slot
  • R is a random multiplier from three weighted numbers: 1.2 (40%), 1.5 (10%) or 2.0 (50%)
  • C is the Critical Hit Modifier
  • Precap is the soft cap to attack power, soft capping at 150.

Long-range Torpedo AttackEdit

Currently, torpedo support is only capable of dealing scratch damage, regardless of torpedo stat. It is not known if this is a bug, or intended behavior. As such, it can currently be considered a failure state, when your support fleet does not fulfill the conditions of any other 'proper' support type.

Trigger ratesEdit

This is the general trigger rate for all support expeditions.

  • Route support, normal morale: 50%
  • Route support, only flagship is sparkled: 65%
  • Route support, all ships are sparkled: 90%
  • Boss support, normal morale: 85%
  • Boss support, only flagship is sparkled: 100%

The general algorithm is: 50% base + 15% if flagship is sparkled + 5%*N for N sparkled non-flagships + 35% if boss support.


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