What is the Spear-looking formation? I didn't see it before the event... Edit

That is the Vanguard formation, a formation only available during events. Put shortly, it is a defensive formation, and can be used on any map like any other formation for the duration of the event. The above link contains more precise information about its behavior.

Combined Fleet Troubleshooting: What do these error messages mean? Edit

Note: For Support Expedition error messages, please read the requirements on the Expeditions page.

Picture Summary Translation Note
CMB Msg 2 Slots You have less than 5 ship slots or 20 equipment slots. Not enough ship or equipment slots. Either purchase more port expansion (in Shop) or free up slots to meet the Events requirements. (Overrides all other Notices)
CMB Msg 7 Singlefleet. Sortieing Error Combined fleet cannot be sortied. This map requires Single Fleet (Overrides all notices below).
CMB Msg 8 CombinedFleet Sortieing Error Combined fleet must be sortied. This map requires Combined Fleet (Overrides all notices below).
CMB Msg 5 MustbeCTF Must be Carrier Task Force Please sortie with combined fleet (Carrier Task Force). (Overrides Ship-tag Notice)
CMB Msg 6 MustbeTE Must be Transport Escort Please sortie with combined fleet (Transport Escort). (Overrides Ship-tag Notice)
CMB Msg 3 Shiptag Ship-tag Lock  You have chosen a ship that has been sortied to another map. This setup cannot be sortied. Does not apply to Easy (and Casual?) mode
CMB Msg 4 2ndFleetno Cannot choose escort fleet to sortie in Combined Fleet Please choose main fleet when sortieing with Combined Fleet. (Overrides by everything else)
CMB Msg 2nd Fleet FS Dmg Flagship is damaged Flagship is damaged. Cannot sortie combined fleet. *Affects both Main and Escort Fleet Flagship. Please check both. Must be above Moderate damage(?).*

For more information you may wish to refer to this (incomplete) page.

Can the flagship of the 2nd fleet in a Combined Fleet sink? Edit

No, they will not sink.

Why can't I sortie to E-? HELP!!! Edit

Make sure you are doing the following:

  1. Sortieing to the Correct Map
    • You'd be surprised
  2. Using the Correct Fleet type
    • Single Fleet for Single Fleet maps
    • Combined Fleet for Combined Fleet maps
    • Transport Escort fleet for Transport Escort fleet map, etc.
  3. Using Ships with the correct Ship Lock
    • On Medium/Hard difficulty, you cannot have any ships that have been ship locked to a different tag colour from what the given map allows. See here for a more thorough explanation of what ship locking is.
  4. Meet the Minimum Requirements
    • Must have a 75% sortie win ratio
    • Must have 5 empty ship slots
    • Must have 20 free equipment slots

Which event-only ships can we get in this event? Edit

See the table below for previous event only specific drops.
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Legend: R = Reward, D = Drop, Empty = not implemented yet/not yet know, N = not found (after implement)
Exclusive Ships
2015 Events 2016 Events 2017 Events 2018 Events 2019 Events
Akizuki Banner
R N N N D D D D D N D D D D N N D ?
Prinz Eugen Banner
Prinz Eugen
R N N N D D N D D N N D N N D N N ?
U-511 Banner
R D D D N D N N D N D N N N N N ?
Amagi Banner
R N N N D D D D N D D N N N N N ?
Katsuragi Banner
R N N N N D N N N N D D N N D ?
Littorio Banner
R N N N D N N N D D N N D N N ?
Roma Banner
D D D N D N N N D D N N D N N ?
Teruzuki Banner
R N N D N N D N D D N N D D ?
Graf Zeppelin Banner
Graf Zeppelin
D D D N N N N D N D D N N ?
Hatsuzuki Banner
R N N D N N N N N D N N ?
Iowa Banner
R N N N N N N D N N D ?
Pola Banner
R N D N N D N N D N N ?
Kamikaze Banner
R N D D D D D D N D D ?
Harukaze Banner
D N D D D D D D N N N ?
Warspite Banner
R N N N D N D D N N ?
Aquila Banner
D N N N D N N D N N ?
I-26 Banner
D N D N N N N D N N ?
Commandant Teste Banner
Commandant Teste
R N N D N N D N D ?
Yamakaze Banner
D N N D D D D D D ?
Asakaze Banner
D N D N N D N N D ?
Matsukaze Banner
R N N N D D N N ?
I-14 Banner
R N N N N D N N ?
I-13 Banner
D D N N N D N N ?
Fujinami Banner
D D D D D D D D ?
Kasuga Maru Banner
Kasuga Maru
R N D D D D D ?
Gangut Banner
R N N D N N D ?
Shimushu Banner
D N D D D D D ?
Kunashiri Banner
D N D D D D D ?
Etorofu Banner
D D D D D D D ?
Hatakaze Banner
R N D N N N ?
Richelieu Banner
R N D D N N ?
Ark Royal Banner
Ark Royal
R N D D N N ?
Luigi Torelli Banner
Luigi Torelli
D N D D N D ?
Matsuwa Banner
D D D D N D ?
Suzutsuki Banner
R N N D D ?
Sado Banner
R D D N D ?
Tsushima Banner
D D D D D ?
I-400 Banner
D N D N D ?
Gambier Bay Banner
Gambier Bay
R N N D ?
Intrepid Banner
R N N D ?
Hiburi Banner
R D D D ?
Daitou Banner
D D D D ?
Jervis Banner
D N N N ?
Hamanami Banner
D N D D ?
Tashkent Banner
D N N D ?
Samuel B. Roberts Banner
Samuel B. Roberts[EDT 1]
N N D ?
Fukae Banner
Fukae[EDT 2]
D D D ?
Shinyou Banner
R N D ?
Maestrale Banner
R N N ?
Nelson Banner
R N N ?
Kishinami Banner
D D D ?
Gotland Banner
D D D ?
Minegumo Banner
R N ?
Nisshin Banner
R N ?
Hayanami Banner
D D ?
Johnston Banner
D D ?
Giuseppe Garibaldi Banner
Giuseppe Garibaldi
R ?
Colorado Banner
R ?
Hachijou Banner
R ?
Ishigaki Banner
D ?
Fletcher Banner
D ?
Exclusive Ships
2015 Events 2016 Events 2017 Events 2018 Events 2019 Events
This table includes all ships that are currently unavailable outside of events.
  1. Samuel B. Roberts introduced as a quest reward from 5A05 during the Kancolle 5th Anniversary
  2. Fukae introduced as drop in (Phase 1) 2-4 & 6-3 during Spring 2018 Mini-Event

What is/are the drop rates for XXXXX, YYYYY, ZZZZZ ship? Edit

Currently there are three sites with database on the drop rates. Information from those sites may not be neither complete nor accurate however they still form as part of the sources in terms of drops and drop verification apart from information sourced internally from the wiki itself:

For more information on how to navigate around these sites you may wish to refer to this blog entry.

What does this mean? I can't select the plane anymore for LBAS. Edit

What does this mean?

Caution: Un-equipping a plane from an air base will make that plane unavailable for 12 minutes while it is being "relocated"

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