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Decoration material farming mini-event started on the 24th of December 2015 and ended on the 29th of December 2015.

How to ObtainEdit

  • Decoration material notification
  • Decoration material acquired
  • A new ship has appeared

Known Drop conditions:

  • Can be obtained only from specific nodes.
  • Can drop after S-rank or A-rank victory.
  • Present Box also can drop, doesn't seem to drop together with decoration material.
  • Can drop even when you have no empty ship slots left, does not prevent normal ship drops and can drop without ship drop.
  • Searchlight and Skilled Lookouts can help increase drop rate.

Obtainable in the following mapsEdit

  • Fleet Safety Decoration

Decoration materials[1]:

  • World 1: 1-3 (Boss), 1-4 (Boss), 1-5 (Boss), 1-6 (D, J)
  • World 2: 2-4 (Boss), 2-5 (Boss)
  • World 3: 3-3 (Boss), 3-4 (D, H, I, N, Boss), 3-5 (F, Boss)
  • World 4: 4-3 (Boss), 4-4 (Boss), 4-5 (Boss)
  • World 5: 5-3 (Boss)
  • World 6: 6-1 (H, Boss), 6-2 (Boss), 6-3 (Boss)

Present Boxes[1]:

Early estimations for drop rates (average for different equipment setups):

  • 1-4 Boss S Rank: ~50% for decoration materials, ~3-6% for present boxes (~1000 trials)
    • Searchlight + Skilled Lookouts = 4-5: 40-53% (95% CI)
    • Searchlight + Skilled Lookouts = 8-9: 57-74% (95% CI)
  • 1-5 Boss S Rank: < 50% (low sample size)
  • 2-5 Boss S Rank: ~75% for decoration materials (~500 trials), ~10% for present boxes (~400 trials)
  • 3-5 Hoppo S Rank: > 50%, Boss S Rank: < 50% (low sample size)


The decoration materials can only be exchanged for 30 fuel each. Bottom left option is to exchange one decoration material for 30 fuel, bottom right option is to go back, choosing the option on the right will result in exchanging ALL materials for fuel.

Decoration material select

Decoration Material QuestsEdit

2 quests were added along with the event. Note that the quests counts the number of decoration materials you have in your current inventory, so it is recommended to keep them until all the quests below are completed, especially since their individual exchange value is low. You do not have to keep the quest active in order to obtain the Decoration Materials from the applicable maps, selecting it with enough decoration materials in your inventory will complete the quest.

ID Requirements FuelAmmunitionSteelBauxite Rewards Note
SB06 師走の「間宮」のお手伝い
Help Mamiya
Have 16 decoration materials in the inventory Fuel550Ammunition550Steel0Bauxite120 Present boxx1 Food supply ship mamiyax1
SB07 年越し準備!師走の「間宮」のお手伝い
Preparation for New Year's Eve! Help Mamiya
Have 32 decoration materials in the inventory
  • 32 decoration materials will be removed
Fuel880Ammunition880Steel0Bauxite200 Fleet Safety Decorationx1Food supply ship mamiyax1 Requires BC1


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