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For many years the Royal Navy was the dominant Naval Force in the world, engaged in endless power struggles with the French and Spanish navies. Comes the late 1800s and it was clear it needed to re-arm and so helped set new benchmarks for warships with ships such as Warrior and Devastation and finally the revolutionary HMS Dreadnought in 1906 which essentially set battleship design for the next 40 years. World War 1 cost the RN some heavy losses but the failure to break at Jutland and the successful blockade of Germany was one of the main reason for victory. In the interwar years the Navy was somewhat neglected, meaning it entered WW2 with a lack of modern ships. However despite some tough losses early on it held firm and managed to contain both the German and Italian navies while defending convoys to the UK and Russia, as well as supporting the D-Day operations. 1945 saw it freed up and return to the Far East to earn a few notable successes against the Japanese before the wars end. However, by that point the position of naval dominance had clearly passed to the US. It has since seen combat in the Falklands and Gulf wars, but the modern navy is the smallest it has ever been, albeit a technologically advanced one.

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