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List of the Italian Royal Navy Kanmusu that make appearance in KanColle.

Formed in 1861 the Regia Marina went on to be one of the largest navies in Europe, but at the same time seeing limited actual successes. In it's early years it relied largely on purchased ships, but during the 1880s and onwards started producing it's own powerful dreadnoughts. It saw some success against the Ottoman Turks during the Italo-Turkish War, and limited action during WW1, without conclusive results. In the interwar years Italy set about fully modernising it's fleet, which to some extent it achieved, entering WW2 with the fourth largest navy in the world. However, despite having new and technically impressive ships they had failed to place emphasis on armour or radar, so when it came to fighting the Royal Navy were at a distinct disadvantage. Despite some successes and superiority at times they never managed to secure the Mediterranean, which much of the fleet docked due to oil shortages by the time of Italy's surrender. 1946 saw it become the Marina Militare.

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