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One of the oldest navies in the world, the French National Navy has been one of the largest marine forces in the world. Repeatedly challenging Britain and Holland for control of the seas in the 16th and 17th century, it also helped America win her independence by engaging the Royal Navy. The French Revolution however crippled the navy, and it would not fully recover till the mid 1800s, when it started to expand and enjoy significant success again. It also spearheaded naval development at this time, intruding the first steam powered battleship and a few years later Gloire - the first armoured ship. During the 20th Century it's power began to dwindle again, the fleet was outdated by WW1, though France did introduce the first Seaplane Carrier in that period. In the '20s and 30s it became engaged in a naval arms race with Germany and Italy, each side essentially countering the other with their new designs. The RM entered WW2 as the forth largest navy, but this was not to last long, with France's surrender the navy was effectively torn apart, with some ships joining the British while the bulk of the fleet stayed with the Vichy forces which were further reduced by British attacks to prevent them falling into German hands opening hostilities between the two. Almost the entirety of France's remaining forces scuttled themselves when the Germans tried to seize them. A few notable ships served against the Germans and Japanese till the wars end, but France's navy had been halved in tonnage. It has since rebuilt itself into an small but advanced force.

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