The Furutaka-class cruisers (古鷹型巡洋艦) were the first heavy cruisers in the IJN and also referred to as “A class” cruisers. Like the Yūbari, their design was the work of Constructor Captain Yuzuru Hiraga, assisted by Lt. Cmdr. Fujimoto Kikuo.

Designed to beat the USN Omaha-class cruisers and the British Hawkins-class cruisers, they were as fast as the Omaha-classs (and nearly 4 knots faster than the Hawkins-class), while firing a heavier broadside, and carrying a larger torpedo battery than either one.

They were the first of the I.J.N. cruisers to feature a substantial bridge, with 6 distinct levels, providing support for navigation, fire control, communication and command.

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