I think it's time to get this out of the way, as I am fed up with the irresponsible behavior of our bureaucrat:

  • He gives jack shit towards the staff team, who works their ass off trying to make this community a better place. The whole staff is in a complete disarray for a whole year now and he has not done a single thing to improve this situation, even though hes the one with the most powers here. In fact, some people have become inactive or even flat out resigned BECAUSE OF HIM!
  • He is completely oblivious as to what is actually happening around these parts. Why the hell is he even a bureaucrat if he spends 99% of all the time doing something nothing, instead of actually doing something beneficial? Why does it take him 8 months later to realize that we are currently understaffed? Why is he not aware as to how much damage some of our members has caused to our image for their impulsive behavior? Why the hell did he decide to promote Death Usagi to an administrator, which did absolutely nothing to solve the problem, even though we are in need of new staff members? Does he even care about this wikia anymore? His actions are clearly stating otherwise.
  • Your insistence to give everyone as much freedom as possible, while noble, conflicts with all forms of common sense that we know of internet. If you give an anonymous user the same power as a normal user, no shit the whole wikia gets vandalized for 2 days straight during the event. We are not the wikipedia, we don't have that much manpower to moderate every last page we have here, but you fail to realize that and insist that all anonymous users to be given the same powers as the rest, even if it comes at the cost of them vandalizing and contaminating the pages with improper edits.
  • And last, you're literally incommunicable with your bad english. Who the hell would have expected that the bureaucrat of an english wikia site would be so damn hard to communicate with?

The others had to put up with his shit for 3 years long, I'm already fed up with him after only a year long of being in the staff. In fact, what the hell have you even done the last couple 2 years for the community except constantly getting in our way?

With that, I am proposing to tell our bureaucrat to resign for being incompetent and incapable of fulfilling his responsibilities as a bureaucrat of Kancolle wikia. Since he loves to hang out in the chatbox so much without giving a damn about anything else, why not become a discussion moderator instead? As for the replacement candidates, I have a few in mind, but I leave it open for discussion. (No, I am not going to include myself)

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