• You may use the pre-made templates below to record your resource/consumable counts before and after maps or the event.
  • Please do not post your whole sortie history. Write it on your blog.
  • ONE POST PER PLAYER. You may edit your own entry anytime afterwards.
  • Note: For people who didn't notice. The event is starting on August 10th.

Before-After Resource

Full Event: Screenshot Full Event: Manual input
|before = before_ss.jpg
|after = after_ss.jpg
|fuel = 
|ammo = 
|steel = 
|bauxite = 
|bucket = 
|note = 
|before_fuel = 
|before_ammo = 
|before_steel = 
|before_bauxite = 
|after_fuel = 
|after_ammo = 
|after_steel = 
|after_bauxite = 
|used_fuel = 
|used_ammo = 
|used_steel = 
|used_bauxite = 
|used_bucket = 
|note = 

Medal Showcase

Manual Specify
sample screenshot
|e1 = Hard
|e2 = Hard
|e3 = Normal
|e4 = Normal
|e5 = Easy
|e6 = Easy
|e7 = Normal

Sanity Bar

Sanity Bar
100% remaining

{{Progress|Your sanity value}}

How this works: Just replace "Your sanity value" with your sanity percentage. Please use a number in between 0 to 100 for now as I did not prepare it for above 100% of negative sanity yet. (Yes,that includes OVER 9000 shit). You can do it (I can't stop you guys), but there won't be anything special and you'll end up with a red block beneath your bar. :v

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