Advancer231 wrote:
Everlastingrose67 wrote:

I may be judging too early, and I hope it doesn't cause offense, but it seems to me that you're one of those persons who think of persons/things as a "means to and end" sort. And that's where we differ. And it's pretty much why I dislike the idea. If they help, sure. But, I can't say I'd welcome them with open arms into my fleet.

There's a difference between a person who is knowledgable on the different philosophies of the world, and those who live those philosophies. You were judging too early, and I would obviously be offended because you, sir, are not only accusing me of being something I know I'm not, but because you assumed you knew enough about me from one comment to come up with such a conclusion about me. Please consider how much you know about a person before you announce your conclusion about their character, especially since this is the internet, where people are not always what the seem.

Then perhaps we both should've phrased our wordings better. The way I understood it was that. If you take offense at that, I apologize. But it's what I got from what you've said. Again, my apologies.

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